Business for 300 thousand rubles

The idea to open a business for 300,000 rubles arises for various reasons. Someone wants to hedge in our volatile times and have a steady income, someone decides to invest free money in a business in order to increase the initial investment, someone decides to change their lives and start a business. Each of these people is looking for information about the possible use of personal money.

How to choose your niche

Before actually investing hard-earned money in a business, they determine its direction and specific plans, in other words, they concretize ideas for business. The personal business, which is planned to be engaged, develops and gains momentum only when two factors coincide: it brings not only monetary profit, but also gives pleasure to the owner.

The specifics in this sense are not so important: all people are different, and what one will not do for any money is a lifelong dream for the second, he sleeps and sees himself as a businessman in this area.

Every person, regardless of educational level, has skills or knowledge at a level above the average:

  • Someone has "golden" hands, and he can bring any home technique back to life.
  • Someone bakes such delicious pies and buns that they say "you swallow your tongue."
  • Another person feels close to nature and knows how to deal with it, which leads to unprecedented harvests on six acres.
  • The next one brings a hefty catch from a body of water where others don't catch anything.
  • There are holiday people who know how to "light up" and cheer everyone, regardless of the number of spectators, natural-born actors or clowns.
  • Contact with children, the ability to listen and hear them, to captivate with developing activities, not everyone succeeds in finding a common language the first time.

After determining the direction of work, assess the competitive environment and their relevance at a given time and place. In the conditions of Moscow or a regional city, popular business ideas will differ.

A talented future businessman knows and understands the nuances even without passing special economic training, he, as they say, has a "nose" for making a profit. His presence plays an important role in the success of the enterprise: there are a huge number of cases when, while simultaneously opening two enterprises that are identical in all parameters, one in the near future was closed with losses, and the second increased its turnover and flourished.

Marketing tricks begin at the start of work, the concept of submitting a new case to others is being thought out. There are areas in which this is not so important, people will eventually figure out what's what (this is production and sale), but there are those in which, without a "beautiful wrapper", the matter will not get off the ground.

If there is an urgent need to invest money in a business, and no business ideas have ever visited a smart head or there is no desire to take risks, there is a way out in the form of acquiring a ready-made business or working on a franchise of a promoted brand that guarantees obtaining arrived.

Mini bakery business plan

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas with a budget of 300,000 rubles." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

How to open a successful business for thousands of rubles?

The volume of available investments is one of the key factors for successful business development. The wider it is, the more prospects and profitable segments are available to an entrepreneur. But the ability to correctly distribute finances and invest them in business with benefit is no less important. It is also necessary that the product or service is relevant in the region, and the purchasing power allows you to pay for it. An investment of 300,000 thousand rubles is a pretty good start for a small business, which can provide an entrepreneur with a high and stable income.

How to open a profitable business for rubles?

300,000 rubles is not the largest, but significant capital for the successful development of small business. With such investments, you can realize yourself at a decent level and form a stable source of good earnings in almost any area. But in addition to the volume of investments, there are many more important factors that affect the profitability of the business and the percentage of sales: saturation of the sales market, the price policy of the supplier of raw materials, the quality of advertising and marketing strategy, the relevance of the service or product for the region, the purchasing power of the target audience. Starting a new business includes several basic steps:

  • Preparatory stage (writing a business plan, searching for potential clients, opening a bank account, choosing a tax regime, organizational and legal form of activity, searching for funding sources).
  • Registration with the tax service, other government services.
  • Conducting an advertising campaign, implementing a marketing strategy.
  • Purchase of goods, preparation of the enterprise for work, personnel search.
  • Starting a business.

It is possible to organize a successful business and for less money. What kind of business can you open for 100 thousand? There are many options: a clothing repair shop, photo printing on ceramic tiles, a shop on wheels, bird breeding, a law firm.

Tip: you can make money at home with a small investment by buying a machine for the production of nails. The profitability of such a mini-production reaches 13-15%.

The most relevant business ideas with investments of up to thousands of rubles

300,000 thousand rubles is a pretty good amount of investment in your business. With a competent distribution of funds and a responsible approach to organizing the business, this money will be enough to create a successful enterprise. We propose to consider the most popular business ideas.

The segment of manufacturing household goods and production of building materials has always been a profitable niche for entrepreneurs. These products are invariably in demand by almost any target audience and in every region.

How to open your own mini-bakery. ✔ How to choose equipment, how much does it cost to open, what are the nuances of this business. ✔ Ready-made mini-bakery business plan! ✔

It should be noted that a business for 300,000 rubles is quite realistic and feasible today. The main thing is to choose the right idea and be able to implement it.

People tend to think about starting their own business if they truly want to invest their own savings. The possible minimum amount is determined by the direction of the planned entrepreneurial activity. The same applies to the payback time, as well as the planned profit.

Growing vegetables

If he talks about what kind of business you can open, then today there are many options - there are just a lot of them. To begin with, choose the right idea - it is advisable to choose such a direction, which you probably understand.

For example, dacha owners get the opportunity to grow vegetables, various greens, and mushrooms. Try to initially focus on demand indicators - for this, choose the most popular crops that are easy enough to care for.

The above amount is quite enough to build two film greenhouses, each of which will be about 100 squares. Think about what kind of vegetables you should start growing, prepare everything you need and start doing business.

Creating an online store

It might be a good idea to create a workshop that will be engaged in sewing clothes and shoes. Often people are also involved in the provision of automotive services, opening small car workshops. You can also engage in the manufacture of special finishing materials, including gypsum tiles. If you wish, you can start selling souvenirs. All this can be organized as an online store, putting your business "on a modern footing."

