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Selling a ready-made business is a fairly common occurrence in the entrepreneurial world.

Often, entrepreneurs, both experienced and beginners, are faced with a choice, to start their business from scratch or buy a ready-made business? If it is easier for seasoned entrepreneurs to cope with this task, since real business experience allows them to see the opportunities, prospects and disadvantages of the business being sold, then for newcomers in business the risk of buying a loss-making enterprise is quite high.

Here are some practical tips that, of course, do not completely eliminate the risk of buying a pig in a poke, but will help budding entrepreneurs acquire a profitable business with minimal risk to their investments.



Find out the address of the business to be sold and even before the start of negotiations on the purchase of the business, visit the company as a client. Sometimes this step alone is enough to refuse to purchase a campaign for sale. However, if you are satisfied with the quality of services or the attitude of the company's staff, you can proceed to the next step.


Ask the seller directly why he sells the company?

If the owner begins to vaguely formulate the reason, trying to get off with general phrases, naming some frivolous reasons, like tired, tired, it becomes uninteresting - this is a serious call. Most likely, in this business, not everything is as smooth and good as the seller describes it.

At the same time, if the reason for the sale of the enterprise is formulated by the owner clearly and specifically, this is a good sign.


The owner of a company wants to sell his business and often exaggerates the profitability of his business, so never take our word for it. Conduct a thorough check of business documentation for income - expenses.

Be sure to hire an experienced accountant for the financial audit of the business you are going to buy. It is better to pay an experienced accountant once than to throw money down the drain (often a lot of money) by becoming the owner of a bankrupt business.

Business brokerage is one of the lucrative spheres of activity, especially developed in large cities. In Moscow, more than 50% of transactions for the purchase and sale of a ready-made business are made through business brokers. The salary of a successful broker can reach 150 thousand rubles per month. An agency for the sale of a ready-made business can bring its owner more than a million rubles a month. How to become a business broker and start a successful business is described in this article.

What does a business broker do?

A business broker is a specialist in the sale of a ready-made business. He acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller of the business in the transaction.

Most often, business sellers resort to the services of these specialists. The broker helps them to sell the property quickly and profitably:

  • assists in preparing an object for sale;
  • distributes advertisements for sale;
  • searches for buyers and maintains a dialogue with them;
  • advises both parties on legal issues;
  • is present when the object is shown;
  • accompanies the conclusion of the transaction.

A business buyer can contact a business broker in order to reduce the risk of acquiring a loss-making company. However, in Russia people are rarely ready to give money for this, preferring to rely on their own intuition.

The broker's salary depends only on himself. The more sales, the higher the income. The broker receives a percentage from each transaction. This is usually 10% of the value of the business. If we talk about the price of a business today, then it is different and depends on many factors (the presence of premises in the property and other tangible assets, brand awareness and other intangible assets). Some objects are sold for 300 thousand rubles, others for 40 million rubles.

How to become a business broker?

  • business valuation;
  • search for properties for sale and search for buyers;
  • ability to negotiate;
  • understanding of the process of buying and selling a business;
  • legal knowledge in the matter of concluding transactions for the sale and purchase of a ready-made business.

It is important for a business broker to be a competent specialist at each stage of the process of buying and selling a business. 5 main stages: oral agreement, display of the object, conclusion of a preliminary contract and transfer of the object, acquaintance of the buyer with the business, conclusion of the main contract.

How to open an agency for the sale of a ready-made business?

The next important stage is the development of a site where you will place objects for sale. We advise you to contact an experienced marketer or internet marketing agency. Specialists will develop a site structure that will further help you to advance in searches on Yandex, Google, etc. for key queries such as "sell a ready-made business", "buy a business" and so on. The site, made taking into account the requirements of search engines, in the future will allow you to attract customers through the Internet efficiently and with minimal costs.

How to sell a business

How to sell a business? The question is difficult, because if you have received income for many years, and decided to get rid of it, but at the same time get a very attractive amount, you need to approach this issue carefully.

  • Make sure selling your business is the right decision.

If you are thinking of a sale because of financial problems, or because you find it difficult to comply with government regulations, consider seeking government assistance. You also need to understand how to sell and whether it will affect your personal and financial circumstances.

  • Decide if you need to use professionals.

Consider using reputable business brokers, or other professionals to help you sell your business, as the process can be time consuming and complex. They are professionals who specialize in buying and selling businesses. They can help you understand legal and government requirements and make the sales process clearer. Broker services are also not as expensive as you might think. Provide a broker, or other specialist with quite a bit of information, make sure you check his qualifications.

  • The value of your business

Appreciating your business means understanding how much it really costs in order to set the right price. Estimated value includes an estimate of the value of your assets, estimating future returns

You can place your ad to potential buyers through a number of methods, including:

  • Business brokers or real estate agents.
  • Advertising on the site.
  • Advertising in the newspaper.
  • Advertising in specialized publications, or using your contacts.
  • Notifying customers of your sale (as long as you are sure it won't hurt your business if your customers know what you want to sell).

There is no universal answer to the question of what to open to start a business of an LLC or individual entrepreneur. Each entrepreneur must determine for himself which organizational and legal form suits him best at a particular point in time.

+ A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY can have one or several owners (up to 50). Moreover, you can add new founders after registration. This increases the efficiency of company management, allows attracting specialists on favorable terms, and providing them with a share of the business.

+ You can come up with a unique company name.

+ A share in an LLC can be sold by entering a new founder / founders.

+ Attracting investors. For business expansion (for example, opening branches in other cities or increasing the volume of services / works, scaling up the business), not only bank, but also private capital is attracted. In exchange for cash, the investor is offered a share in the company.

+ If funds are needed for another project or for various reasons there is no desire to engage in this business, then LLC (EXACTLY 100% share in the authorized capital) can be SOLD.

+ In the event of various problems in the business, the founders can conduct the bankruptcy procedure of the organization. At the same time, you will not have to answer the debts with your own funds. For this, the authorized capital of the LLC and the property registered for it are allocated.

But if creditors file a lawsuit and prove deliberate waste of LLC resources, the founders may be brought to subsidiary liability, and then they will have to pay off the debts with their own property.

CONS- More complicated procedure for registering an LLC in comparison with an individual entrepreneur

- State. registration fee 4000 rubles. (if in electronic form, then you do not need to pay the state fee)

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business buy and sell ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

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