Unusual business ideas from America

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The United States boasts a leading position in doing business. Statistics say America has 20 million registered small businesses. Many families are looking to start their own business. After starting a business, some of its owners begin to receive millions of dollars in income.

This article will present options for interesting business projects that are popular in America, as well as tips for their implementation, possible difficulties on the way and ways to solve them.

General information about doing business in the USA

Doing business within America is very different from doing business in Russia. This is determined not only by economic factors, but also by the motivation of the residents of the country themselves.

Also, the United States boasts an extremely developed service sector, which forces people to constantly be in search of more and more new and unique ideas. Most appreciated are projects designed to make people's lives as easy as possible.

Also, people from America are not chasing profit, but enjoy their own business, which is a key moment in the development process.

Overview of 20 new business ideas from the USA and Europe:

A selection of the most unusual and interesting ideas for making money from the USA

There was a huge stir due to the sudden fashion for the beard, so the products did not really need marketing.

  • special wax base;
  • liquid oils for unruly hair;
  • shaving oil that does not contain harmful ingredients.

Now it is a developed network of cafes, although back in 2021, the activity began with a small van for the sale of ice cream and shakes. The essence of the idea is very simple, but effective. BGIC offers original and delicious combinations of ice cream additives: lime curd, vanilla cookie crumbs, pumpkin jam. Another secret of popularity is the original and catchy names of sweets.

This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are Queen fans. There are photographs of Freddie Mercury and other musicians of the group hanging in the hall. From time to time one of the band's compositions sounds in the coffee shop. At this moment, the first customer in line receives the ordered drink for free. The slogan of this promotion is: "When Queen plays, Freddie pays!"

The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and serve their visitors the most popular, classic food from street vans around the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's highlight is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

In the middle of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. The carousel contains huge photographs of the most interesting and popular places of the historic Royal Street. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch a breathtaking sight of successive pictures of local attractions. Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails.

The name of the grocery van chain means "Egg Slut". The choice of the brand name turned out to be very successful, it is funny and is remembered instantly. But the main feature of the business is that all dishes are prepared using eggs. There are also delicious signature recipes. It turned out that many people are willing to pay for it. The network is very popular and continues to expand, opening new points.

This restaurant is located on the water in San Francisco Harbor. In addition to the magnificent and rare views that open from the windows and the terrace of the restaurant on the water, visitors are offered delicious dishes. There are banquet rooms and special menus for various celebrations. The restaurant is a huge success and is often booked for special occasions.

This is a social network for travelers. When traveling on vacation, users have the opportunity to receive useful advice from experienced travelers who know the most interesting places along the chosen route. On the network you can find out which modes of transport are best to get, about the best hotels and other features of the route.

This is a mobile application. It gives additional motivation to people who decide to start playing sports. If you visit the gym regularly, pleasant bonuses in cash are credited to your account, and truants are fined. It turns out that those who skip workouts pay people who managed to force themselves to work out.

This is a vintage hotel inspired by an inn from the beginning of the last century. The style is perfect, and this attracts a lot of guests. An additional marketing trick is the hotel's regular cooking classes from local chefs.

This is a famous Chicago diner chain that is famous for its original hot dogs. For example, the menu includes rattlesnake sausages. Specialty recipes for sauces and snacks also attract customers.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Interesting business ideas from America". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

A lot of worthy business ideas come to us from the USA. That is why we try to follow these overseas trends in order to promptly tell you about the directions that are relevant in America. Of course, most of the ideas cannot be applied "head-on", but using intelligence and ingenuity, any idea can be adapted to our domestic market. Well, or, at least, use the direction of the local creative thought for your own purposes. This sometimes produces delicious results. See, choose, try!

The owner of a small hairdressing salon in the UK shares his "hacks" on how to work with a client base.

Aron Katz, founder of A-abc Appliance (ventilation systems), a company with "little red trucks" in Dallas, Texas, shares his secrets on.

Do you know that one of the most successful businesses in the US and UK is the maintenance of a mobile housing park? If you are everything.

Several years ago, Yegor Voitenkov and Alexander Militsin could not even think of exchanging jobs in large corporations.

The American pizza chain Pizza Studio was able to transfer the experience of working with a fast food constructor to the process of making an individual pizza. Want to know what the plans are.

The guys from the American startup Barker Bag thought that making sleeping bags for people was a lucrative idea, albeit a profitable one.

Stop dreaming about traveling to distant countries and resting in expensive hotels, says Mike Momani. What makes every trip so special? Not.

Some of the men, having lost their hair over the years, begin to suffer, pick up their hairpieces and plant their hair from different places.

