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In today's time, it is hard to keep up with the speed of business. It's getting harder every day. As they say, the strongest remain in business. In this article, I want to share with you a highly demanded, and importantly, a profitable type of advertising business.

One of the advantages of this advertising business is minimal costs. Such a business can be for you both an additional and a main business, the essence of such a business is "mobile" advertising, or, more simply, advertising on transport.

Just think, order such advertising, how many potential customers will be interested in your services. Well, now in more detail. For such a business, it is not important whether advertising is placed on specialized cars or personal cars, the main thing is that it travels.

The main criteria when choosing a car is the daily city mileage, that is, how many advertisements customers will see is like site traffic. You negotiate with the car owners, or immediately with the route taxi company.

Here you need to experiment with a fixed cost of such advertising per month. After you figured out the advertising space, you need to find clients, believe me, it will not be difficult.

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Also, for the complete organization of this business, you will need a cutting plotter. The plotter will be your main tool for making a profit, our whole business idea will be built around it.

Choose only reliable plotters from well-known and reliable companies, such as Roland.

In advance, you need to stock up on sets of cutting needles, since they have a dull property and need to be changed periodically. Remember that good needles are expensive and bad needles are more expensive.

Also for business, do not forget to order several colors of the film as your customers may have different color tastes. The Oracal self-adhesive foil is ideal for value-for-money cutting.

And only after you have acquired all the equipment, you can safely say that you have a ready-made business idea in your pocket, go for it!

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After a certain point, money ceases to be a goal, it ceases to matter at all. The game itself is what is exciting.

What is the most profitable business in Russia today

You can think of a lot of such methods, and business owners will gladly resort to them. By organizing your own advertising agency, having come up with unique ways to advertise your business, you can make a lot of money ... Here are some ideas.

Advertising on matches

Matches are a versatile item that can be paid in some stores instead of change if there is not enough change at the checkout. The roots of this phenomenon appeared in the days of the USSR. Various company logos and other advertisements are often depicted on matches. This is a good advertising ploy, since this product is a basic necessity. Placing advertising logos on matches can be, if not a gold mine, but bring a stable and very decent income.

Select an ad

It is quite possible to develop such a business on advertising, taking into account all the points and nuances.

If you decide to use this idea, then you must definitely take into account the fact that such a product as matches is popular with people with an average budget and, therefore, they need to advertise those products that will not only be available for such people, but also necessary in everyday life.

Costs and Benefits

In medium-sized cities, about one million packs of matches are bought every year and this figure is quite acceptable for starting the development of such a business idea in the field of advertising. Two-color printing for an advertiser will cost about 15 thousand rubles. The company that is responsible for the design of this advertisement, preparation of all the necessary documents for working with the customer and cooperation with the match factory itself will spend about 10 thousand rubles. The result is a profit of 5 thousand rubles.

T. ... This is a relatively inexpensive way of advertising, customers are willing to invest money to have their logos and advertising slogans displayed on matchboxes. Therefore, there should be a lot of clients (in theory).

Neon Signs

Any idea in the advertising business can multiply capital several times, if it is implemented correctly. For example, you can take advantage of such ideas as flexible neon, cool neon, and advertising signs that use it. Such advertisements are bright and catch the eye of potential customers, especially in the evening. Also, cold neon can be used to decorate houses and cars.

Business in advertising as an idea

The basic rule of any novice entrepreneur is as follows: only unlimited self-confidence can give a positive result. It is directly related to the advertising business. Because it is in this branch of production activity, like in no other, that personal qualities come to the fore.

At its core, the sale of advertising services is to a large extent a staging process. And who chooses the actors, writes texts for them and carries out the production itself, in many respects depends on how the potential audience-customers will react to it.

The future of the theater you create depends only on their money

Choice of format and ideology

It is quite clear that everyone can have their own answer to the question of how to start an advertising business from scratch. And what is most surprising, all these answers, no matter how formulated, have the right to life. After all, as we noted above, the creation of an advertising agency is a creative process, which means that it involves improvisation.

However, no matter what advertising gurus say about their inimitable ways to enter the advertising market, you can still isolate the basic rules for getting started in order to be guided by them in the future.

You should decide at the start what you would like to see your future enterprise. Located in three rooms of your apartment and having three people on the staff - you, your wife and your brother? Or you are looking to open a business that will hit a budget with six or more zeros, generating a product that can take a leading position in the major league of the advertising market.

Of course, the path from grandiose plans to their implementation into reality is long and thorny. But the goal, as you know, forms reality, and thoughts tend to materialize. Therefore, it is so important to determine the guideline and then strictly follow in the chosen direction.


