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Many aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose a profitable business idea. Most often, they are guided by the experience of domestic businessmen, but, unfortunately, this approach is not always justified, so some newcomers take as a basis the business ideas of 2021 from the USA. In this article, we have collected some of the best projects that can bring good income in our country.

Business Features American Style

It should be noted that American small business ideas have their own characteristics. For the inhabitants of this country, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Perhaps some business ideas in the United States will seem unusual and even outlandish to you. Therefore, when choosing a direction of activity, you need to take into account the mentality of our people and compare them with real conditions. The fact is that not all business ideas from the United States can show high efficiency in Russia. American culture is composed of the traditions of different peoples. Thanks to this, in the United States, you can open a business associated with a variety of areas of human activity. But there are also models that can only work overseas. They are unacceptable in our country.

Despite this, many domestic entrepreneurs successfully implement American business ideas that are not in Russia and receive a decent income. Of course, there is a certain level of competition in every area. This is how the modern business world works. Basically, you can choose one of the new business ideas in the USA with a complete lack of competition. In this case, you will become a real discoverer. Of course, competitors will appear sooner or later, but by that time you will have time to make good money.


Another small business idea growing in the US is a pet hotel where you will house and care for your pets. Such a business brings good income, both in the United States and in European countries. In Russia, hotels for animals are also not uncommon. Their services are used by people who travel on business trips or on vacation and do not have the opportunity to take their pets with them. While the owners are on the road, the hotel staff look after the unusual guests, providing them with proper care and nutrition.

Personal advice

This idea of ​​small business in the United States appeared relatively recently. Only specialists with extensive experience and the necessary knowledge in a particular area are engaged in the provision of individual consultations in America.

In our country, many citizens need outside help and practical advice. If you are a good economist, lawyer, or psychologist, try acting as a personal advisor. This is one of the easiest American business ideas without investment. All you need to get started is knowledge, a computer and access to the Internet. At first, you can provide such a service for free in order to attract the attention of customers to your business.

Rubber paving slabs

Some business ideas from Europe and America are already working in our country and bring good income. These include the production of rubber paving slabs. According to experts, such a business opens up broad prospects for newcomers. There is no high level of competition in this market segment. The profitability of such a business reaches 40%.

Rubber tiles have many advantages. First of all, it is a long service life. It has retained its original appearance and shape for over 20 years. In addition, such tiles do not slip, crack or fade in direct sunlight.

Such products are made from crumb rubber, which, in turn, is obtained from old car tires. This is from America. The cost of raw materials depends on the method of its production, color and fraction. If we talk about equipment, to implement such a promising business idea in the United States, you will need:

Business ideas from Europe attract our entrepreneurs with their "freshness" and originality, and with the proper approach, they can be implemented in Russia.

No one can give a 100% chance that a business idea will bring fame and fortune to its creator.

However, business ideas from Europe attract entrepreneurs with their “freshness” and originality.

Using the example of "foreign" colleagues, they have the opportunity to observe the implementation of the idea, its strengths and weaknesses, perception by clients.

You can learn from someone else's experience and adapt someone else's ideas to Russian realities.

Moreover, the level of competition in this situation will be absent or so minimal that it will be possible not to pay special attention to it.

After all, your own business in a European way is, as a rule, something innovative that has not been implemented before.

An entrepreneur who implements business ideas from Europe is both a pioneer and a follower.

Therefore, this article offers a number of bright and unusual options for your own business.

All of them successfully exist in Europe, but are not yet represented in Russian-speaking countries.

Who knows, maybe you are the one who implements one of them in Russia?

) Frightening business idea: letters from the other world

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Small business ideas in Europe". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

New business ideas from Europe

As much as we would not like, today we follow in the forvator of the Western world, as a consequence everything that is successful in the USA or Europe sooner or later starts working with us. You can argue for a long time whether it is good or bad, but we, as people who want to start our own business, should take this factor into account and even use it to create our own business.

Having decided that all successful European business ideas have very good chances of becoming a profitable business with us, let's just think about how to develop their success here.

Interesting business ideas from Europe

In the first place is a business idea from Europe, which can be implemented both in a full-fledged business and is quite suitable for a home business, we are talking about the production of marzipan and figurines from it. In general, the production of marzipan figurines in the EU is not just a business, it is a whole art. About 60% of all marzipan is produced by a small business in Europe, and they have such shops there; workshops are a family business passed down from generation to generation. The production technology of both the marzipan itself and the figurines is very simple, plus the product itself is not perishable and can be stored for a very long time.

The second business idea from Europe will be, oddly enough, a cardinally opposite direction related to full-fledged production. We are talking about the production of laminated veneer lumber (the so-called eurobeam), it is worth noting that this direction, although it belongs to small business in Europe, is on the verge of average because of the size of the initial investment. At the same time, today the consumption of laminated veneer lumber in the EU is growing by 20-30% per year, while the bulk of such wood is spent on replacing metal-plastic windows with new ones made of glued wood. In Russia, such trends are only gaining momentum, but we can say that in 5-6 years the situation will repeat itself, so it is quite possible to work ahead of the curve.

The third interesting and new business idea from Europe will, of course, be "green" tourism, although this is a bit narrow definition, in fact we are talking about rural tourism, nature tourism, and so on. In this niche, you don't have to come up with your own bike, but simply roll up the idea that is being implemented by a small business in Europe. As an example, grape snail farms in Bulgaria or Greece, or rural estates in Germany or original wine tours in France (we also make wine, and not even very bad wine). This business requires, first of all, the desire of a businessman, so it may well be realized from scratch.

