Varieties of business ideas

Now most of the developments in the field of science and technology, in particular information technology, are designed for the middle and upper strata of the population, who can afford expensive computers and luxury cars. At the same time, most manufacturers forget about the less well-off people, who, however, also use technology and vehicles. Today we will tell you about five of the cheapest new products of technical progress that are very popular in the market and satisfy the needs of people with low income.


Another novelty from the world famous manufacturer of mobile phones Nokia is distinguished by its high quality level and very low price: such a phone can be bought for only 19 euros. This device can serve you for years, if not decades, due to the strength of the materials and the small number of functions it is designed to perform.

Nokia 130 cannot boast of having a Wi-Fi module or a camera, but they are not required for the main function of a mobile phone. Despite these shortcomings, the Nokia 130 has a color display, media player and even a memory card slot.

Datawind UbiSlate Ci

The Indian company Aakash recently released a $ 38 tablet. Initially, the device was intended for students of Indian universities, but soon after its release, it gained considerable popularity among representatives of other social groups and nationalities. Due to the low price, which, however, does not affect the quality of the product, the tablet was introduced to the world market and was put up for sale in specialized stores in the UK.

Datawind UbiSlate 7Ci has a diagonal of 7 inches, 512 megabytes of RAM, 4 gigabytes of internal memory, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

One Laptop per Child

In the case of these laptops, the name speaks for itself: the product is the result of a philanthropic initiative that aims to provide computers to children in the world's poorest countries such as India and Kenya.

Nowadays it is impossible to become successful without having access to information technology, so the developers of this wonderful device decided that perhaps their laptop would become a kind of springboard for children from low-income families.

Tata Nano

Many people, thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions, want to create their own business - business.

After all, when you become a businessman, even a small business, you gain stability, financial independence and a decent income, and this is the dream of almost every person.

But in order to make your dream come true, you must not only have a business idea and be confident in your abilities, you also need to have at least the slightest idea of ​​entrepreneurial activity and find your niche in the market.

Everyone knows that a person realizes himself best in what he likes best. The same happens with the business sphere.

You need to do what you like and develop your hobbies, skills and abilities in every possible way.

Think about what you love the most - tourism, fishing, handicrafts. It is in this direction that you should move and you should not invent something new.

Business from scratch with minimal investment

They have a great business idea, and they have a lot of desire and energy, but there is still one obstacle that prevents them from starting a business - this is start-up capital.

Then you should choose a type of business that you can start with minimal or in the absence of any investments.

Of course, not every case is like this, but there are still worthwhile options. Of course, you cannot enter the trade or organize a small business without financial support.

This requires significant costs. And they will go for renting premises, purchasing goods or raw materials, as well as issuing the mandatory documentation.

It's much easier to choose a business area if you have a couple of wads of money in your pocket. But what should those people who do not have such opportunities do? Are there such business ideas that you can start from scratch, without much investment. Of course.

Benches that emit light

Luminous benches can become an original business idea in the field of design. They work by absorbing daylight. During the day, the benches are saturated with energy, and at night they spend it on diodes.

The surfaces of the benches are made of plexiglass of various colors, and the support is made of wood or steel. The technical component of these benches is underground. This type of benches will help make changes to the landscape design of parks, private sectors.

In order for the consumer to know about your business, you need to advertise your business. This can be done with:

  • newspapers ;
  • magazines;
  • television ;
  • radio ;
  • Internet ...

Positive feedback about your products in the press and on Internet sites also plays a big role in attracting customers.

To implement a design idea, you will need at least 500,000 rubles. There are practically no competitors in this area of ​​business.

Named bikes

This design business idea is the production of personalized bicycle frames. The idea can be useful in big cities, where two-wheeled vehicles are often stolen.

To implement a design idea, you need to take care of the room in which the metal frames will be manufactured and the vehicle itself will be assembled. At the initial stage, several people may be working on a business idea. It is recommended to hire a designer who will come up with interesting fonts, spelling names.

In an era of intensive progress and development of modern technologies, technical innovations that improve and simplify our quality of life are a hot commodity when promoting it, advertising it through various media. If you are looking for an idea for creating a business, then choosing an activity in the field of selling and distributing technical innovations - this business can become a source of not a bad income. Likewise, investing your capital in the development of goods that are highly specialized or items that are in development to improve quality is another niche for entrepreneurship.

Business ideas - Technical innovations and trends of the year

Business Tech News

New technology for business is an opportunity to offer all new and improved gadgets to our most discerning customers. Progress does not stand still, and what previously seemed fantastic has become daily and familiar today. For example, a unique surveillance system will help protect your home.

Such categories of the population as the elderly and children are happy to use special devices that make their life easier and help in various life situations. A technical novelty such as a special belt can be a good gift for a pensioner, and children will like a bracelet phone.

People are willing to pay good money for solving their problems. In a crisis, it is important to “catch the wave” and offer the client what he really wants.

Offer technical innovations that solve any problem in minutes - and you will be successful. For the target audience - owners of smartphones and tablets - whole blocks of additional devices and accessories have been developed, without which not a single modern person who closely follows the latest fashion trends can do.

A party for the deaf and a watch for the blind are the realities of today. Shy men and women have the opportunity to chat online or get to know each other using a unique umbrella. The demand for all kinds of designer gadgets, which are not only useful in everyday life, but also decorate the home and make it look like an apartment (house) of the future, does not subside.

You can find your target audience in the segment of middle-income citizens who are forced to save money today. They will be attracted not so much by chargers mounted in a purse or trousers, but by louver lamps, water blockers in the bathroom and a dishwasher in the sink. Such technical innovations are designed to facilitate the work of the hostess and reduce the cost of daily utilities. A product such as solar panels of various modifications has proven itself well. This can be a wallpaper, a table top, or a miniature charger for mobile devices.

Children as a target audience are a very demanding category in terms of quality, but their parents are ready to give a lot of money to make the child comfortable and good. Parents of very young children are also willing to pay for the opportunity to free up a little time for themselves personally, while it is desirable that an interactive toy has a significant list of functions and capabilities.

Cyclists, car enthusiasts and other mobile equipment owners pay to upgrade their iron horses. The niche is quite dense, there is a lot of competition in it, but one small idea can pay off. Ecoculture is gaining momentum in the former CIS, so interesting gadgets for cyclists will also find their grateful buyer.

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