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I am starting a new rubric - Business ideas. I hope that this will not be a repetition of many sites with rewrites (statements) of other people's business ideas. In my notebook there are always a lot of ideas that I either planned to launch myself or just noticed a possible future. Therefore, I will publish some of them on the pages of my website about money and marketing.

Most likely, these will be business ideas for the offline market. Although it is possible that sometimes ideas will come across online, although they are published on my other site (trynyty.u).

First, let's answer the question - what are business ideas and is there any point in reading them at all?

Business ideas

  • An idea is a dream
  • A goal is a dream that has timelines and other measurable properties.

So, once an idea has become a goal, other meanings are applied to it, such as planning and action.

To be honest, I don't think you need to read idea sites. Business ideas need to be generated, i.e. give birth in your intellect and imagination. Any entrepreneur should have several hundred ideas that he could implement if necessary. If a novice or a practicing entrepreneur reads business ideas sites in order to see how other people are trying to implement such an idea, then of course this makes a lot of sense, and reading to borrow an idea for yourself is meaningless.

The point is that if the idea has not become part of the entrepreneur, then a purely mechanical implementation will not give the desired result. An idea, and even more so if it is a business idea, must necessarily be a figment of the imagination and life experience of the one who shared it.

There are millions of them. If now you want to read specific examples of implemented ideas in this article, then think about it, is there any point in this? Maybe it's better to turn on the brains?

How? Yes, very simple. You can even without leaving your home. Just look around you. Everything that you see was once ideas. Someone even came up with your house, someone came up with building materials, furniture, TV, refrigerator. Yes, this is all about inventions, not business. But then think, how did it all get to you? Did the one who sold it all make money? Was this his business? Here, for example, is the computer that is now showing you this article. How did you get it?

I believe that the best business ideas are always with us.

List of business ideas of the year that are not in Russia or are poorly developed

The success of any startup depends on the timely choice of a niche, the absence of strong competition and the originality of the business idea underlying it. The world does not stand still. Every year new interesting projects, developments, discoveries appear, which are already bringing money in the USA and European countries, but have not yet been mastered in Russia.

Today you will learn about original ideas worth taking note of for novice Russian businessmen.

Why is original idea important for business

Originality in business is a multifaceted concept. This is an author's idea that no one has yet come up with before you (such projects are usually called startups). It can also be based on the creative implementation of an already known idea or "restoration" by someone of a once invented project into which you breathed novelty.

A non-trivial approach to choosing the direction of entrepreneurial activity requires courage, open-minded thinking, and developed intuition.

An original idea for a business is:

  • low competition or its temporary absence;
  • the possibility of obtaining super profit;
  • fast promotion of the project.

Searching for potentially profitable areas of business occupies the minds of residents of all countries. Beijing, London and the famous Silicon Valley in San Francisco occupy the leading positions in terms of the number of successful startups.

This means we have a lot to learn from the United States, Britain, China and India, whose Bangalore startup sector is considered one of the fastest growing in the world.

TOP-business ideas of the year that are not in Russia

To see something new, you just need to look around. Why not use the experience of foreign colleagues in Russian realities?

I bring to your attention the TOP-7 ideas for business that are relevant this year, which are not yet in our country.

7 minutes to read. Posted on 07.2.019

When an interesting idea for starting a business appeared, to whom and how can it be sold? Large companies usually have their own business developers, private investors are attracted by projects that guarantee profits. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for selling a business idea yourself. Read the necessary documents, presentation design and other details of the sale on the website

Selling a Business Idea Correctly Step-by-Step Instructions

Any idea should be properly framed. Otherwise, the author of the project will not find a buyer. Of course, much depends on the version in which the product is offered to the buyer.

Here is an expert estimate of the chances of a sale:

  • Startups take the first place.
  • Business plans follow.
  • Patents last.

One way or another, the search for a buyer will have to be handled independently, although theoretically startups imply the presence of interest from investors.

What should be done to properly sell a business idea, a phased plan.

Development of a project idea

Smart thoughts often come to mind, but who will buy them. A clear study of the idea in writing is necessary, reflecting all the pros and cons.

