Unusual Business Ideas: 7 Successful Cases

tips on how to make money from business lunches

1. Business lunch is about speed. It's like a pit stop in Formula One. A car drove up, shattered the wheels, put on new ones, got sick, checked the tire pressure and released them onto the track. 2 minutes for everything. The entire team of the hall and kitchen must understand that we are working according to speed standards.

2. What speed begins at all stages of work is the speed of receiving an order. You can't do without a handheld. The handheld increases the order acceptance speed by 5 times - from 5 minutes to 1 minute. If your ACS Orderman costs 80,000 rubles - a piece - put a separate terminal for lunches with a handheld for 7,000 rubles. The whole solution will cost 100,000 rubles + 4 handhelds

3. The waiters in the hall turn into runners - i.e. they run. Obese men and large girls find it difficult to run. Bet on the lunches of the hardy athletes. Such running robots with a wide-mouth smile.

4. The task of any lunchtime is to ensure maximum table rotation. Standards. Salad take-out time from the moment of ordering is 3 minutes. Hot - 6 minutes. The main course is 10 minutes. With this standard, from 12:00 - 15:00, you are guaranteed to make exactly three table revolutions.

5. Lunch is the time to sell baked goods to go. Hot baked goods are baked at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00. A good assortment and LOW prices (15-20 rubles per pie) will give you an additional 20,000 revenue per day - 400,000 revenue per month

6. The speed of order acceptance continues with the speed of its execution in the kitchen. All salads are 100% ready, all soups are 100% ready, all hot dishes are served through pans and convection ovens, or hot bain-marie with side dishes and ready-made meals. Take your pick - what you can afford and what is more convenient for you

7. The business lunch menu is not necessarily the hits of Russian and Soviet cuisine. In a Japanese restaurant, it can be a bento with miso soup, two fried and in oil dim sums, two steamed dim sums, ika sarado salad and baked potatoes, imagine it is also eaten in Japan. The drink can be home-made lemonade.

8. In authentic restaurants (Uzbek, Japanese, Georgian), a business lunch can be represented by the following types of cuisine: Monday - European lunch, Tuesday - Asian lunch - Wednesday lunch - Caucasian, Thursday - Italian lunch, Friday - Japanese lunch. Carry out a survey of guests before launching such an exotic.

Every average employee of the enterprise stops working by about 12 noon and starts thinking about where to dine. Therefore, the idea of ​​"business lunch in the office" will be very relevant. This is an excellent option for a high-quality and pleasant snack, because the body does not need coffee and cake, but delicious and hearty food.

Of course, you can dine in canteens that you still meet, but here you get a strong feeling that you still live in the USSR. You can grab a bite to eat in cafes that offer business lunches on the menu, but, as a rule, you still need to get to them. This means that a business lunch in the office is the best option that will help you get out of this difficult situation. Of course, you can take lunch from home. But this option is not ideal either.

Lunch delivery service

Delivery of meals and lunches to the workplace appeared in Russia back in the 90s, but at that time this service was mainly concerned with markets. Drinks and fast food were delivered to merchants. Today, corporate catering has received a slightly different development. Many people in large cities work in offices, so now there are companies on the market that deliver meals to the office.

What is required to launch this line of business and what are the requirements of the SES

Business lunch delivery to the office can develop in two directions. You can start a large food delivery company or start a home business. Whichever option you choose, you definitely need to obtain permission from the SES, since the activities of your enterprise will be related to food.

You need to have the following in stock: a certificate of conformity for the equipment used for cooking, certificates for products of production and a technological map that includes all stages of production and sale of meals.

Cost calculation

Home business is less expensive compared to launching a large enterprise. But at the same time, the profit from such a business will be small, nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to provide high-quality corporate meals and apply an individual approach to each client. The net income of such a business can reach 30-60 thousand rubles, which, in principle, is not so little for a home business.

If you are planning to organize a large service offering a "business lunch to the office" service, then the question immediately arises about where you will take food. Alternatively, you can conclude an agreement with any cafe and take food there.