The fourth purely European small business is frog farming. Of course, the use of frogs for food is alien to a real Slav, but realities show something else, the rate of consumption of frog legs by the restaurant business is growing by leaps and bounds. Well, actually, why not, even 20 years ago, raw fish in Russia was not eaten too much, and today you can see a sushi bar on every corner. To be honest, the business is not whimsical enough and does not require large investments, although there is one big one, but still there is, you need to have your own pond or lake. If, having a water mirror, you combine the cultivation of frogs with the cultivation of crayfish and fish, then the profitability will be obscenely large.

The fifth direction, which has become a profitable direction of own business in Europe, will also be growing, though no longer frogs, but snails. The growth in consumption of snails in the EU countries is growing by 20-25% per year, Russia is still lagging behind in this regard, and such a rapid growth is caused not only by the popularity of French cuisine. The fact is that the meat of snails is recognized as the most dietary type of meat and in all respects has left the same chicken far behind. If we add to this the fact that snails cannot yet be “forced” to grow with the help of antibiotics and other food additives, then today it is also the cleanest meat (due to biological characteristics). As a result, if you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle, then it will be impossible to do without snail meat. Already today we have, if not a boom, then the harbingers of a boom in a healthy lifestyle, and as a result, tomorrow the consumption of this type of meat will grow. It can be added that growing snails is not a troublesome business and does not require large areas and even more money, so it can serve as an excellent launching pad for starting a business from scratch.

What types of businesses are popular in Europe? The answer to this question depends on the purpose. From the tourist's point of view, it is profitable to engage in agriculture, restaurants and hotels, the manufacture of luxury goods; it is also known that Europe is a trendsetter in clothes, shoes, bags, cars. From an investor's point of view, finding a truly profitable niche in the European Union is not easy.

Business in a European way: pros and cons

In terms of areas, popular types of small business in Europe can be conditionally divided into 4 blocks:

  • food business
  • comfort
  • healthy lifestyle
  • handmade products.

Food trade and catering

You can make money on food in any country in the world - Europe is no exception. Mobile hot food outlets, vending machines, lunch delivery, small breweries - all these areas of small business are in demand. Europeans are busy with other pleasant things and feel less and less desire to “stand at the stove”.

Mobile Diner

Opening a full-fledged restaurant in Germany or France is expensive and risky, and a standard snack bar will bring profit to the owner. Europeans love to travel, organize festivals, and various sports events. Hot sandwiches, pizza, pancakes, potatoes - all are in demand in crowded places.

Buying a van on wheels will cost 10,000 €. Additional costs (groceries, disposable tableware, salary, advertising) - about 5,000 €. This startup with minimal investment can be mastered without knowing the language, the main thing is to cook deliciously and quickly serve customers.

Handmade Chocolate

Hot chocolate, coffee, sweets have long been in demand in Europe. It is interesting that "handmade" sweets do not have to be molded by hand - European manufacturers produce convenient machines for making sweets and a variety of "templates". The main secret of commerce is to make candy tasty. This will require quality products and original recipes.

Now it is a developed network of cafes, although back in 2021, the activity began with a small van for the sale of ice cream and shakes. The essence of the idea is very simple, but effective. BGIC offers original and delicious combinations of ice cream additives: lime curd, vanilla cookie crumbs, pumpkin jam. Another secret of popularity is the original and catchy names of sweets.

This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are Queen fans. There are photographs of Freddie Mercury and other musicians of the group hanging in the hall. From time to time one of the band's compositions sounds in the coffee shop. At this moment, the first customer in line receives the ordered drink for free. The slogan of this promotion is: "When Queen plays, Freddie pays!"

The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and serve their visitors the most popular, classic food from street vans around the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's highlight is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

In the middle of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. The carousel contains huge photographs of the most interesting and popular places of the historic Royal Street. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch a breathtaking sight of successive pictures of local attractions. Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails.

The name of the grocery van chain means "Egg Slut". The choice of the brand name turned out to be very successful, it is funny and is remembered instantly. But the main feature of the business is that all dishes are prepared using eggs. There are also delicious signature recipes. It turned out that many people are willing to pay for it. The network is very popular and continues to expand, opening new points.

This restaurant is located on the water in San Francisco Harbor. In addition to the magnificent and rare views that open from the windows and the terrace of the restaurant on the water, visitors are offered delicious dishes. There are banquet rooms and special menus for various celebrations. The restaurant is a huge success and is often booked for special occasions.

This is a social network for travelers. When traveling on vacation, users have the opportunity to receive useful advice from experienced travelers who know the most interesting places along the chosen route. On the network you can find out which modes of transport are best to get, about the best hotels and other features of the route.

This is a mobile application. It gives additional motivation to people who decide to start playing sports. If you visit the gym regularly, pleasant bonuses in cash are credited to your account, and truants are fined. It turns out that those who skip workouts pay people who managed to force themselves to work out.

This is a vintage hotel inspired by an inn from the beginning of the last century. The style is perfect, and this attracts a lot of guests. An additional marketing trick is the hotel's regular cooking classes from local chefs.

This is a famous Chicago diner chain that is famous for its original hot dogs. For example, the menu includes rattlesnake sausages. Specialty recipes for sauces and snacks also attract customers.

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