A ready-made business plan for a cafe: what does it consist of? What should a business plan consist of?

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What sections does the business plan consist of?

Each bank or financial institution may have its own requirements for developing a business plan.

Before starting a new business or modernizing an existing enterprise, the project initiator needs to know how much money and at what point in time will be needed to achieve the goals. To predict certain management decisions, a business plan is drawn up.

Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of financial modeling,

  • building a financial model (from scratch, no templates);
  • drawing up a business plan;
  • developing a feasibility study;
  • optimization of current business processes in an operating enterprise.

We offer a wide range of convenient package offers at reasonable prices, we are ready to meet your deadlines (even if we are talking about urgent work).

We are ready to offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation within the framework of joint projects in the field of financial modeling and consulting.

If you are a representative of a bank or other financial institution, we will be happy to consider a suitable option for preparing such a product as a financial model, business plan or feasibility study for the purposes of your company or your customers.

Drawing up a business plan is a process of close interaction of our specialist with a project initiator or with a project team created by a customer, which, as a rule, includes: project manager, full-time economist, accountant, full-time technologist, marketer, and other involved experts.

In order to draw up a business plan with maximum detail, it is necessary to efficiently and correctly approach the collection and systematization of initial data. Detailed instructions regarding the process of preparing the initial data for drawing up a business plan are posted.

A ready-made business plan for a cafe: what does it consist of? What should a business plan consist of?

Today, one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of business is public catering. This industry has a dynamically growing turnover and generally positive dynamics.

In 2021, compared to 2021, the restaurant market showed slight growth and exceeded 1,350 billion rubles, according to the Unified Interdepartmental Information and Statistical System (EMISS), which is supervised by Rosstat. Growth continues in 2021. At the same time, the Russian public catering market remains far from saturation, especially in the regions far from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Therefore, opening a cafe today is an expedient and promising business. Before starting a project, you need to conduct a thorough analysis and draw up a business plan.

As part of this work, we will analyze a family cafe with Italian cuisine, where it is pleasant to relax for both children and parents.

  • Affordable prices
  • Family format
  • Fast service
  • Convenient location
  • Modern interior
  • Nice atmosphere

The initial investment is RUB 3,170,000.

The break-even point is reached for 3 months of work.

The payback period is 12 months or more.

Average monthly net profit 366,000 rubles.

Return on sales 21%.

2. Description of business, product or service

Every year the demographic situation in our country is improving: the number of families is growing, the birth rate is increasing. In the current rhythm of life, it is increasingly difficult for parents and children to find time for joint evenings. And the variety of taste preferences creates additional obstacles. Thus, the relevance of this project cannot be overestimated.

The target audience is mostly families with children.

Ready-made business plan for the cafe: what does it consist of? What a business plan should consist of. Dear visitors of the B2Y website! We invite you to watch a video about our company. Let's get acquainted! Of

Which type of cafe is most popular. What equipment do you need? How to register a business. Payback period of the project. Many people argue that opening your own cafe is very easy, you just need to invest money in it and find good staff. This article will dispel all your illusions. In fact, opening a catering establishment is tantamount to the idea of ​​building a fleet and ground forces for a separate state, and then declaring war on one of the surrounding neighbors of this country. Are you ready to win?

Choosing a Concept and Finding Success Factors

In order to open a cafe, you need to define your target audience. What guests will your activity, your entire business be oriented towards? Today, there are many establishments for a narrow circle of visitors (sports clubs, restaurants of national cuisine, establishments for bikers) or cafes for visitors with any hobbies and interests. In the second case, the menu consists of a variety of items, and the prices are low. After choosing a conceptual idea, a pricing policy, interior design features and other aspects are built.

If we evaluate the world practice, then the majority of cafes (regardless of the chosen form (individual entrepreneur or LLC)) can be conditionally divided into the following types:

  • Austro-French type - these are establishments with a classic type of interior in a free-standing building. From the menu, the client will be offered a standard set of coffee drinks, tea, fresh juices and water. There are also many sweets and pastries, salads and snacks. In order to expand the business, many establishments of the Austro-French type add their favorite sushi and pizza to the menu. Prices for such dishes are reasonable. The finished interior is typical, light. In order to open such an institution, you can register in the form of an LLC or individual entrepreneur, or purchase a franchise of well-known companies. Examples are Coffee House, Double Coffee.
  • American type - these are establishments that are located in free-standing premises or on the territory of entertainment or shopping centers. Unlike the previous type of organization, such cafes pay more attention to quantity instead of a quality indicator. Potential clients are office workers, students and other people who are in a hurry and are ready to sacrifice high quality and comfort for the sake of practicality. They can take food and drinks with them or have a quick snack in a cafe without wasting time waiting for the waiter and preparing the dish. The premises are decorated in a modern, light style, and they offer free Wi-Fi and the latest newspapers. Examples are KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks.
  • European type - establishments that occupy the minimum area (for 5-7 tables) and are located in places with high traffic of people. Conceptual ideas are based not only on the sale of food and drinks, but also loose coffee, rare sorts of tea that the visitor can make at home. The menu includes a wide range of coffee drinks, juices, tea, water. The dishes offered are desserts and pastries. Interior ideas are far from standards - their original design, which is based on the chosen concept. The pricing policy is an order of magnitude higher, due to the high quality of raw materials for the preparation of drinks and the high rental cost. You can open such an institution both with the registration form of an LLC and an individual entrepreneur.