Americans have always been distinguished by a special type of thinking, this nation, which has absorbed almost all world cultures, has become a concentrate of creative ideas concerning.

American business in Russia

America is a country that provides ample opportunities for doing business. Local businessmen every year find more and more new ways of guaranteed enrichment. And domestic entrepreneurs really have a lot to learn from their foreign colleagues.

It just so happened that all the innovations of the West come to our country a few years after their inception. Therefore, it often happens that those goods and services that are at the peak of their popularity in America are just beginning to appear on the market in Russia. Given this trend, it turns out to be easy to identify promising directions in business. And today, most young entrepreneurs carefully analyze the Western market in an attempt to identify the most profitable ways to invest money.

New interesting business ideas from the USA

As mentioned above, America is teeming with original business ideas. However, there are many failures here, and therefore you should not take on every opportunity to make quick money. It also requires a thorough analysis of the market in order to identify the most promising areas.

Today, business in the United States has the following areas:

  • replenishment of the state budget;
  • development of the employment sector;
  • improvement of the social sphere;
  • stimulation of the development of various sectors economy.

Children's mobile toys

Today almost every child has a mobile phone. Caring parents always want to be in touch with their child, so children receive their first mobile phones almost from the first years of life. But at the same time, there are practically no smartphone applications designed for a children's audience. Therefore, the development of games and programs for children is a promising business area in the United States.

At the moment in America there are a number of young companies specializing in the release of such applications. In Russia, to organize such activities, you need the following:

Talking about the prospects and shortcomings of American business ideas in the article "What American Business Ideas Work", it is simply impossible to ignore the topic of finding the very business ideas from America. Today we'll talk about how to look for an idea, where to look and, most importantly, highlight the most interesting facts.

The USA is a country of entrepreneurs, such a statement is not a fiction, but a fact of life, just like China is a country of traders (read what to trade here), and Germany is a country of industrialists (you can read production ideas here). This statement is based on research and the general level of development of the economies of the respective countries. The consequence of such a largely conditional division is the fact that in America literally every day a lot of new, original ideas of their business are formed, which are unique and nowhere else found directions. Additionally, it should be noted that a large number of ideas do not take root or are not competitive on a Russian scale. It is even possible to draw an analogy to finding a good and successful business idea from the USA with finding a gold nugget in a heap of rock. True, the successful finding of the "nugget" guarantees the owner a truly heavenly life.

Top how America's business makes a profit:

First - Brad Hughes (USA) - $ 5.3 billion. Started a business in America to install lockers along the Autobahn. At the time of creation, the business belonged to the idea of ​​a small business, surpassed most other successful areas of its own business in simplicity and originality.

The second example is Ralph Lauren. $ 5 billion. The essence of the idea, from my point of view, generally characterizes the entire small business from America, or rather, the whole idea was to stick a label with a horse on T-shirts. Simple, unpretentious and most importantly super-profitable.

The third is Jeff Bizos. $ 4.4 billion. The idea relates to the Internet industry, the result of the growth of small businesses is known all over the world, the Amazon store. om is a prime example of how an idea has successfully entered a growing market. Here it can be noted that the sale of frozen yoghurts for Russia can be such a fresh business of ideas from America, read more in the article "About fresh business ideas and, most importantly, promising ones." This little hobby not only made the owner very wealthy, but also very famous.

Fourth - Ty Warner Ty Warner. $ 4.5 billion. Another prime example of successful admission is how small businesses in America make money. The essence of ideas from America is simple, the release of teddy bears with different names and small batches, which automatically begin to collect. This is how they become successful.

I will not give other examples, in general, four examples fully characterize the ideas of small business from America, in the essence of which lies a simple idea, unpretentious execution and maximum profit.

Conclusion, the Americans, unlike us, are able and strive to maximize the conversion of their knowledge, skills and abilities into business and profit. At the same time, they are not afraid to burn out or seem "stupid", each of the above ideas at the initial stage looked exactly like this. So, when choosing an American idea, you need to be prepared for a large number of areas characterized by the word "delirium", at least at the initial stage. Do not rush to discard the advice, but count. think and just "try" business from America on yourself and your region and only then draw conclusions.

Having discussed how to look for a business from America and what characterizes most small business ideas from the USA, let's move on to the question of where to look for such ideas?

The answer suggests itself, the main source for thinking about American ideas can only be American sites of business ideas. Here you can make one reservation, often American ideas find themselves on the pages and Russian resources devoted to business ideas, in particular, I have already talked about several such ideas - here is an amateur business from the USA and a fresh idea from scratch. At the same time, they undergo a kind of "censorship" by editors or owners, as a result, up to 90% of such ideas are simply "lost", so that the newest and freshest American business ideas can be found on authentic resources.

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