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The question "Where can I get a million?" everyone asked jokingly or seriously. And more often than not, it was with a joke that he paid off his own inner voice, which insistently demanded that at least something be done to achieve this goal. And while the number with six zeros is actually not so supernatural, for many, this check remains a dream. Earning ideas - topic

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Life is unpredictable. A person cannot know what will happen to him next and how his life will turn. If today he has a job and a stable income, then how his fate will develop further is a big question. There are cases when a person, after losing a job, fell into the deepest prolonged depression. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have such an alternative tool

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This post was inspired by visiting coolidea. u, a magazine of ideas for business. Ideas especially liked and remembered for their originality are presented in the form of a small selection below.

Investing in US stocks and IPOs

Custom coffins from Africa

On the eshopafrica website. om you can choose and order a coffin in any design: in the form of a Ferrari car, Mercedes Benz, a Nokia cell phone, a computer mouse, all kinds of animals - and all this for quite reasonable money.

So, a Ferrari coffin costs $ 1000. Smaller versions - $ 600 and below.

Delivery is carried out by DHL and is $ 13 / kg in Europe, $ 16 / kg in the USA. This is such a business idea, both profitable and continuing the cultural traditions of this amazing country.

Business to Death

Murder Scene Mop Up, an Atlanta-based company, provides cleaning services for murders and suicides. Not the most positive work pays very well, which more than compensates for the moral costs.

As the experience of Murder Scene Mop Up shows, good money can be made from such a dark business idea. According to the forecasts of the company's management, sales will reach $ 1 million by next summer. / P>

Eternal Reefs in Georgia makes reefs for marine life from the ashes of cremated people. The company's income by the end of the year promises to amount to $ 0.5 million. I dare to assume that the cost of purchased raw materials is very attractive and contributes to the prosperity of the business.

The Last Tour Agency profits from suicide. The company offers tours to places where the world can rid itself of itself. The $ 50 program includes a guided tour of places associated with frequent suicides. And such an idea for business also works, interest in the company's services is constantly growing.

Elephant car wash

An unusual way of earning money was invented in the American Wildlife Safari. The park has opened a car wash, where 3 African elephants act as washers. For $ 20, elephants, under the “guidance” of a handler, sprinkle water on a car and even use a sponge to make it more believable.

There are many unique people on planet Earth.

Most often, their creativity is manifested in inventions, painting.

But just as surprisingly, they come up with unusual business ideas.

At first it may seem that a person with standard thinking would not even have such thoughts!

And not that yet to bring them to life, and to expose your unusual idea to the whole world.

Maybe some options are not entirely "absurd"?

Let's evaluate together the business inventions of creative people.

Unusual business ideas: TOP-unusual options

"Bluetooth" instead of a dongle

Such unusual business ideas are commendable, as they solve the age-old problem of lost keys.

Perhaps every person at least once in his life has lost, broken or left keys somewhere.

The creators of this business innovation solved this problem and brought to life the idea of ​​an electronic lock, the key for which is a smartphone.

Agree, the chance of losing an expensive phone is much lower than a regular key.

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