This means that the company you are opening must have people who perform duties:

How to start a business

Specialists who work in the advertising services market today claim that you can start even without having a lot of experience in this area. Not only that, this is a good example of how to start an advertising business from scratch. Several contract forms are sufficient to conclude the first agreements with advertisers. The entrepreneur can personally undertake negotiations at the initial stage. If funds allow, then you can hire several assistants - sales managers. Small cash expenses need to be provided for travel to meet with the client. Any local business directory will become a necessary “tool of labor”. Fresh editions are usually issued in paper or electronic form, and they are inexpensive. Using information from there, managers can offer services over the phone and make appointments. For clarity, you need to make several samples of advertising products and show them to clients at meetings.

Advantages of the advertising business

Besides the fact that you can start an advertising business from scratch, the advantage of this area is getting an advance payment before the services are performed. So, in a week or two, the entrepreneur will have a certain amount on the account to fulfill the contractual obligations. The advertising industry quickly makes it clear which person is destined to do it and which is not. Therefore, an entrepreneur who has chosen this field of activity can start his own business, practically risking nothing.

Types of advertising agencies

The ambassador of a successful start will need to develop a business. Above we talked about one direction - advertising in the print edition. In addition, you can work in several other areas: outdoor advertising, open an advertising business on the Internet, SMS marketing, and others. This is a standard set of directions that advertising agencies are currently dealing with. They usually serve several clients in different or several directions. The most effective, according to the experience of foreign countries, is an advertising product produced by one agency in all directions for one large advertiser. An example of such a partnership is the fact that no large European company entrusts its reputation to a local firm. With the opening of a branch of the manufacturer in the country, a representative office of his advertising agency opens. This example suggests that every advertiser must fight for long-term cooperation with a large client. It is the most profitable and effective.

Advertising Industry Franchise

For beginners who have a small start-up capital (about $ 1,500), there is an opportunity to open an advertising business through a franchise. Its advantages are in obtaining clear advice and an action plan at the beginning of work and afterwards. This will help to avoid many mistakes and wrong steps. The franchisor's specialists set up the workflow, IT system, develop a scheme for working with clients, outsourcing processes, the mechanics of front and back office work. If necessary, workers can be sent to the city to start a business. It is convenient that the entrepreneur will receive a ready-made business plan for an advertising business from scratch from the franchisee. It will be drawn up taking into account the business climate of the region.

Ingredients of Success

The question of where to start an advertising business will not be fully disclosed, unless we mention such an important form of capital as communication links. This is one of the components of the agency's successful work. It is necessary to establish partnerships with television representatives who are responsible for advertising time, conclude a cooperation agreement with the owners of advertising spaces in the city, and establish work with the media. Industry experts argue that the advertising business is a communications business. The rental price of any advertising media may vary depending on personal sympathies, duration of cooperation and "warmth" of partnership. Not a single example of an advertising business business plan will teach an entrepreneur how to compete. Since there are plenty of competitors on the market, you need to be able to determine their capabilities and plans. To be the first on the market, to have time to "snatch" a large order, which will bring profit to the company for many years, is one of the main tasks of top managers. From time to time, large advertisers hold tenders and decide which of the advertising agencies to entrust their multi-million dollar advertising budget. Even an insignificant amount of $ 10 can decide the fate of the executor of such an order. Advertisers will always prefer a quote where the cost of the job is lower.

Examples of successful business projects

Advertising - Business Ideas

The Add My Window project has appeared in the Netherlands, which allows advertising on the windows of residential and office buildings. According to the project, any owner of a window overlooking.

NIVEA Sun Kids magazine ads can be cut and made into a bracelet that will alert parents if their kids go too far.

In many ways, people's desire to change their wardrobe depends on the weather. In the heat we buy clothes made of light fabrics, in rainy weather we think about a new stylish raincoat, etc.

Before starting to open an advertising agency, you need to carefully study its formats, types, take into account the specifics of the region. Well-organized ad.

In any store you can see matches not only as a product, but also in the form of change, if there is no small money at the checkout when settling with the customer. This tradition has emerged.

Nowadays there is no advertising anywhere, it sounds on the radio, is broadcast on TV, you hear it at your workplace, it chases you on the street, i.e. she is everywhere and.

Today, in the business world, it is important to open companies with a narrow focus. Mobile ad providers are working in this direction. The essence of this.

Consider the information on the implementation of a business idea - flexible neon, cold neon, production of illuminated advertising. This business idea is pretty.

One of the most popular types of advertising has been and remains at the present time - posting ads on entrances, fences, poles, in the subway. No matter how hard they try to fight.

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