Small business ideas with high ROI

The pendulum of the economic environment is gradually swinging towards small businesses. Therefore, the business idea of ​​small production is expected to have entered the sphere of activity of young entrepreneurs. It was no coincidence that citizens are tired of the monotonous work in large enterprises under the control of the authorities, where the methods of management and ways of doing business are not always satisfactory. Too much precious time is wasted on stupid work. The development of loyal laws and relaxation in tax legislation provide an opportunity for the development of new ideas.

In small business, innovative and interesting ideas are being implemented, family-owned mini-factories are being opened. The new style of business allows you to work according to a convenient schedule, earn money, while spending minimal money. In order for the ideas of home production in a small business to come true and not end in failure, it is better for a businessman to decide before starting his own business, what to produce, how to advertise, and how to sell a product. It is important to know the steps involved in registering a home mini plant.

Idea: Meringue Baking

If a housewife loves and knows how to cook, why not put the production of confectionery (meringues) on stream. Few people know that meringues are hidden behind this sonorous name, but not ordinary ones - bright, colored due to modern food safe dyes. For cooking, you need proteins, salt, sugar, possibly nuts, food colors. You need to beat the mixture, form a meringue, bake at 100 degrees for 45 minutes.

  • availability, cheapness of products;
  • from tools - only an electric stove and dishes;
  • an updated, bright, healthy product without preservatives.

Idea: Author's drawings on things

This small business is fine for today's creators. Monotonous items of clothing and footwear filled the store shelves. If a person has a penchant for drawing, why not bring it to life by drawing drawings, patterns, even paintings on clothes. Bright logos, flags, comics, famous personalities, landscapes look good on a white cotton T-shirt. Simple sneakers will decorate with rhinestones, stickers, designer laces.

  • for creativity you need inexpensive models of clothes and shoes in light or solid colors;
  • creative development.

Idea: Making cheese

Such a mini cheese making plant can be organized in your own apartment or house. Fans of delicacies were left without them, as due to mutual sanctions, European cheeses stopped arriving in Russia. It is necessary to act on this wave of demand, the business is not costly. To make cheese you need milk, enzymes, salt. Other pluses:

We offer you 45 small business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs that require a minimum investment of money. Most of these ideas can be implemented at home and in their free time from the main work.

Nowadays, any self-respecting company has its own website and the demand for the services of web designers is only growing. You can get the necessary knowledge and skills in specialized courses, which usually last one to two months.

Today, almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Social networks have already become a part of our lives and commercial companies are also starting to promote their products and services using them. Many companies are willing to pay for social media promotion. You can maintain a company page: publish news and photos, communicate with potential clients, conduct all kinds of promotions and contests.

If you have practical knowledge in any area, then you have the opportunity to convert them into money. You can create a training course or guide to solve a particular problem in a field in which you are an expert. This can be done in the form of a book or video recording. You can sell your work via the Internet: your site and partners. This is a great opportunity to start your small business for a beginner entrepreneur, because you only need knowledge, time and minimal investment.

If you know how to write interestingly and are well versed in some area, you can create your blog and earn from advertising.

In the Internet era, auctions have been given new life and every day millions of people around the world participate in online auctions. Try and make money on auctions by buying and selling various things.

In a highly competitive environment, one of the main components of success is the right choice of goods. Analyze the market and find those things that are difficult or impossible to buy on the Internet.

7 Collectibles trade

If you are fond of collecting and are well versed in this area, you can make good money as a trader. Using auction sites, message boards, and all manner of collector's forums, you can find and resell rare items. Today, there are many areas of collecting, among which you can find your niche. These include traditional postage stamps, coins, books, awards and badges. Or more modern directions - vinyl records, movies, video games, comics, etc.

Home & Family

When developing a business, an entrepreneur thinks about optimizing his income. Over the past decades, more and more types of business have appeared in Russia. Every year experts make up the top profitable businesses.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia informs that the share of small business in the state GDP by 2021 should grow to 30%. Entrepreneurs are implementing a variety of ideas for small and medium-sized businesses in all Russian regions.

Things to know before opening

Regardless of the existing profession, many dream of starting their own business.

Most likely, it will be profitable for those who have mastered the profession of a financier, accountant or manager.

However, there are many exceptions to this rule.

Before starting your own business, it is important to consider the basic guidelines:

  • create a detailed scheme of expenses that are planned in the first stage,
  • take into account the possibility of competition,
  • choose the type of business that will be as clear as possible for an entrepreneur,

Before choosing a future field of activity, highlight the key points that determine its profitability:

  • time period for the return on investment,
  • the selected business area is in high demand,
  • the optimal level of profitability. Profitability increases in parallel with the volume of services or goods,
  • a small price threshold, where the purchase of materials contributes to an increase in profitability,
  • a positive rate of return on assets.

To implement the idea of ​​a small business, you need minimal funds and labor resources. For example, you can gather friends and start cleaning office and residential premises. You can also successfully engage in repairs. Often people open catering establishments, for example, a fast food kiosk or a bar.

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