If we analyze domestic cafes, then in the pure form of a certain structure they practically do not occur and are a mixture of several types.

But, despite the chosen business model, the main factors of development are advertising, the level of service and the chosen menu. Let's consider the basic ideas of organizing a restaurant business.

Seat selection

Although the experts do not give the choice of location a key role in organizing a business idea, of course, the future of the cafe should be located in places with high traffic of people.

Where to start searching? When choosing a room, choose residential areas, at the intersection of busy streets, near universities, shopping centers, metro stations, train stations, markets or in business districts.

The more profitable the location of the premises, the more the rent will cost. But don't go after cheapness. Having spent a lot of money on interior decoration and organizing other business processes, but at the same time saving on rent, you can be left without clients.

Choice of legal form

Is it profitable? In general, any enterprise, which was approached seriously and wisely, will have the right to life. The question is how successful it will be and over what period will it win "universal recognition." Therefore, when opening your own cafe, you should take into account many factors, most of which we will consider below. First of all, it is worth thinking about the expediency of this intention as such.

For this, think about whether there will be demand for the service you provide (in this case, a cafe)?

As practice shows, despite the existence of a huge number of catering enterprises (existing, opening and, at the same time, closing), in the domestic food industry market this segment is very poorly saturated. This can be explained by the ever-increasing well-being of the population, and its desire for a "Western" way of life, and the development of the tourism business. There are many reasons, but we are more interested in the consequence - the restaurant services market is open for newly minted businessmen.

At the same time, it should be noted that the demand is growing both for fast food enterprises (with very democratic prices) and for elite restaurants (whose pricing policy is aimed at people with a level of income above the average). Consequently, any catering establishment will find its consumer.

Naturally, the popularity of the cafe will largely depend on the level of elaboration of the business idea: the cafe should have a good location taking into account the population density, there should be a certain level (depending on the level of wealth of citizens), etc. All this should be considered in detail in the business plan of this project. The development of a business plan for a cafe should take place on a case-by-case basis. The sample cafe business plan below can help you.

By the way, if you don't have enough funds to start a business on your own, then in the case of a cafe business, you can always find yourself an investor. This is due to the desire for a promising investment of money.

Thus, we can draw a conclusion, first of all, about the prospects of opening a restaurant business, as well as about the relative ease of implementation of this idea.

Cafe business plan: example

So, the general structure of a cafe business plan should include:

1. Summary . A cafe business plan summary is a kind of visiting card, when looking at which a future investor will decide whether he should delve into the project or should be rejected on the first page. If you do not attract his attention from the first lines, then most likely you can not count on financing the project. Therefore, write the introductory part of your business plan briefly, but at the same time fully setting out the essence of the project. Do not try to invent unrealizable predictions and promises - only those numbers that have real confirmation will attract attention.

The restaurant business before the onset of the crisis was in the top five most attractive for investors. Over the past year and a half, his rating has dropped slightly. But, apparently, either our compatriots are already accustomed to economic sanctions, or they realized that saving on tasty food is wrong. In short, the restaurants were visited again in much the same way as before. That is why the topic of today's material is a restaurant business plan. It is almost impossible to find a well-designed business plan of a restaurant with calculations on the Internet. This description of the project is not a sample for writing, but it is quite suitable for use in the implementation of a business idea.


The presented restaurant business plan is a description of a project to create a catering enterprise - a restaurant (hereinafter - Restaurant) with a payback period of two years.

Objectives of the project:

  • Opening a highly profitable enterprise
  • Getting a stable income
  • Filling the consumer market with services in the field of catering and organization and leisure activities

Source of project financing: own funds, or a commercial loan at a rate of 24% per annum

The total cost of implementing a business plan: 5,500,000 rubles

Payback period: 2 years

Payment of loan funds and loan interest starts from the first month of the project

The conditional life of the project: 2 years before the full payback

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