Naturally, to organize an online store, you will need certain knowledge in the field of computer technology, or you will have to hire a qualified specialist. But such a business has many long-term prospects. Trading itself is considered a popular destination because it takes into account the high levels of competition, as well as the difficulty in finding results.

Business plan organization

Anyway, for all this it is necessary to draw up a business plan, which is a fairly important document.

Thanks to such a document, the main parameters of the planned business are determined, like:

  • Cost indicators;
  • Profit indicators;
  • Timeline associated with payback;
  • Competitive levels in a certain sector.

How much money do you need to start your own business? For example, some promising and potentially profitable startups cost less than three hundred thousand rubles. 300 thousand rubles is the amount that can be saved in a year or taken on a consumer loan. Therefore, everyone can choose a direction of work that suits them, raise money and start earning. Consider a business idea for 300,000 rubles in the field of production, sales, franchises and off-the-shelf business.

Popular business ideas for thousands

What can be opened for three hundred thousand rubles? To some, the amount may seem insignificant, but in reality, 300 thousand rubles make it possible to start in many directions. To build a profitable business, it is not necessary to collect a million at the start - a third of this amount will be quite enough.

The advantage of business ideas for 300 thousand is that they do not pose a serious financial threat to the owner. If for some reason things do not go well or he does not like the chosen direction of work, he will be able to avoid large losses and will return the resulting debts within a year. No less important is the fact that the majority of working citizens are able to accumulate such an amount in a year and a half. You can take out 300,000 in a consumer loan if you have a good credit history and use it to develop your own business.

Most of the ideas for inexpensive business are relevant for the regions of Russia. In Moscow, everything is much more expensive, 300 thousand may not even be enough for rent. However, there are exceptions: some startups are available for implementation in the capital.


It seems impossible to start with 300,000 in manufacturing. It almost always requires expensive equipment, the price of which can cost several million rubles. However, at the first stages, it is impractical to buy it. It is much more profitable to rent, purchase a used one at a reduced cost and arrange a lease. Here are some ideas for an inexpensive manufacturing business.

Production of cabins for workers. Change houses are small non-stationary vans that are installed in the area of ​​construction sites for staff rest and storage of equipment. They are assembled by hand from plywood, corrugated board and sheets of insulation, using standard working tools - saws, screwdrivers, jigsaws, planes. The start will cost even less than 300,000 rubles - only about 180,000 will be required.

Sawmill or production of wood roofing materials. The business is likely to be seasonal, but very inexpensive to organize - about 50 thousand. You will need to rent a workshop and purchase (or rent) a band or frame sawmill, as well as several hand-held chainsaws.

Production of wooden eco-toys and construction sets for children. The business allows you to make money on the manufacture of natural, environmentally friendly products for children. For wood processing, you should purchase grinding and drilling machines, as well as hand chisels. They can be purchased for 30 thousand rubles, another 40-50 thousand will be spent on raw materials. Some craftsmen save on rent and work from home.

Pallet production. Wooden pallets are produced on specialized automatic equipment, it is impossible to make them by hand. However, the total cost of the machines is 180 thousand (pneumatic belt gun, milling cutter, nail tape, compressor, stencil). It will not be possible to service the production line alone; you will have to hire 3-4 employees.

Other inexpensive manufacturing ideas:

  • Peanut Butter, Protein Bars & Sports Nutrition.
  • Bakery products, desserts, pastries, cakes to order.
  • Cinder blocks and other building materials.
  • Bio fireplaces.
  • Self-leveling floors.
  • Souvenirs, magnets and wooden postcards.
  • Wicker wickerwork and artificial rattan.
  • Colored crushed stone, decorative chips.
  • Popcorn.
  • Busy boards (toys for children).
  • Growing greens and mushrooms.
  • Homemade cosmetics, soaps and handmade candles.
  • Polygraphy.

Having made the decision to work for yourself, you need to assess your capabilities and the availability of start-up capital. Naturally, not everyone can afford multi-million dollar projects, but there are more realistic options for earning money, even with a small budget. Here are some business ideas worth 300,000 rubles.

Mirror Making

The production process consists of the following stages:

  • glass preparation;
  • glass silvering;
  • coating with protective coatings.

In order to implement this business idea, 200,000 rubles are enough, which will be spent on equipment and materials. The cost of manufacturing one meter of a square mirror sheet is 600-1200 rubles. Its price on the market is two to three times higher. One shift produces about 20-25 m 2 of mirrors. In order for the sheets to be sold, they need to dry for another day. Therefore, the invested funds will be returned within 6 months, depending on the method of implementation.

Knitted goods

Hand-made things have become very popular today. To implement this business idea for 300,000 rubles, you need equipment (knitting machine, buttonhole, lockstitch, chain stitch and overlock machine), threads and accessories. You also need to think through the stages of manufacturing and marketing. Whether it will be orders or sales of finished products.

So that the cost of implementing the idea does not exceed 300,000 rubles, you need to start with 2-3 knitting machines, which will cost 150-200 thousand, and the purchase of raw materials for 50 thousand. The contractor in this case will be the owner himself ... Such a business will pay off in about a year.

Kitchen Furniture

Another business idea for 300,000 rubles is the manufacture of furniture. In order for your product to stand out from the competition, you need to make it original. This will help the author's details - drawings on glass doors, pasting with a film with a 3D print. It is also necessary to purchase the necessary accessories and equipment: machines, a screwdriver, a hammer drill, an electric drill. You should also take into account the costs of registering a business and wages for workers, if the owner himself does not want to work.

Online store

This business idea for 300,000 rubles is suitable for those who want to work on their own and at home. To do this, you need to create your own website or a page on a social network (which is obviously cheaper, since it is free) and buy a small batch of goods in China. This amount is quite enough for the first time, and further success depends on the diligence and efforts of the owner.

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