In this case, you should initially conduct a marketing study to determine the most acceptable conditions for cooperation, in particular, it concerns the price segment. It is worth noting that it is a mistake to choose cheap establishments for cooperation, of course, they will provide you with meals at a low price, but at the same time you will not be able to reach a wide range of clients: lunch at the office - premium lunch, economy lunch, and so on.

Further business development

As your organization grows and builds a steady customer base, you might consider renting or buying your own dining facility. Of course, you will also have to expand your staff. But at this stage, such costs are reasonable, since own production of meals will be a more profitable option than delivering them from a cafe. The invested funds will pay off quickly enough.

Slobproof! produces custom-made special designer furniture. Their chairs, armchairs and sofas will definitely be appreciated by everyone with small children or pets. For the upholstery of this furniture, a special patented fabric is used, on which there are absolutely no marks from felt-tip pens, spilled juice or tea, dirty paws of animals.

The owner of the company, Debbie Wiener, came up with such an unusual idea for business a few years after starting her own family life. Two children, cats, dogs - this is a constant cleaning of furniture. Debbie dreamed of a sofa that did not need to be cleaned, and decided to fulfill her own dream herself.

Judging by the company's financial prosperity, the problem of cleaning furniture is familiar to many.

Wood carving - we know that. How about cheese carving? This is what Sarah Kaufman is doing. Sarah's art is in great demand, cheese sculptures are ordered by shops, organizers of food exhibitions, sports events, and often cheddar sculptures are used for photo shoots. So Sarah's business is booming.

In her free time, she lectures and conducts workshops on art and cheese making.

In Russia, it seems, this is not accepted, but in the West, some erect urns with the ashes of deceased loved ones at home or in the garden. Designer and glassblower Michel Palenique proposes to go further - to seal some ashes in a pendant, glass ball or other souvenir. The proposal is said to be a success.

In addition to pendants with ashes, Michel also makes jewelry with pieces of antique ceramics or other "fragments of antiquity."

Bath Bakery specializes exclusively in creating fragrant hygiene products. Your shampoo might smell like fresh buns, eau de parfum might smell like cherry pie, and your soap or shaving cream might smell like almonds. The company has a whole line of such “rich” cosmetics.

By the way, you can even try them. It is unlikely to be tasty, but do not get poisoned - everything is made only from food components.

Many unusual business ideas are found on the Internet. For example, we all know about virtual dating services. And the online service "Fantasy Dating" allows you not only to meet and communicate in private messages, but also to earn virtual points on this, and even arrange flirting competitions.

However, inviting a new online acquaintance on a real date and “leaving the game” is also not forbidden.

If it is inconvenient for you to come to your own wedding in the church - the church itself can come to you. So the entrepreneurs from Las Vegas decided and made the mobile chapel "The Wedding Wagon" from a car van. A wedding in such a church costs about $ 130.

The key management issue is not what and how to do, but what you want to achieve from employees as a result

Children and employees grow up. To get along with them, you have to revise your interaction models

In our time of high competition, it is the quality of interpersonal communication that becomes a unique resource that can bring success

Traditional sales and customer acquisition models have not lost their relevance. You just need to adjust to the new realities, Denis Nezhdanov believes

These errors are typical for the overwhelming majority of trade companies and chain centers that provide services

The time for decision-making salespeople is running out. The time comes to involve customers in the deal. How can I do this using the FiSEQ approach?

There is an increasing demand for the development of strategic thinking and strategic planning skills

Branding helps the company with additional capitalization: it gives impetus to the business to gain fame and recognition of a wide audience

In order to move on, you need to learn how to reboot yourself and your team

Modern processes of globalization lead to an increase in requirements for professionally important personality traits

Food delivery to the office or home can become an additional source of income if there is a stationary catering facility. For example, there is a cafe, there are customers and revenue, but there are additional opportunities to prepare more ready-made meals. In this case, food delivery services can be provided to increase turnover. What do you need for this?

