Successful business ideas in Europe

People who want to find new business ideas that do not require large financial investments to create their own profitable enterprise in 2021 do not have to come up with something innovative.

It is enough to study the existing directions in entrepreneurship, choose a business to your liking and you can proceed to organizational issues.

Business ideas from Europe and America

Veteran businessmen argue that current business ideas are on the surface. Many well-known entrepreneurs became the owners of a profitable and promising business (including), solving problems of a private nature.

For example, YouTube was invented by two friends who were trying to share video files. As a result, video hosting brought its creators more than $ 1.5 billion.

It should be noted that many new business ideas that have taken root in Russia came from America or Europe. This is due to the fact that in European countries and America, entrepreneurial activity has existed for a rather long period and is full of various innovative projects, many of which can be used to meet the needs of Russians.

The age of information technology has overshadowed the classic areas of home business and entrepreneurship, which include the opening of retail outlets, car services, sewing workshops.

We cannot say that such projects will not be profitable. But in modern conditions in 2021, services and devices that save a person's time and money are much more in demand.

And in this case it is worth adopting the experience of America and Europe, which rely on IT technologies and waste recycling.

A business built on human laziness

The modern consumer does not want to waste time and effort on tedious trips to shops, offices, salons in search of necessary goods or services.

The first to notice this were the owners of pizzerias and sushi studios, whose clients have long been able to make an order by phone or on the Internet.

Now other businessmen are trying to follow the path laid by them, including entrepreneurs who own laundries, whose orders have seriously decreased due to human laziness.

If you want to start your own business, but do not want to face competition, then choose such areas that are not yet involved in Russia. Practice shows that there are a lot of them. In this article, we will analyze interesting business ideas from Europe that can be fully implemented in Russia with the right approach.


There are classic laundries in Russia: the client brings his things, hands them over and picks them up after a certain time. But in many European countries there are self-service laundries where people can do their own laundry. All they need is to rent a washing machine for a certain time, load it with powder and conditioner, and take the semi-dry laundry home in an hour and a half. This kind of business is successful both in big cities and in small towns. A large number of the population do not have modern washing machines for one reason or another: some live in rented apartments, others come on business trips, others cannot accommodate it in the house due to lack of space, some do not have enough money to buy, and the fifth are students living in hostels.

There are several similar laundries in Russia, and practice shows that they are popular. At the same time, one client brings in a little money, but a good turnover is achieved due to the fact that clients come in a constant flow. In addition, special investments are not needed for this: you just need to rent a building or a basement, place several washing machines and dryers in it, buy wholesale household chemicals and advertise. It is better to buy semi-professional or professional cars, rather than household ones, since they have more resource. To get started, five machines, three dryers and three ironing boards and irons are enough for you. Separately, you can buy tools for quickly folding T-shirts and one steam iron, which is designed to work with delicate items.

Let's calculate the total amount of expenses and income. You will spend 20 thousand rubles a month on renting a space of 20-30 m2. Every day about 50 people come to the laundry (10 people per car), the average check is 100 rubles. In total, you will receive 5,000 rubles per day, 150 thousand per month, if the institution works seven days a week. Utilities costs will amount to about 5 thousand rubles, another 10-15 thousand will have to be spent on household chemicals. The salary of an employee who will keep order and collect money will be 20 thousand rubles. That is, the net profit per month will be about 100 thousand rubles, and the investments made will pay off in 6-9 months.

Floral Vending

If you can't surprise anyone with classic vending today, then the floral one is still unfamiliar to Russia. This direction is new in business in Europe and is popular and quickly pays off. Its principle is simple: the machine is loaded with fresh flowers and sells them to customers. The device itself maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity, thanks to which the flowers are safely stored in it for up to 10-14 days. Let's consider the financial component of the question:

  • The cost of the vending machine is about 450 thousand rubles.
  • One device can hold 32 bouquets, the selling price of each is 600–800 rubles.
  • In a good place, the machine sells 32 bouquets per day, on average in a couple of days. The net profit per bouquet is 200-300 rubles. In total, you can get about 5-6 thousand rubles of net profit per day, or 150 thousand per month.
  • The payback period of the vending machine is 3-4 months, but it all depends on the place and the cost of the bouquets.

Creation of phytowalls

There are practically no analogues of this business in Russia. Fitostena is a special frame that is attached to supports and planted with various plants. Plants grow quickly and turn into a decorative wall that releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, purifies the air from dust, moisturizes it and gives everyone a good mood. The point of business is that you will offer people and organizations the creation of such walls, as well as the subsequent care of them.

There is nothing difficult in creating a phytowall. If you are not well versed in gardening art, then read a few articles and watch a video on how to properly care for walls, which plants to choose and why. The wall itself is a plastic or metal frame with special containers for planting plants. To power the system, autowatering is used, which is either connected to the water supply system, or takes water from the containers. Moreover, the cost of such a design is very serious. So, a well-chosen phytowall in an already expanded form measuring 3 by 2 meters can cost about 4-5 thousand dollars. On average, one square meter costs $ 500-600, and usually the frame is ordered for the entire wall, that is, the minimum area is 10 m2.

Phytowalls are good because you will receive money not only for their creation, but also for subsequent maintenance. It usually costs 5% of the system cost per month. That is, if you sold a wall for $ 10,000, you will be servicing it for $ 500 every month.

Leaf Pellets

Business ideas from Europe are bold startups that will help you to increase your fortune in a short time. Western projects are the best suited for implementation in Russia, if only for the reason that they are new, interesting and still underdeveloped in our country, which means that entrepreneurs have every chance to occupy a relatively free niche. Below we take a look at the most popular new business in Europe with a small investment.

