A ready-made business plan for a successful beauty salon

Our business plan for opening a beauty salon will help budding businessmen make their start in this area very successfully. You will find out which registration form you need to choose for the salon, which services are worth providing and which are not. We will provide the most common financial plan for the purchase of equipment, indicate the criteria for choosing a suitable premises, consider the profitability of a beauty salon and payback.

Relevance of a beauty salon business idea

Now we can confidently say that the salon business is firmly entrenched in the service market. Everywhere you look - some salons! And even sometimes you can see several beauty salons located side by side with each other. Are their owners so confident that they are absolutely not afraid of competition?

It should be noted that there has always been competition in this area. But when opening such a business, it is better to think not about competition, but about the quality of the services provided. Then your competitors will worry. If a salon has good advertising, experienced craftsmen and a full range of services, then it will always bring a good profit (even at the initial stage).

If you are thinking about opening such an establishment, then first ask yourself a question. Who is the salon open for? If you are in a large metropolis with a huge number of residents and plan to provide a large number of business-class services, then, of course, open a beauty salon and think carefully about its image name. But if the services will be provided mainly to retirees who are more accustomed to hairdressing and are afraid to go to salons, then there is no need for a salon. We call the business the old-fashioned "hairdressing salon", otherwise it will scare away your potential customers. You can also subdivide salons into other categories, such as pet salons, children's beauty studios, image studios, etc. The main thing is not to get confused in all this variety of names and be able to accurately indicate the categories of your salon.

Salon Registration

After the direction of the salon has been chosen, it's time to think about registration. It is best to register an individual entrepreneur. In this case, the OKVED code will be 93.2. / P>

The following documents are required to register a salon.

Depending on the region, the package of documents may be supplemented.

Note that you need to remember that some areas of the beauty salon must be licensed. Get a license if the salon will provide massage or cosmetology services. That is, these are all those services that involve a violation of the skin.

What is a KPI? Read on to learn how these metrics can affect organizational performance.

When you decide to open a beauty salon, you must understand the benefits and challenges of doing business. The article outlines the main points that are important for starting a new business. It will be interesting for those who want to really do business, develop it, make a profit and meet the needs of customers in receiving high-class services.

The business plan for opening a beauty salon presented below is designed to start your own business in Moscow, using premises with a total area of ​​120 m2. A detailed study of the financial model and recommendations can be used to synchronize calculations based on your financial capabilities.

Beauty salon: the relevance of a business idea

Despite the current competition from businesses specializing in the provision of salon services, this business niche is not fully occupied. In order to take your place in this market, before the start of business planning, it is important to determine the priorities of the enterprise, based on the volume of investments, the location of the future salon.

An important prerequisite for business success is understanding the purpose of the project:

  • Creation of a highly profitable enterprise.
  • Profits.
  • Meeting the needs of the population for quality beauty, spa and hairdressing services.

This goal was achieved in the shortest possible time, you must draw up an action plan and follow it.

Initially, you need to decide on the concept of your salon. To do this, you need to understand, for users with a certain level of income, then it will be calculated.

Distinctive features of a beauty salon

The first beauty salons open on the basis of hairdressers.

The difference between them was as follows:

  • A wider range of services;
  • Hairdressers-stylists have diplomas and awards;
  • High level of service, client registration;
  • Pricing policy.

Beauty salon project summary

The goal of the project is to open a beauty salon in Rostov-on-Don, capable of providing the city's residents with high-quality skin, face, body care and hairdressing services. The calculation of the financial model was made for a beauty salon located in the Soviet district of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Potential clients of the salon are city dwellers with average income, mainly women from 25 to 40 years old and older, as well as men and children.

The main services of the beauty salon are:

Hairdressing (men's, women's, children's haircut);

Manicure and pedicure (care, extension, design, correction);

Cosmetology services (skin care and face cleansing, eyebrow care, eyelash care, epilation, make-up removal, peeling);

Sale of cosmetics.

To implement a beauty salon project, RUB 1,687,700 will be required. start-up investments. Part of the investment budget is planned to be attracted at the expense of credit funds, which will amount to 200 thousand rubles. The implementation period for the investment stage of the beauty salon, including obtaining permits, repair and redevelopment, the purchase of equipment and consumables, is calculated for the period from March to May 2021. The start of sales is scheduled for June 2021. Reaching the planned sales volume with 30% load - 4 months.

Industry and company description

The goal of this project described in the business plan is to open a beauty salon that meets the principles of highly professional service in Rostov-on-Don. Clients are offered a wide range of services in the following areas: hairdressing (haircut, styling, coloring, chemistry), manicure and pedicure, nail extension, cosmetology, massage.

Typical business plan for opening a beauty salon on the example of Ulyanovsk.

The aim of this project is to open a modern beauty salon in Ulyanovsk. It is supposed to provide such services as haircut, styling, chemical. curling, manicure, pedicure. Despite the great competition, the demand for these services is steadily growing, since it does not decently appear in society without a good hairstyle, manicure-pedicure, and a well-groomed face.

