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How to make money on organizing outdoor activities from scratch

Organization of outdoor activities from scratch

Active rest is an integral part of the life of a modern person. Rest is essential for maintaining health and well-being. Active rest tones up, improves mood. During this time, more oxygen is supplied to the brain.

In this case, it is worth distinguishing between active and extreme rest.

Active rest does not imply danger, despite active actions. Extreme sports are directly related to getting adrenaline and the risk of injury.

For example, you can make good money on such a form of recreation as laser tag.

In the video: Laser tag is an active business

Especially for you, we have collected the most profitable and popular business ideas related to outdoor activities.

Bicycle and roller skates rental

The season for this business starts from April-May and lasts until October. Many do not have storage space for bicycles and inline skates during the 4-5 colder months, so with the onset of the warming season, the demand for rental bicycles and inline skates increases dramatically, especially in large cities. Most people rent a bike for no more than two to three hours, less often for a day.

If you want to build a successful business, follow the trends. It is the ability to adapt to trends and new needs of the audience that will allow you to open a demanded business and make money quickly.

Many business ideas are in demand because they are based on trends. Vape shops, eco-markets, drone photography, gyro scooters and other fashionable items bring high profits. The target audience of such a business is youth. And who, if not young people, should feel the mood of their consumer.

Segway and gyro scooter rental

Investments: 250 thousand rubles

Segways, gyro scooters, gyroboards are now fashionable means of transportation. They all work according to the same principle: two wheels on one axle, on each wheel by an electric motor, which are powered by a lithium battery.

Segways and hoverboards are popular among young people, so opening a rental point is a lucrative idea. You will need to purchase 2-3 pieces of equipment. This will be enough initially. The purchase of electrical equipment is the main cost item. But if you buy a used Segway, you can save up to 50%.

Any crowded place is suitable for a rental point: a park, an embankment, a city square and other outdoor recreation areas. If you succeed in taking the right place, then you can earn 4 thousand rubles a day. In this case, the monthly revenue will be 120 thousand rubles, and the net profit is about 70 thousand rubles. But do not forget that this is a seasonal business that lasts a maximum of April to September.

Virtual Reality Attraction

Investments: 150 thousand rubles

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

The virtual reality attraction has appeared relatively recently, but has already become a popular entertainment among young people. This idea is most relevant for large cities, although it can be successful in small cities as well. The main thing is to set the right price tag.

Everyone can organize such a business. The scheme is quite simple: you buy equipment and install it in the shopping center. From this point on, the business starts to work. To open such an attraction, you will have to invest about 150 thousand rubles. Almost all of this money will be spent on buying a set of equipment: 3D glasses with software, a high-speed computer with licensed software and a powerful video card. Over time, it will be possible to purchase a dedicated chair and wireless headphones. In addition, you will need to purchase different versions of games - licensed products are required. You can read more about the opening of virtual reality rides here.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas for young people" with full explanation and justification.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

The advantage of small towns is that they can open a business with minimal investment. This is due to the fact that the competition in these places is not so great, therefore, by providing clients with services that are an order of magnitude higher than the rest, you can take your own niche in small business. Below are ideas and solutions that can be implemented in a small town with zero or little investment.

The New Year is rushing towards us at full speed. You can use this theme to raise some money.

A crisis situation has been felt in the country for quite a long time. There is less money, people are no longer so willing to buy goods and.

A special collection of ideas for small businesses in small towns and cities. Relevant for those who want to start their own business, but.

Material for subscribers to our Knowledge Base. Detailed guidelines and instructions on how to organize your business on outdoor slopes.

Bread is one of the most demanded products at all times. Even in times of crisis, bakeries remain afloat - after all.

Three implemented ideas from Penza, where young people are involved.

Given: A small shop, "Near the house" format, selling building materials, tools and household items. The goods are purchased from several suppliers and sold.

In almost every apartment building in Russia, there are people who owe a certain amount for utility services. They may not pay.

Social projects, the ideas of which have been brought to life, can be distinguished primarily by the priority goal they pursue. Second, they differ in the degree and quality of their influence on the life of society.

In fairness, it should be noted that the ideas of social projects cover many areas of human life. It is not always possible to keep the "ideality" of the priority goals.

Priorities and goals

Social projects, the ideas of which can be called truly social, have priority goals, as is commonly believed, to significantly improve the life of society. For example, in the summer season in many cities active and proactive people organize and successfully carry out for several years a city social project called "We Run". Its essence is disclosed in more detail below, but now it is important to mention the results. More than 100,000 people voluntarily took part in such a project in just one city with a population of over one million. More than half of the people reached the finish line, having run more than 300 kilometers in total in 3 months! Social projects, ideas of which meet such a response, really change the life of society for the better.

One can only imagine how many people have become healthier, what a beneficial effect has been exerted on the younger generation by running parents or relatives. As a result of participation in the project, many people develop a useful habit to take care of themselves and their health systematically. They will also have new like-minded friends, with whom it is easier and more fun to move forward.

Antisocial project

"Trolleybus of Happiness" - this is the name of a "social" project implemented in practice, which even won prizes in a competition on this topic. Its stated goals are to modernize the higher education system by developing an ecosystem of innovations.

The project managers, based on the published information, set themselves rather mundane tasks. By implementing the "Trolleybus of Happiness", they wanted to intensify the educational process, conduct training for masters and publicly defend themselves in a competition for similar projects.

What's really going on

In fact, the university turned to the city electric transport with a proposal: "Let us decorate your trolleybuses with the help of our students, and together we will call it all a social project?" No sooner said than done. Allocated 4 trolleybuses, students in their free time issued them for free, invited musicians, wrote to the press - done! 4 colorful trolleybuses, really beautiful, ride around the city and are mobile mini-exhibitions of various themes - festive, romantic, patriotic.

How has the life of the city changed? Basically, nothing. How has the energy and money spent by people, students, and teachers modernized the higher education system? Basically, nothing. How did the eco-innovation system evolve with the trolleybus that has been around for over 100 years? It is not known for certain. Has the city's life improved significantly as a result of the project? I can hardly say so.

I recently learned about an English family who set up a real amusement park on their farm (and called it Mountain View Ranch, his website is mountainviewranch. o. k):

This park occupies 100 acres of land (404 thousand square meters). More simply, this area can be represented as a huge square with sides of 636 meters.

There is so much in this area of ​​wild land.

There is sand and benches under sun umbrellas:

There are wild bushes that you can walk between.

You can ride segway along the forest trail (and also on a special track):

Segway rides can be found everywhere in this park:

There is entertainment for all ages, especially for children (after all, families come here). You can ride simple horses:

You can also climb on rope structures:

There is also just a slide here:

Mandatory - campfire and archery area:

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