Unusual business in the city ideas

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Unusual business in the city of ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

In addition to classic solutions in business, there are also non-standard approaches and niches in which good money is found. One has only to see them. In this category, we collect just such ideas, which may be strange, but still make a profit.

A total of X ideas with a budget from X to XX rubles

An unusual idea helped Sonia Polskaya to organize a business, enjoying and profit from her favorite pastime. Velotsvetochnitsa is an original and demanded service.

You have an entrepreneurial streak, but still can't decide where to start your business? And you.

An idea of ​​how to relieve people of stress by crashing various objects in specially designated places.

This new and profitable business is based on an amazing product that was released to the global market just a few months ago. A new one is called.

Several ideas from abroad that are unlikely to come to our person's mind due to the great difference in mentality.

Any businessman is constantly looking for new ideas to develop his business, expand opportunities and make a profit. It is considered the best option.

In Russia, it is becoming more and more difficult to surprise anyone with a car rental. Car rental companies are found in cities with.

In almost every apartment building in Russia, there are people who owe a certain amount for utility services. They may not pay.

Trade mark: Aroma Center Type of activity: Aromamarketing Positioning: Services of professional aromatization of premises Name of the company-copyright holder: LLC "Web arka" Is an agreement concluded.

Top business ideas for small towns

  • 1. Roof cleaning
  • 2. Digging wells
  • 3. Firewood harvesting

Earlier we made an issue with an overview of business ideas for small towns. In it, we proposed to use the advantages of small cities to produce and bring competitive products to the markets of large cities.

In the same issue, we will look at business ideas that can be implemented directly in the small towns themselves and the villages adjacent to them.

So, let's go straight to the top ideas for small towns:

Roof cleaning

The essence of this business is field visits and the restoration of old roofs. The restoration process includes cleaning the roof from dirt and moss using a high pressure water supply, sealing cracks, applying an antiseptic primer and further painting. Services can be provided both partially and in a complex.

We found this idea on the Roof Cleaning channel. Its author, Maxim from Belarus, has been involved in this business for many years and talks about it on his channel. We decided to ask him a number of fundamental questions and Maxim graciously agreed to answer them. For which we express our gratitude to him.

So, what equipment is needed for this business?

First of all, you need a device for supplying water under high pressure (at least 280 atmospheres). It will cost approximately $ 2600. Ideally, of course, you need a device with a capacity of 350 atmospheres. Its approximate cost is $ 5800.

You will also need an airless paint machine. Chinese ones cost about $ 800. Higher quality American firms GRACO, approximate cost of $ 2200.

From the inventory you will need climbing equipment (ropes, launching devices, an additional pump, hoses, a folding aluminum ladder), as well as a reliable supplier of roofing paint.

Material on the topic: "Unusual business in the city of ideas" with full explanation and justification.

unusual business models for a successful start

Many people dream of creating their own business, but before the idea "hits", you have to try a bunch of options, some of which sometimes turn out to be not profitable, but unprofitable due to high competition, incorrectly calculated business plan, seasonality , slow payback and other factors.

If with standard types of business, although in demand, such as grocery stores, shoe stores, car services of various formats, as a rule, you have to survive in conditions of fierce competition, then unusual business ideas can ensure doing business in conditions of minimal or completely out of competition.

The Moneymaker Factory has prepared an overview of 7 unusual business ideas with a brief description from idea to implementation.

Pet Hotel

With the spread of tourism, the pet care business is gaining popularity. Pet hotels are commonplace abroad. If it is necessary to go on vacation or on a business trip, the owners of four-legged friends do not even think of asking relatives to look after the pet. He is simply placed in the appropriate institution.

According to the publishing house "Expert North-West", every third family in Russia has a cat, and by the number of domestic dogs (there are more than 10 million), our country is in first place in Europe, and in fifth in the world ... The first four belong to the USA, Brazil, China and Japan, respectively.

A luxury cat hotel was opened in Lymington, UK in 2021. The tailed guests are given king prawns for breakfast, they live in luxurious rooms, there are even personal drivers, and conferences are organized via Skype with the hosts. A week of keeping a four-legged friend in this hotel costs the owners £ 250.

Andrey Pushkin, the investment manager of Rosatom, who had long dreamed of changing his occupation, the idea of ​​opening a hotel for cats came after he could not find a suitable establishment to accommodate his cat Fani for the period of his planned departure for the New Year holidays ...

This is how the Sir Cat Hotel appeared. Having rented an area of ​​100 sq. m., the entrepreneur placed 15 tempered glass boxes with an area of ​​2.3 sq. m by 2.1 sq. m. They contain all the necessary attributes for a comfortable stay of mustachioed pets: shelves, bowls, couches, scratching posts, in some boxes video surveillance systems are installed so that the owners can see their furry friends.


Big cities provide more opportunities for entrepreneurs than small towns. For example, businessmen who have planned to open their own businesses in Volgograd or Voronezh are much more likely to reach a successful level than businessmen in small towns. This is because entrepreneurs with a business in a large city will have a lot more clients, even despite the very high competition. Now let's look at a few business ideas that you can open in a large city and not go bust in the future. There are a lot of such business ideas for a big city in our time, but we will consider only a few of them. Well, let's get started.

Beauty salon

A beauty salon can provide its clients with various services. Everything, of course, depends on you and your capabilities. If you plan to open a salon on a grand scale, then you can organize a hairdresser, solarium, manicure room, massage room, cosmetology, treatment room for face masks and wraps in it.

What will be the income of such a salon?

The total monthly net profit of such a salon will be approximately 115,100 rubles.

Making clothes for cats and dogs

are fashionable and want their pets to be fashionable as well. This can be done with a beautiful haircut and fashionable clothes. That is why tailoring clothes for dogs is a very profitable and fast-paying business.

Let's look at the income of this business. The simplest jumpsuit for a dog costs an average of 800 rubles, its cost is about 300 rubles. In total, from one overalls you can get 500 rubles of net profit. You can make 10 galleys a day without any problems. Total daily income will be about 5,000 rubles, and monthly income - 150,000 rubles.

I would like to note that such a business always has and will be in demand, therefore, if properly organized, a businessman can bring quite a decent income.

Business in the creation and sale of sites

What you need to create your own business on creating websites. Nothing special in principle. Only a computer with Internet access, your desire and patience. The essence of this business idea lies in the creation of sites on various topics, its filling with various materials and promotion and sale.

The cost of sites is different. It all depends on the topic. The cost of legal sites - from 2,000,000 rubles, automobile sites - from 3,000,000 rubles, websites of online stores - from 1,000,000 rubles, and so on. It will take about one year to create and promote one site. But, despite this, as a result, you can earn very real money.

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