Create a social media group

Progress does not stand still. In the capitalist world, advertising drives sales. According to many experts, the "era of television" is coming to an end. An increasing amount of advertising goes to the Internet. In Europe, advertising through social networks is widespread, while in Russia this marketing method is only gaining popularity. Advertisements are placed in communities (publics). You can create such a site at no special cost.

All that is required is to come up with an original concept for a public in one of the social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). For example, dedicate a group to beautiful nature photography. Next, you need to untwist it. This is where the start-up capital will go.

To promote a group, you must follow the following points:

  • fill the community with content (fill with interesting informational material);
  • wind up subscribers using special services (it costs up to three thousand rubles);
  • launch advertising in other communities (negotiable price, in large groups - from 15 thousand rubles);
  • regularly post content.

Advertising should be given special attention. It should be designed for the target audience. If the community is dedicated to nature, then advertising should be in public with the appropriate topic - thus it will be seen by a large number of potential subscribers.

European business ideas, which do not exist in Russia, are associated with an independent search for advertising buyers. When you get more than 60 thousand subscribers, advertisers will contact you. You can find them yourself based on the interests of your community members. For example, a public about nature can successfully advertise an online store of goods for outdoor activities.

The cost of advertising in social networks is calculated by special services, it is from this amount that customers will start. Such services work according to the following principle: they determine the number of subscribers, the so-called likes and comments. Therefore, try to post content that encourages commenting.

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In the West, there is a growing trend towards the demand for bold and creative startups. One of them: opening your own time-cafe (or anti-cafe). Small business in Europe is increasingly turning into the creation of entertainment establishments with a small selection of gastronomic products. Antikafe is an institution with a specific theme. Food and drinks are also sold there, but in much smaller quantities than in a regular cafe.

A business that does not exist in Russia is the creation of establishments for fans of TV series. Check out which TV shows have the highest ratings so far. Then announce the evening viewing of the new episode in your anti-cafe. It is enough to advertise in the community dedicated to the series, on social networks and there will be no free places. After that, in the fan environment, fame will grow exponentially.

Europe is a recognized leader in the number of creative ideas for new businesses. The specifics of life, mentality contribute to the emergence and subsequent implementation of non-standard projects. They are rapidly gaining widespread adoption and impressive returns. Successful startups in the West may well become a profitable business, both in Russia and in other countries. The 2021 new items discussed below can be a source of inspiration for finding a good investment of funds and efforts.

Ideal jeans shop for men

A rare man likes to spend many hours walking through shopping centers in search of a necessary thing. The problem with the visual choice of the model and the appropriate size. Hointer jeans store has become a real find for the male representatives. Simple and functional arrangement of goods, modern technology and lack of intrusive service attract men like a magnet. The jeans are not stacked in neat piles, but are hung with the front side to the buyer, each in a single copy. It is easy to find out by the QR code on the labels in which of the fitting rooms the desired model of the appropriate size is already located. The jeans that you like after trying on are taken to the cashier, those that do not fit are sent to a special hole. The advantage of such a store is in significant savings on square meters and employees.

Shopping with delivery to the place of arrival

A relevant service for cities where there is an airport will be the delivery of products after online ordering to the place of arrival. Tired passengers will be grateful for the opportunity to go home, skipping the lines at the supermarkets. The idea was implemented by the Woolworths chain of stores in Melbourne (Australia).

Goods without packaging

Bulk Barn offers loose, and most importantly, cheap goods: cereals, nuts, teas, pastries, dried fruits and much more in large vending machines with transparent walls. The lack of packaging greatly affects the price. Since its inception, the company has expanded to 200 branches and expanded its product line to 4000 items.

Weight Control Restaurant

The fashion trend for a beautiful athletic body made the idea of ​​opening a restaurant where you can calculate your dinner in terms of the number of calories truly "golden". This service is successfully offered by the Hitzberger restaurant (Switzerland).

A restaurant with an opportunity to earn money for visitors

Starting a business is an important and responsible step that requires determination and desire. Very often people from starting a business are stopped by the fact that they do not have start-up capital, ideas or skills.

Choosing a business idea

Choosing the right idea is your main task at the initial stage. We have already discussed in previous articles, today we will talk about new and promising business ideas from Europe that can really be implemented in our country.

It is worth noting that some of the ideas of small businesses from Europe have already been successfully implemented by domestic entrepreneurs, whose capital has increased significantly due to the right choice.

We will not talk about how to open a business in Europe, but rather talk about what projects need to be implemented in our country and how to implement them.

The fact is that in Europe small business has existed continuously, progressing every year. In connection with the growing needs of the population, new ideas appeared that are still successful and bring considerable profit to their owners.

If you are looking for a field or a specific idea, I recommend that you first of all look at the profitable and new and types of earnings from Europe.

Unlimited Taxi

The point is that the company develops the route in such a way as to take on board several passengers at once, which follow in the same direction. For example, if you need to commute to work and home at the same time every day. Having recruited the required number of customers, and having correctly developed the daily route, the company makes its profit. And it is convenient for the client, because he does not have to wait for a taxi, save money, moving by public transport, and the digging gets its benefits.

Eat and drink as much as you want

A new kind of business in Europe - all inclusive. Restaurants and cafes offer their customers to pay a certain amount only for the time spent in the cafe. You can order just about any food and drink in a reasonable amount. Thus, the visitor has the opportunity to save money and have a good time, this attracts many people.

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