Typical business plan for opening a beauty salon on the example of Ulyanovsk

Description of the beauty salon project

The aim of this project is to open a modern beauty salon in Ulyanovsk. It is supposed to provide such services as haircut, styling, chemical. curling, manicure, pedicure. Despite the great competition, the demand for these services is steadily growing, since it does not decently appear in society without a good hairstyle, manicure-pedicure, and a well-groomed face. It is difficult to achieve such an effect at home, and an important factor is saving time, effort and getting positive emotions. Analysis of the real and potential market of services shows the presence of an unmet demand for such services in Ulyanovsk.

The amount of investments required for the project is 410,000 rubles.

Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business at a beauty salon

To carry out activities, it is planned to register as an individual entrepreneur (IE). The main activity for the entrepreneur will be OKVED 93. 2 “Provision of services by hairdressers and beauty salons”. The taxation system is a unified imputed income tax (UTII).

The beauty salon will be located in a rented space with an area of ​​40m2: Customer reception area (hall) - 12 m2, hairdressing salon for two chairs - 20 m2, combined manicure and pedicure room - 8 m2. Indoor repairs are not required.

The beauty salon will work in two shifts from 9:00 to 19:00 without a lunch break, on weekends from 9:00 to 16:00.

How to find staff for work

It is planned to organize 5 jobs in the beauty salon:

  • Wagon master, 2 persons;
  • Manicurist, 1 person;
  • Cleaning lady, 1 person;
  • Administrator (accountant), 1 person

The beauty industry is one of the most popular. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of competition here. But everyone wants to be beautiful, because if you correctly build your business plan for a beauty salon, then there should be no problems with the clientele. Another thing is that not everyone can understand all the legal, technical, and accounting components of this business. It is important here not to lose money immediately after you open. The establishment must justify the funds invested in it. This means that it is necessary to approach this responsibly even at the stage of the emergence of an idea, and after that start collecting data step by step, perhaps even using ready-made business plans for a beauty salon as an example. An illustrative example allows you to convey information about how to do it, and as quickly as possible.

But you should understand that each project is individual in its own way, and in order for your salon to be successful, its owner and manager must choose their own path suitable only for them. Some can start with the smallest, while others prefer to open immediately a huge institution, which by its very scope says that it is cool here. But this does not mean that the small salon will burn out. Actually, in this business, it is preferable to start small and then grow. There is no need to do some dubious sharashka. Clients should feel comfortable, and a well-designed business plan of a beauty salon with calculations will make it possible to clarify how much money is needed for this. In addition, it is he who can be an excellent reinforcement in the event that a loan is taken to create a business.

What is a business plan

Perhaps no one will argue that starting your own business is not a procedure for stupid people. In this business, writing a business plan is the foundation of everything. It is on the basis of this document that they can issue a loan, invest funds, etc., of course, provided that it is correctly drawn up. But in many situations this is far from the truth.

People are used to thinking that business can be developed at random. But in fact, such "enthusiasts" burn out very quickly, because they do not tolerate negligence in business, even if the area where the plan will be used is a cosmetology studio, or the plan was developed for a beauty salon. A person who first encounters such an institution will be surprised how complex its organization is. But if you want to succeed, then you need everything to be better, cooler, more beautiful and more convenient than the competitor's, and at the same time, it is desirable that the prices are relatively affordable.

In order for the plan to open a beauty salon to be accepted as a successful investment, a huge number of nuances must be taken into account:

  • Where the future salon will be located, because if there are competitors' salons nearby, then the chances that the client will enter yours sharply drop. In addition, it is important that the establishment is easy to get to, especially for a big city;
  • The number of services and their specificity also matter, because the type of future salon and the number of beauty parlors depend on this. The more there are, the higher the cost of such a project, and investors may demand to shorten the list that is too large;
  • Estimation of expected costs, etc.

The main thing is not to conceal anything, so as not to answer to investors later in court. In general, there are a lot of points, and each of them directly affects whether a business will be successful. Think of it as the skeleton that literally holds everything. And this is no exaggeration.

Which type of business plan for opening a beauty salon is best suited

Before starting to draw up a business plan for opening a beauty salon, it is necessary to clarify which type of this document can be used to maximize the chances of achieving specific goals. That is why almost all business plans are divided into several categories. Let's try to look at each and find out which one can be used as a template for writing your own document:

  • Investment business plan for a cosmetology studio.
  • Business plan of the enterprise.
  • Business plan for a loan.
  • Business plan for the grant.

Already from the very title of this document, one can draw conclusions about what exactly it is aimed at. Of course, its goal is to receive investments from people who are ready to invest their money in a start-up business, so that when it rises, receive good dividends from it. A correctly drawn up sample of such a plan should contain the most detailed description of the following points:

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