Unusual business ideas

Selling wrapped stones or stars in the sky - experience shows that this is possible. The main thing is to come up with an original idea.

Vertical Gardens

Idea: to make panels with an irrigation system from natural flowers. This thought was born when the founders of the business, Sergey and Maria, saw a photo of a designer dress made of flowers.

How it was implemented: - We developed the technology ourselves, - says Sergey Volnykh. - Flowers are planted on a vertical surface in a special fabric that prevents mold and allows the roots to dry out. Then we learned that such structures are being made in Paris, but there are expensive materials. We found our own version. To attract customers, we installed a flower wall in the shopping center, we work with designers. But mostly word of mouth helps. The competitors have a paid service, but we check our flowers for the first months under warranty.

Bath on wheels

Idea: a bathhouse equipped in a truck will come to you both in the city and in the forest. The authors of this idea in Russia are considered to be Barnaul residents Oleg Kochetkov and Igor Chupin, who just wanted to take a steam bath while hiking in the forest.

How it was implemented: the GAZ-66 body was divided into a steam room and a rest room. Today Barnaul residents float for 1 thousand rubles. in hour. And their followers in Izhevsk have engaged in a massive alteration of trucks for those who wish to open their own business. A ready-made bathhouse costs about 400 thousand rubles. It will pay off, as promised, in a year.

Copier machine

Idea: urgently need to make a copy of the document, but nowhere! At such a moment, you will pay half of your kingdom for a copier. Maxim Mozhar and Mikhail Yakovlev understood: they can make money on this when they saw a paid copier machine at a foreign airport.

How we implemented: imported devices turned out to be expensive. But the partners have developed their own copier and set up its production in Russia. Their machine accepts not only coins, but also bills, using the GSM-module, informs the owner about problems and that the paper is running out. Such copiers are willingly put in notary offices, universities, libraries. The company makes it possible for others to earn money - you can buy an automatic machine, install it in a crowded place and collect money. Competitive struggle forced to look for new ideas. As M. Mozhar told "AiF", the new machines are also able to print documents from flash media, scan them and save them.

Almost free restaurant

Idea: ate in a restaurant - pay what you can. Abroad, such cafes are set up as part of charity events or for the sake of experiment. They say that on "free" days, the revenue is even higher than on normal days.

How they did it: opening a similar cafe in Moscow, Ivan Mitin and his friends set a goal to recoup the lease. But the institution closed down. In their new cafe, visitors pay 2 rubles for space. per minute for the first hour, then - 1 rub. per minute. Tea, biscuits - free of charge, food can be brought with you.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Unusual business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Interesting, original, fresh ideas for business

In the midst of an unstable financial environment and an ongoing financial crisis, many people are considering starting their own business. At the same time, in most cases, when deciding to open their own business, many do not have a sufficient amount of initial funds, since investments are required to get a working business.

Also, at the present time there is a problem of employment of the main niches, and fresh and original ideas are required that have no analogues or are competitive.

Original business ideas with minimal investment or from scratch

First of all, when deciding to start your own business, you will need to draw up a business plan and decide on the initial capital. In most cases, the average person does not have sufficient funds to start a labor intensive or costly business.

In such a situation, you should pay attention to the latest ideas of starting your own business with minimal costs. "Minimum" means options with a complete lack of initial costs or with small amounts that will need to be spent on opening:

Interesting ideas from abroad

Europe and America are often the generators of interesting and very unusual ideas in business. This is due to the peculiarities of mentality, greater freedom of morals and elementary laziness. The most unusual ideas for a Russian person include the following options:

Sometimes even the most seemingly strange ideas give a start to a successful business. And many people who took the risk of realizing their most unexpected business concepts have proven it and made millions.

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Material on the topic: "The coolest business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

The most profitable business ideas in the world

Of the ten business ideas presented in this overview, five are from Americans. The geography of the other five is very extensive - from Thailand to Germany.

Ideas rating

The Ferrero family owns the largest chocolate factory in Europe. Their main brands are Tic Tac, Kinder Sorpresa, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella. At this time, the family is expanding its sales market at the expense of Asian countries, especially China. Mikel lives in Monte Carlo, his son lives in Belgium.

He came up with the idea of ​​installing lockers along the freeways. Breda is the largest storage provider in the United States. The company owns two thousand branches throughout America. Hughes is also known for his philanthropic activities, in particular the fight against childhood leukemia.

His idea is ridiculously simple - to stick a horse tag on a regular polo shirt. And estimate it at $ 50. And then watch how his goods are being bought up. Ralph is the son of Russian emigrants. He dropped out of business school in 1967 and borrowed $ 50,000 for his polo project. In 1994, Ralph sold a 28% stake in his company for $ 138 million.

The idea is to trade books over the Internet. World renowned founder of Amazon. om, the world's largest book trading portal, grew up in Texas. He worked on Wall Street after graduating from university. At the age of 30, he decided to change his life, and opened the book trade through the Internet. Jeff's first office was in a garage in Seattle. He became a billionaire in 1997.

His idea is to sell teddy bears with touching names. And to release them in very limited quantities so that the toys immediately become collectible. Binnie's teddy bears hit the market in 1986 and immediately became quite popular. Warner invested the profits from his project in real estate. The most expensive hotel in New York, the Four Seasons, belongs to Ty Warner.

The idea is to sell energy drinks to athletes and fans of night discos. Mateschitz and Juvidiha have created the world famous Red Bull drink, fortified with vitamin B. The drink's sales exceeded $ 3. billion annually.

His idea is to produce shoes with small holes in the sole (covered with a special membrane). This innovation has eliminated the smell of sweat in shoes for many people. Mario founded Geox shoes company. The idea to create "breathable shoes" came to him in 1994, when Mario was traveling in the mountains of Nevada. The heat was intense, and he punched several holes in the soles of his shoes to let his feet "breathe".

Mario tried to sell the idea to Niike at one time, but there they reacted coolly to the innovation. Well, they're worse off, and Mario's firm now sells over 16 million pairs of shoes a year. Among his regular clients is the Pope himself!

His "pen" belongs to the idea of ​​creating a vacuum cleaner that sucks in dust at supersonic speed. This allows debris and dust to be compressed and prevents them from being thrown out. In 2021, Dyson's DC12 vacuum cleaner became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in Japan, far behind local manufacturers.

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