What is included in the structure of such a document:

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "New business ideas that are not yet occupied". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

American business ideas that do not exist in Russia

  • Auld Sod Export Company, a Colorado-based family-owned company, successfully markets native American dirt. An ounce of this unique product costs at least $ 10. The idea is to provide a piece of "homeland" to those who are far from it and feel nostalgia for their homes. Surprisingly, after six months, the authors of the original project were able to earn 2,000,000 dollars.
  • TerraCycle Inc - sells feces in half-liter plastic containers. Product price - $ 8 per bottle. Purpose - universal, environmentally friendly fertilizer for the garden and lawn.
  • Another trendy product of American bridal salons is diapers for brides, allowing girls to feel at ease and not control their emotions in the full sense of this expression.

It is not known how relevant such and similar ideas will be with us. But some types of business that are not in Russia, and which could be successful in our country, can be adopted.

Let's consider actual and adequate living examples of profitable and successful business in America, which is not yet in Russia:

Rubber tile production

This is an idea from the field of production, therefore, there is an opportunity to get affordable loans or take part in regional programs for the development of entrepreneurship. Also, the benefits of such a business include:

Initial investments - about 2 million rubles. They are necessary for the lease of territory and premises, the purchase of equipment (drying chamber, volcanic press, mixer and molds). products resulting from such production are extremely popular and in demand. Rubber paving slabs are affordable, have high consumer characteristics (aesthetic, do not change their properties under the influence of the atmosphere, wear-resistant), serve for several decades. And also - it is non-slip and not prone to cracking over time. The technology can be purchased from a variety of US resources.

Personal consultant

A person with unique knowledge, an innovator and inventor or a highly qualified specialist may well earn money on his own, without bosses and restrictions on the flight of ideas. Can advise: lawyer, psychologist, nutritionist, economist, programmer, specialist in building materials, dentist, etc. The main costs are creating your own website. For starters, you can get by with a group on social networks. The main difference from the business of providing services (which is quite developed in our country) is that orders are not fulfilled here, but only consultations are provided. What the client gains:

  • confidentiality, privacy of his information from the consultant, which cannot be realized if the specialist provides the service directly (for example, keeps records of the client);
  • anonymity;
  • affordability.

This provides a wide client audience, saves time, regulates the number of customers, and generates additional income as the business grows. To develop a clientele, you can start a business with a promotion - consult potential clients for free during the first month. profitability - about 100%, payback - 2-3 months.

Many business niches remain unoccupied in Russia. At the beginning of the year, we propose to try on our reality three business ideas that successfully work in other countries, on the example of Holland, a country famous for its innovations and non-standard approaches. All the ideas are production ones, there seems to be enough startups in the field of mobile technologies in Russia.

Mushrooms on coffee grounds

This method of growing mushrooms according to the Blue Economy website has been practiced in developing countries for many years, and in the West, the technology was first tested in 2021 by two students at the University of Berkeley. Now dozens of companies around the world use it.

The first were Chido in Germany and GRO Holland in the Netherlands. The first focused on home production, selling mushroom growing kits at home, the second followed the pattern we describe below.

The idea is simple - mushroom seeds are sown into coffee grounds, which, as it turns out, are ideal for growing them. Business is simple too. For example, the Dutch company RotterZwam, like many others, operates in the following way: entrepreneurs take coffee grounds in many local cafes, which used to simply throw this waste from coffee into the trash. "98.8% of coffee is thrown away during the preparation process," recalls Ian Yongart, co-founder of design Superuse Studios, an ideologist of various processing, telling DP about the coffee and mushroom business.

Coffee grounds are mixed with spores of oyster mushrooms, which in the wild usually grow on the trunks of dead trees. The mixture is packed in perforated plastic bags and hung in a room with high humidity. Ready oyster mushrooms are sold back to the cafe, from which they took the thick. Some companies go even further and send the used grounds for another use - tulip farmers.

Thus, this business combines two fashionable green trends - recycling and local food, and for modern Russia, you can also use the boring term import substitution.

For its project, RotterZwam, by the way, rented the Tropicana water park in Rotterdam, which had been in disrepair and had been abandoned for several years, for a penny. As a result, the company expanded so much that it plans to reopen the water park while continuing to grow mushrooms.

Recycle everything

The aforementioned architectural and design company Superuse Studios is committed to recycling and reusing everything. For example, the studio negotiates with airlines and uses old airplane seats in new fashionable cinemas, and portholes with part of the side paneling serve as walls. "But now we are walking on the floor, and these are actually the tabletops of the tables of a bankrupt bank," says Jan Yongart, showing the multifunctional complex. Redevelopment project of the former Institute of Photography, WORM RE-) CREATE in Rotterham.

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