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Top - most original business ideas in the world

What entrepreneurs do not come up with to lure customers and make good profits: tattoo their teeth, produce coffins in the shape of guitars, paint portraits with amino acids. But, what is interesting, sometimes the most absurd ideas turn out to be the most popular and relevant after some time.

So, the mediocre seller Frank Woolworth, who, shaking with fear, first placed price tags on goods, became the creator of the largest retail network of the last century. Perhaps the top business ideas presented on our website will help you come up with your own business or occupy a new niche in the market.

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Virtual dinners - the best recipe for loneliness

This is the conclusion made by Seo-Yun Park from South Korea, deciding to start broadcasting her meals online. Dining has proven to be very popular on the Internet.

In the modern world, where not everyone has time to go to restaurants and meet new people, having a meal with a virtual interlocutor helps to believe in yourself and get joy from communication.

The business idea of ​​virtual dining is not new in itself. Back in 2021, the Virtual Family Dinner system was invented in the USA, thanks to which members of the same family could meet during online dinning as often as they want.

But a meal with a beautiful girl breaks all records. In his business, Seo-Yun earns up to $ 10,000 a week.

European Business Ideas

Hairdresser for ... soul

Unusual business ideas in our material. Despite the fact that unusual and hitherto unrealized business ideas involve a certain degree of risk, their implementation can promise considerable profits. New services and new products require quite large investments, the bulk of which is aimed at ensuring that the audience of potential customers is familiar with them.

However, new unusual business ideas do not always imply the use of new products!

In some cases, it's enough just to look at the use of a familiar product from a different angle and do something that no one else has ever done. New ideas tend to quickly find their supporters, this is a positive quality of using new ideas to make a profit.

However, successful new ideas are just as quickly adopted by other businessmen, this is the unpleasant side of the issue.

As soon as a new idea starts to make a profit, and this fact becomes obvious to the majority, since the demand cannot be hidden, other people begin to exploit the idea.

The creator of the idea, who did not provide a wide implementation of his intellectual product, risks being left on the sidelines, because there will always be enterprising people who can present your idea in a better quality.

So, a new, unusual idea is good when it takes the shape of a ready-made business plan, which takes into account all possible marketing moves aimed at attracting a wide audience of potential consumers.

Unusual business ideas in examples

An example of an unusual idea is the business of providing provider services in places where there is no way to connect using traditional methods. So, in areas where there are no towers of mobile operators, the Internet cannot be used, the same applies to long-distance trains, where there is a signal only when the train crosses the area of ​​the nearest tower.

On the other hand, the demand is obvious - the overwhelming majority of passengers would gladly take the opportunity to while away a long journey, traveling across the vastness of the global network. Since almost all passengers are computer users, and all of them, to varying degrees, devote a significant amount of time to doing work, playing games, watching movies.

There is a technical feasibility that would meet an urgent need and at the same time provide a solid profit, the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network provides coverage around the globe, with the exception of small areas in the Arctic Circle. This does not require the installation of a directional satellite dish to receive the signal.

Client terminals are relatively inexpensive, one terminal installed on the locomotive allows to provide the coverage area of ​​the Internet distributed via Wi-Fi within five kilometers. The operator who would issue user access passwords and collect fees could be the conductor of each car.

New business ideas are quite popular nowadays. Every year a significant number of entrepreneurs appear in Russia, most of whom are very successful in realizing their ideas. And all due to the fact that they are using new business ideas in Russia.

At first glance, it may seem that there are too few new ideas, but this is not so, in fact, they are very close. According to statistics, almost two thousand entrepreneurs appear in our country every year, who as a result become millionaires.

Success comes to them thanks to their new original ideas, since such ideas have no competitors. New business ideas are constantly appearing in Russia. Analyzes of such ideas by researchers have identified the most original among them, including promising ones, for example, the release of current cell phones in cases of old models.

The point is that most people, despite the reasons, do not want to part with their old phones. The new business in Russia turned out to be quite promising, because the sales of these cell phones amounted to 25 thousand rubles in one year alone.

Selling a variety of hot drinks

Selling a wide variety of hot drinks on the street is considered a rather relevant and promising type of business. Probably many people know that the climate in Russia is unpredictable. Of course, summers can be quite warm, but the rest of the time is too cold. A very long stay on the street is not a pleasant pleasure at all, for this reason the sale of hot drinks is very appropriate here.

