Own business

Creating a new business requires a lot of hard work, so it is very important that you enjoy your work. When young Branson started his business in one of London's basements, he had no strategy or idea to build a business empire, he just wanted to create something that would benefit other people.

What does Branson think is a priority in starting a business? This:

  • build a company that you can be proud of;
  • assemble a team of talented people;
  • build a business that can seriously change the lives of others.

Be creative - change the world

Nowadays, in order to create a thriving company, you need to create something new, something that is fundamentally different from the existing one. It doesn't matter what you offer - a product, service or brand.

Let's remember the most successful companies: Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook. They all shocked the world by doing what no one had done before. Even today, they continue to invent and implement something new.

Of course, not everyone has the courage to strive for such heights. Nevertheless, if you want to succeed in business, your company must have its own chips, in other words, offer consumers such services that will not leave a stone unturned from competitors.

For example, the main feature of Branson's Virgin Atlantic is a wonderful and very friendly attitude towards passengers.

Be proud of your team's work

The most valuable asset of any company is its staff. Your people, in most cases, are your product. It is very important to recruit professionals in their field, but it is even more important that people become committed to the ideas of the company.

Being proud of your company yourself will create a special level of trust and loyalty and distinguish your business from competitors.

Lead - by listening

A good leader is someone who knows how to listen. Your point of view is certainly important, but do not impose your opinion, first listen to others. Consensus building through discussion is the best communication format in business.

Sale of business

It would seem that complete freedom awaits him. You can do anything. Some choose the beaten path, stopping at the usual kind of activity, which has already justified itself more than once, for example, the flower trade. Initial investments are relatively small: rent or purchase of a stall, purchase of goods.

An example of a successful business

Other people are looking for new ideas. The famous story of the former unemployed Glenn Berger, who made a million dollar fortune, taking out golf balls that fell into a pond. The business idea is very original. A man looks at the players, sees how, as a result of their mistakes, the balls fall into the pond. There are many of these balls. New balls are quite expensive. There are also many golf courses.

And Glenn Berger gets the idea that these balls can be taken from the bottom, processed and sold to golf club owners. He put on a diving suit and fulfilled his plan. The golf course administration bought these balls from him at a lower price. The benefits were mutual. Now Glenn Berger has his own business, and the administrations of golf courses have significantly reduced the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Having signed agreements with the administrations of golf courses, Glenn Berger retrieves from the ponds up to one and a half million balls a year. The idea turned out to be not only original, but also did not require large expenses. This person had no competitors at that time. He fulfilled three rules for the successful implementation of his own business: he chose an original idea; found out that he has no competitors; implemented it at low cost.

Searching for a business idea

You should always start by looking for an idea. You just need to carefully look around. Successful people often speak figuratively that money is lying underfoot and you just need to pick it up. Keep your business idea simple. The man who invented the cocktail umbrella and patented his idea became a millionaire. He thought that a drink decorated with a funny umbrella would sell better. His business went hand in hand with another very successful business.

An idea for a business should not only be simple, but also in demand. Not so long ago, the “master for an hour” business came to our country. It would seem that everyone can nail a shelf on their own or fix a broken sofa. In reality, everything is different. There are enough people in cities who do not have time for this. Many simply do not know how to troubleshoot on their own. So the master is called. The master's coordinates should be easily accessible. This means advertising. A combination of several types of advertising gives the best result. Nowadays, people immediately start looking for information on the Internet. Now the business owner simply needs to have a website where the business owner can talk about his services. Creating such sites is one of the varieties of your own business. People who are friendly with design and programming can open their own firms.

Various examples of business ideas

Entrepreneurs often start their own business by combining several ideas. Cafe-reading rooms are quite common in large cities. There are cafes where people can interact with pets such as cats. You can create a zoological cafe where people with children could spend their leisure time. Adults read and drink coffee, children look at the inhabitants of the terrariums. Small coffee shops are also being opened in bookstores. This attracts customers.

Your own business can grow from just one person's organizational skills. Organization of weddings and other events is in great demand in small towns and cities. To begin with, you should work as an assistant for a person engaged in such a business in order to understand the mechanism of this business.

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