Realization of a business idea for the delivery of food to your home or office

To implement a food delivery business idea you need:

  • Have a car available around the clock. Currently, sanitary legislation does not provide for the availability of special documents for transport when transporting food products.
  • The courier who will be directly involved in the delivery of food must have a personal medical record of the established form. To this can be added branded clothing, which is made in the general stylistic idea of ​​the catering facility as a whole.
  • Design a menu that will be delivered to homes and offices. When developing, one should take into account the conditions of storage and sale of products and dishes. For such a menu, you can offer customers pizza, salads, pies, you can think of sushi delivery as a business idea, but not everyone loves Japanese cuisine, so it is better to provide several options for lunch.
  • Special containers in which food will be delivered. Such disposable tableware is sold in any wholesale market. It is better to buy it in a large batch so it will be cheaper. The cost of dishes, gasoline for the car should be included in the cost of lunch.
  • Prices are not regulated by the government. And they are determined by the demand of the client. If the set price does not suit the client, you can burn out. Therefore, it is better to draw up a business plan and calculate everything correctly and set the best prices at the beginning of work. With successful work and the presence of regular accumulated clients. You can raise the price.
  • Additional permissions from Rospotrebnadzor are not required to provide such services. But you shouldn't experiment with medical books, medical examination and quality of products. You can get trouble from regulatory authorities or complaints from customers.
  • Food delivery should be especially attentive during the warm season. So that the dishes are properly prepared, stored and sold. For successful work, it is necessary to purchase quality products with accompanying documents that would confirm their place of production, shelf life, etc. ... ... This will save yourself a lot of trouble. Catering and food delivery is a responsible business. Not only revenue depends on the quality of service, but also the health of people.
  • To provide catering services, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur, such activities are subject to the payment of UTII - a single tax on imputed income, you will also have to pay deductions to the Pension Fund.

Business Advertising

Effective advertising is the key to the success of a business idea for delivering food to the office. Advertising posters, business cards - all this can be distributed to all organizations that do not have their own canteens, but have employees. The contract for the delivery of meals to the office may include a system of discounts for corporate clients. If they like the service, they can also order a menu for corporate parties on holidays, and this is already a different amount of money and volumes. If funds allow, then it is necessary to publish advertising articles in the press and order an SMS - mailing of advertising. But the best advertisement is the feedback from satisfied customers. All everyday and hard work should be subordinated to this. Of course, these are standard methods, but there are also non-standard ones. These include viral advertising and public relations in business. To see how to implement these techniques, see the viral ad example that was implemented in a sports bar. And here's an unusual example:

Another option for realizing the business idea of ​​delivering food to the office is at home, in your kitchen, baking pies, preparing second courses and carrying “your creation” around organizations. At the same time, it is possible not to register with the tax office and not do any documents. This service is currently thriving in our wholesale markets, where a dubious old lady will offer both tea and a pie. In some cases, homemade meals are delivered to other organizations "in the heat of the heat". In this case, you can get into trouble with the tax office. For illegal entrepreneurship, administrative responsibility and troubles on the part of Rospotrebnadzor are provided for non-compliance with the norms of sanitary legislation. And the times of "wild capitalism" are a thing of the past, so it is better to serve a client in a civilized manner.

A different way of doing food delivery business

You can make money simply by mediating between a cafe and an office. Only by delivering food. To do this, you need to find a suitable cafe, conclude an agreement with him that you will directly deliver food. Since earnings will directly depend on the number of customers, you must try to find them as many as possible. Hand out business cards, persuade the office management to have a test lunch - all this is in your hands. This type of food delivery can be considered as additional income for students or people who are engaged in some other business. To this type of activity, you can add the delivery of clean water to offices, and then certainly a "penny" is guaranteed.

For such work, you can register individual entrepreneurship. If you have not one, but several cars, and conclude an agreement with several catering outlets in different directions: food, pies, a Japanese restaurant, a restaurant with a traditional menu, then the company's activities for delivering food to offices and to your home will be a successful commercial project.

The entrepreneur decides what kind of business idea to choose, based on the analysis of various conditions, for example, the place of residence, the presence of a developed infrastructure, material and technical base and initial capital.

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