Old Furniture Removal Team

Another original idea for a new business is a team to eliminate old furniture. Today there are too many ads about garbage disposal, but almost no one offers to take out old furniture. Old furniture can not only be thrown away, but it is quite possible to restore it, for this it is necessary to create a brigade in the city and distribute it among the districts.

Travel guide sales

Selling travel guides on trains may not seem like a very promising idea at first, but for a beginner who is just starting to take his first steps in business, it will become quite excellent. If you are quite competent in choosing buyers, they will start purchasing a guidebook.

New business ideas are quite popular nowadays. Every year a significant number of entrepreneurs appear in Russia, most of whom are very successful in realizing their ideas. And all due to the fact that they are using new business ideas in Russia.

The best and most unusual business ideas from around the world

Own business is not only an opportunity to improve your financial well-being. Entrepreneurs have a great chance to improve the world and bring new perspectives to those around them. Many people believe that the modern world offers less and less opportunities to start, all niches are occupied, and spheres of influence are distributed. The era of making profits just by keeping to the minimum requirements in terms of customer satisfaction is truly over. The consumer really has the right to receive the best services and goods. But also each of us is looking forward to something new. Clients, like children, want to be surprised and pampered with new "toys". The world is developing and new needs are emerging. Their satisfaction, fresh and original ideas become the basis for successful business projects. We will introduce you to such ideas.

“Fresh and Successful Trading Ideas”

Shop that pays to enter

In the small Australian town of Kurparu, there is a shop that specializes in gluten-free products, called Celiac Supplies. Recently, the store has become famous, and its name began to flicker even in the headlines of foreign publications. The reason is an innovation invented by the hostess. Visitors pay for the right to enter the store. The entrance fee is low and is 5 Australian dollars. Pensioners, people with disabilities and children are exempt from payment. A visitor who buys a product in a store receives a discount equal to the amount paid for entry. Shop owner Georgina explains the innovation very intelligently: “People come in, look at products and prices, leave and buy the same products in another store. Why should I waste time and energy and work for free? " Georgina is trying to convey a simple concept - there are things in the world that are free of charge (sun, air, birdsong), but someone else's work should be appreciated with dignity. The innovative approach to trading has been met with controversy. Many criticize the entrepreneur, someone openly laughs at her. On the store page on Facebook, there is a serious debate about the appropriateness of such approaches. But Georgina still achieved a certain result. Although there was no tangible increase in profits, the store has significantly fewer thefts and idle onlookers. But in terms of advertising, Georgina has achieved an outstanding result.

What's the point of this Australian store example? Look for non-standard approaches to customer acquisition. Advertisements with “best” or “lowest” prices are pretty boring and do not cause the expected influx of visitors. A promotional poster that reads “We are the Greatest Salespersons in Town. We are so insolent that we demand money for entry! " will have the effect of an exploding bomb and attract many new customers to your store. You will be visited only for the sake of watching and having fun. And they will definitely buy at least some trifle.


Lack of packaging significantly reduces the cost of any product. This technique does not always work, but in some situations it brings additional income. This principle is used in the work of Bulk Barn (Canada). The chain of retail establishments has installed special glass vending machines, in which customers can choose various products. More than four thousand items are sold without packaging: loose tea and coffee beans, cereals, flour, spices, nuts, dried fruits, sweets and many others. In addition to a pleasant price, the chain is developing a new trend to eliminate plastic packaging materials that pollute the planet. It is worth noting that the idea works and brings huge profits to the owners of the company.

Selling muesli

This business idea was awarded the title of Best Young Enterprise in Germany in 2021. The business was created by three friends from Passau. Young entrepreneurs managed to meet their starting capital of 3,500 euros. The essence of the idea is simple and ingenious. The guys created an online store selling muesli. Customers are given the opportunity to choose various, but only organic ingredients and mix them as they see fit. The assortment includes several types of cereal bases, a huge number of various fruit additives, nuts. The store also offers high-quality teas, fresh juices, healthy cereals, and coffee.

In 2021, when the business was just being created, it consisted of one retail outlet and an online store. Now it is a developed network with about 200 employees.

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