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Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Looking for a business idea." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

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Looking for a business idea


First, some notation. Further, in the course of the text of the article, we will mention the terms "business", "business", "project". A more capacious term in this case is "project". That is, an occupation that can be monetized. There can be as many such projects (businesses) implemented in parallel. Some projects can generate little money and only supplement the overall budget. Others may be the main source of income.

Business size

Before thinking about what to choose as the main idea for your business, you need to decide what scale of your own project we are talking about. Let's highlight 4 options: Hobby, basic income, capital firm, bold idea. Each option requires a different amount of investment, effort, time, and so on. Having decided which of the options is suitable for our particular case, it will be easier to set goals, more clearly you can understand what to expect in the implementation process. In order to make it easier to decide which way is closer, you need to answer a number of questions: How much am I willing to invest in my project, what investments are required. How much am I willing to spend my time. How critical is the lack of income and profit, how long can I expect profit. How important a flexible work schedule is to me and how important a vacation or vacation is. Do I want to control my business myself or do I need the help of partners, investors. Do I need hired personnel. What is the main goal of the project. What the end result should look like. To what state should my business develop. I want to work from home or am willing to work wherever it is needed.


There are things we do very often, which is our hobby. We have an interest in this, we have knowledge and experience.

Another option is a small idea that does not require a lot of money and time. May generate a small additional income.

Own business in the form of a hobby corresponds to the following statements: 1. Monetizing a hobby does not require money or you can get by with a small investment. 2. I can or am willing to spend a little time on a hobby - from several hours a week, but no more than 30. 3. If the business does not generate income, then this will not be a problem, you can do without profit. 4. It is very important for me to have a flexible work schedule, I sometimes need a break from the project. 5. I want to control my business myself, I can do without staff (employees). 6. I expect pleasure from the implementation of my ideas. 7. My idea shouldn't be expensive. 8. I would like to work from home.

Main income

This option means that our project will satisfy our basic needs - to buy food, clothes, pay utility bills, solve transportation issues, provide recreation, and so on.

In parallel, we can monetize our hobby or have several small projects. But the option "basic income" means that the main stake is made on this project. The main contribution to your total income.

Basic income business meets the following statements: 1. Costs can also be small. 2. I am ready to devote much more time - several tens of hours a week (30-60 hours). 3. Lack of profit for a couple of months will be tolerable. If there is no income for longer, then this becomes a big problem. 4. Flexible working hours are important, but much less. Sometimes I would like to rest (pay attention to the difference with a hobby). 5. I can control the progress of the case myself or together with my partners. I can work alone or with several hired employees. 6. The result of achieving goals should be good earnings, profit. 7. I am ready to continue until my project brings a stable and decent income. 8. I can work both at home and in the office.

Capital Firm

Methods for finding a business idea

Before looking for a business idea, take a closer look at yourself. People have different abilities. Perhaps you have a talent for doing something with your own hands or good at telling and getting along with other people, or maybe you love numbers and calculations. Who are you?

After this self-test, begin to select the business ideas that suit you.

You can get ideas from any information source (media, sites, for example, 1000ideas.u, magazines, etc.). But you can apply the following methods:

Brainstorming. Strain your mind!

One of the most productive methods to stimulate and / or activate your thinking is the brainstorming method. Storm your laziness!

This is a setting for productive work. The method is well known. The main thing is that when considering any need or version of a product that satisfies this need, you take into account all ideas without exception, even the most crazy ones. Criticism of ideas is inappropriate. You can conduct the assault as a team or independently. When working on your own, it is best to follow a specific goal by answering ready-made questions. Such questions are asked both for a finished product and / or for a product that does not yet exist:

- What will be the shape of the product and / or how can it be changed - normal, modified, round, square, flat, etc. How can you determine and / or change the dimensions - larger, smaller, shorter, thinner, flip, etc.?

- Working with time. What time of day will the product be used and how long will it take? Time characteristics (will it be - slow, fast, longer, forever ...) for the product being created?

- How to make a product or service more useful, reliable and convenient for buyers? How and what kind of product can satisfy the identified need?

- Color. What colors to use to visualize a newly created brand or change the color palette of an existing brand (brand)?

- Movement. How will the product move (accelerate, slow down, change direction, rise, etc.) and will it move at all?

- State. What state the product will be in - hot, cold, liquid, solid, etc. .?

Brilliant ideas and grandiose plans can turn out to be the same grandiose failure. Together with the B2Blog publication for entrepreneurs, we tell you how cool ideas really come up.

Stop thinking that the idea is the most important thing

How about a juicer that doesn't need to be washed? If you have ever tried to scrub off dried cake, then appreciate the idea. Such a juicer was invented by Doug Evans. To get juice, you just need to insert a bag with fruit pulp into a special device.

Investors liked the idea: startup Juicero raised $ 120 million. When juicers went on sale in 2021, the plans of their creators were spoiled by common sense. It turned out that the $ 400 device was useless: you could just as well squeeze the juice out of the bag by hand.

Even promising startups can go bust, while regular businesses like bakeries or beauty salons are running and profitable. To start something, you don't have to grind out something unique. Just do well what already exists.

Study the cases of similar projects in order to understand what to prepare for in general, and calculate how much money you need. Small Business Blog B2Blog collects stories from real entrepreneurs about how they got started. For example, from an interview with the owner of a beauty salon, you will learn that to start such a business, you need to have at least 200,000 rubles. At the same time, you cannot open a salon in any place that you like: you will have to take into account the requirements of SanPiN for the area of ​​the room.

How to open a beauty salon

Copy and improve

The ingenious Henry Ford is often credited with inventing the conveyor belt. In fact, conveyors existed before him, and the first car was not invented by Ford. His merit is that he combined these entities and created a continuous production of cars.

If you think that someone has already implemented everything interesting and useful, you are wrong.

Fyodor Ovchinnikov, the founder of the Dodo Pizza chain, did not invent pizza and did not invent delivery. But he was able to become a millionaire and create a huge restaurant chain. No magic: Fedor just improved what already exists - from the pizza itself to delivery.

Do what you like

When you work for hire, you can come to the office at 9:00 and leave at exactly 18:00. You also have two days off a week, guaranteed vacation and paid sick leave. With your business, this will not work: you have to roll up your sleeves, forget about the weekend and plow.

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