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If it seems to you that it is impossible to open a new and interesting business in Moscow, and any more or less "original" niche is already occupied, you are mistaken. Here are the TOP-10 examples of business ideas in Moscow that will prove it to you. By the way, these ideas will not be “hackneyed” not only for the capital, but also for any other metropolis.

Food is our “everything”

More and more modern people are interested in the trend of "healthy eating". And therefore, sellers (suppliers and supermarkets) who are able to offer farm products and organic food are never left without customers.

Constantly busy residents of the metropolis are happy to use the services of delivering healthy meals a week in advance. The essence of the following business idea is as follows: the client chooses products and simple recipes from the menu, according to which he will be able to cook full-fledged meals within the next 5-7 days. You can understand the scheme of this business idea by familiarizing yourself with the work of such "sharks" of this business segment as "Food Party" and Elementaree.

Caring for “our little brothers”

Parents at work

Coworking spaces consist of work “offices” for business parents and separate kindergartens for children. The former are close to the children, but they have the opportunity to work quietly. The latter do not feel abandoned by their mothers and fathers. But at the same time, they do not distract the latter, studying with experienced teachers and educators.

If you are interested in this business idea in Moscow, we recommend that you pay attention to successful examples of its implementation - the St. Petersburg "House of the Gnome" and the capital "Mama Works".

Connecting offline and online

Online education is no longer as successful as it used to be. Most of the organizers of virtual training courses for businessmen have realized that their potential clients do not want to just watch video tutorials on the Internet. They need society, communication and communication with each other.

In this regard, web-based training courses are now being replaced by proposals for combined online and at the same time offline study. Students receive certain information online, and then are sent to apply it in practice - in "reality".

Say no to sanctions

Dmitry Malyutin, General Director of Level. ravel recommends paying attention to those business segments that fall under the category of "import substituting". You can organize a rental point for segways and electric cars, open a small cafe or a hotel with a "purely Russian style" interior. But be aware of the seasonality of many business options. Be that as it may, Russian tourism can be safely called a trend relevant in the current political conditions.

How to find a good idea

Business enterprises have one thing in common: solving a specific problem. Good business ideas are different in that they can provide a solution that will be in demand.

Below we will tell about a dozen places where the best minds of our time managed to find an idea, which later became the source of their millions.

Searching the Internet

Quite often, one hears from young entrepreneurs that it is becoming more difficult to start a business every day. There are no free niches left at all, and it is almost impossible to come up with something new and original.

It is this thought that prevents a person from “getting out of the shell”, forcing him to only sigh in sorrow instead of doing business. Finding an idea is quite simple - you just need to want it. So, the first step in finding an idea for starting your own business is to free yourself from the shackles of stereotypes and the desire to open your own business. Then you can move on to finding the idea itself.

Everything is simple here: go to Google or Yandex and type in “ideas for business” in the search bar. It is advisable to narrow the search to something like "in 2021", "for a small town", "with minimal investment", "with a quick payback", "to open a startup" and so on. Choose what is closer to you.

Thematic sites and forums on this topic - a carriage and a small cart (you get tired of studying). From all this ocean of ideas, I advise you to choose no more than ten.

  • Personal interest and knowledge in this area (for example, if you do not understand anything about children, then it is hardly worth opening a children's development center or a toy store)
  • Specificity of your target audience (for example, the population of small towns will indifferently accept 90% of innovative ideas for a metropolis)
  • The size of the initial investment and the payback period, taking into account your financial situation
  • Detail description (any project can be described with a couple of lines, and a dozen pages with calculations, diagrams and graphs).

By the way, the stated figures on the Internet, most often, do not correspond to reality. Try to calculate a business plan yourself: find the prices for equipment, find out the cost of renting premises, see the average salary in the segment, and so on.

Business blog about the main thing

How to come up with a business? The economic crisis in Russia did not have a negative impact on the desire of citizens for self-employment. On the contrary, even more hired workers began to often think about how to come up with a business so as to provide a decent life for themselves and their descendants. Bringing dreams to reality, we publish a short step-by-step guide.

How to come up with a business idea?

The first obstacle on the way of a potential entrepreneur is the question - what to do in order to receive income. There are several sources from which you can glean ideas for starting your own business.

Copying someone else's idea

There is nothing wrong with starting an entrepreneurial activity in an area already on the market. New car washes, dentistry and law firms are opening regularly in Russia, although there are already a sufficient number of such companies. Russian student Pavel Durov successfully repeated the fate of Mark Zuckerberg, a teenager from the United States, creating a domestic analogue of the social network popular in America.

Choosing an existing business idea, you get the opportunity to achieve the same high results as the company that implemented this idea first. The main condition is the absence of a patent for this product or service. You can improve the existing offer on the market, make it cheaper or more environmentally friendly.

The most popular source of 'outsiders' ideas is past work. As an employee, you have every chance to learn from the inside about the nuances of running this business, study the methods of attracting and retaining customers.

It is not at all necessary to duplicate the existing business. You can restore something popular in the past. Surely a businessman who will release fermented milk products (fermented milk, kefir, yoghurts, etc.) in a Soviet half-liter milk bottle on the shelves will see an active growth of loyal customers. Just look at a successful example of the installation of retro machines for the sale of soda water.

It is quite possible to start a business "spied" on the trip. To this day, in different countries, there are a lot of ideas that are not yet present on the Russian market. Key word: "bye."

The Information Age provides an opportunity to find a fresh business idea on our website, it's quite easy to do it, just think about what business idea you need with or without initial capital.


For your product to be in demand in the market, it must solve a problem. The best business idea arises when you yourself have a problem that is important enough to pay to solve it. If you find a problem, then it is likely that there will be a specific number of your “brothers in misfortune”, and this is already the target audience.

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