Business idea: an agency for the sale of a ready-made business

Business and its main idea

The idea is not to design the pages yourself. Your task is to find clients and coordinate the work of performers. That is, having found a client, you discuss with him all the details of the future project and conclude a contract for the work. Then you give the designer the task of developing a website layout. After that, you give the finished layout to the layout designer, who brings it to its proper form. If necessary, give certain tasks to the programmer. After that you hand over the finished website to the customer.

Performers are usually found among freelancers. The advantages of working are that you can work from the office, or you can not spend money on it. You can officially register and pay taxes, or you can not do it. It is also optional to have start-up capital. The only thing you need to create a website development studio is your desire.

Earning Level

To understand how attractive this business is, you need to look at the real numbers. Large website development studios charge an average of 40 thousand rubles for the development of a business card site. Individuals can take 200 thousand rubles each, but these are real business luminaries.

Now let's see what these numbers consist of. A unique design from a freelancer will cost 10 thousand rubles, a layout designer - about 8 thousand rubles, you, as a manager, will get 5 thousand rubles. It turns out that the revenue from one site is 17 thousand rubles. You can make about 2-3 orders per month. That is, the profit can be 35-50 thousand rubles.

These are very average prices, as they are set depending on the complexity of the order. Simple sites are cheaper, more complex ones, respectively, more expensive. As a rule, the creation of sites is offered together with their promotion, and this is also a good business. The monthly subscription fee for such services is 7 thousand rubles, of which 3 thousand goes to the organizer. One studio can easily serve 10 clients.


The full-fledged work of the studio to create websites is based on the work of such specialists:

  • designer ;
  • coder;
  • PHP programmer;
  • SEO specialist;
  • contextual advertising specialist;
  • sales manager.

All of them can be found on freelance resources or through friends. It is advisable that the manager lives in the region where you plan to work. For the rest, it is enough to put forward the requirement to be connected on the Internet. They should be selected based on portfolio and reviews. Payment for work for services is set per project.

Business brokerage is one of the lucrative spheres of activity, especially developed in large cities. In Moscow, more than 50% of transactions for the purchase and sale of a ready-made business are made through business brokers. The salary of a successful broker can reach 150 thousand rubles per month. An agency for the sale of a ready-made business can bring its owner more than a million rubles a month. How to become a business broker and start a successful business is described in this article.

What does a business broker do?

A business broker is a specialist in the sale of a ready-made business. He acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller of the business in the transaction.

Most often, business sellers resort to the services of these specialists. The broker helps them to sell the property quickly and profitably:

  • assists in preparing an object for sale;
  • distributes advertisements for sale;
  • searches for buyers and maintains a dialogue with them;
  • advises both parties on legal issues;
  • is present when the object is shown;
  • accompanies the conclusion of the transaction.

A business buyer can contact a business broker in order to reduce the risk of acquiring a loss-making company. However, in Russia people are rarely ready to give money for this, preferring to rely on their own intuition.

The broker's salary depends only on himself. The more sales, the higher the income. The broker receives a percentage from each transaction. This is usually 10% of the value of the business. If we talk about the price of a business today, then it is different and depends on many factors (the presence of premises in the property and other tangible assets, brand awareness and other intangible assets). Some objects are sold for 300 thousand rubles, others for 40 million rubles.

How to become a business broker?

  • business valuation;
  • search for properties for sale and search for buyers;
  • ability to negotiate;
  • understanding of the process of buying and selling a business;
  • legal knowledge in the matter of concluding transactions for the sale and purchase of a ready-made business.

It is important for a business broker to be a competent specialist at each stage of the process of buying and selling a business. 5 main stages: oral agreement, display of the object, conclusion of a preliminary contract and transfer of the object, acquaintance of the buyer with the business, conclusion of the main contract.

The business idea of ​​creating your own website seems natural and feasible for most Internet users.

Indeed, looking through dozens of other people's sites every day, you involuntarily ask yourself a question, why don't I try to do the same. Moreover, the organization of a business on the Internet looks, at first glance, seems to be a profitable and dust-free business.

However, not everything is so simple.

First of all, creating a website is a certain cost.

You need to buy and register a domain, you need to buy an engine or order website development. You need to subsequently spend money on advertising and website promotion.

Can we do without this? Certainly. You can create a website on free hosting using a ready-made template. But making money on such a site is unlikely to work.

The competition on the Internet is extremely high.

The network is crammed with unnecessary pages. And the sites demanded by users compete fiercely with each other.

However, the business idea of ​​the site is fruitful in itself, as the owners of good sites make millions and billions of dollars.

You just need to treat this in the same way as you treat the creation of a real business.

Only hard work, investment of money and time can create a real business on the site.

- either by selling real products.

The sale of products can be realized either through the online store, or directly from the site, if these products are piecemeal.

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