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In addition to classic business solutions, there are also non-standard approaches and niches in which good money is found. One has only to see them. In this category, we collect just such ideas, which may be strange, but still make a profit.

A total of X ideas with a budget from X to XX rubles

An unusual idea helped Sonia Polskaya to organize a business, enjoying and profit from her favorite occupation. Velotsvetochnitsa is an original and demanded service.

You have an entrepreneurial streak, but still can't decide where to start your business? And you.

An idea of ​​how to relieve people of stress by crashing various objects in specially designated places.

This new and profitable business is based on an amazing product that was released to the global market just a few months ago. A new one is called.

Several ideas from abroad that are unlikely to come to our person's mind due to the great difference in mentality.

Any businessman is constantly looking for new ideas to develop his business, expand opportunities and make a profit. It is considered to be the best option.

Is it possible today to find a free niche in the training business in which you can earn money steadily? The answer is yes! And for this it is not necessary to invest millions, 80 thousand rubles is enough.

Today the word “training” has begun to sound in the information space so often that it seems that it has already turned into white noise. Psychological training, business training, motivation training, sales training, personal growth, lead generation, team building, creativity - how many more different trainings have you heard or attended personally? It would seem that it is almost impossible to find a free niche for opening your own business at trainings - supposedly "author's" methods wander from coach to coach, and all topics have been sorted out a long time ago. But it seems so only on a superficial examination.

Trainings where the coach is not the main thing

As you know, the abundance of competitors in the market inevitably leads to the fact that the cost of the product ultimately decreases. Moreover, you and I live in an era when any information can be found and "absorbed" for free - there would be a desire. Sooner or later, most consumers will understand that they do not need to pay for 90% of knowledge, in principle, and that what is served under the sauce of uniqueness and author's exclusivity is just mashed potatoes made from common free potatoes.

Personalized, individual information is another matter. The demand for it will never run out. What is personalized information? Imagine this kind of training. 5 different personalities come to your training center at the same time. One of them is a 45-year-old woman who is in a midlife crisis. Relations with her husband are at an impasse, at work there is a career ceiling, and on the neck there are two children and elderly parents. The second client is a young man of 25-27 years old who wants to open his own online store selling sports equipment, but does not know which strategy to choose for a startup. The third person is a 55-year-old man, the head of his company, who wants to find new ways to rally his unexpectedly quarreled work collective. Let's add to our contingent, for example, a young elegant lady, a fashion designer who has lost her inspiration somewhere, and another girl, a call center operator, whose boss urgently instructed her to increase sales by 10 times. Now imagine that each client from this group was satisfied with the training and went home, if not with a ready-made solution to his problem, then at least with an answer to several questions of concern to him or an action plan. I can't believe it, is it?

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

No matter how hackneyed it sounds, the secret is that all the correct answers lie within ourselves. Even more - the role of a consultant or trainer is not only overly overestimated, it is secondary. We can say that the best coach or psychologist is not so much the one who gives a lot of valuable advice, but the one who knows how to direct the client's thought, reasoning and conclusions in the direction in which he himself will find the right and personally suitable solutions for him. Moreover, for this he does not need to be at the same time a specialist in family relations, a guru in the field of fashion design, or have experience in cold sales. It is enough for him to know effective tools for finding answers to questions. Here we turn to the description of a new unique training methodology, the potential of which has not yet been fully revealed.

A technique that fits any request

Solving the question of how to increase the efficiency of the process of “searching for answers in oneself”, the company “1000 Ideas” has developed a method of psychological sets-hints for various requests - family problems, self-development and self-knowledge, professional growth, opening and building a business, money and motivation, interpersonal relationships, building relationships in a team, promoting goods and services, developing creativity and many other topics. These universal sets were called psychological cards (not to be confused with fortune telling, tarot, etc.).

"How many maps did you need to create so that they could answer all questions and solve all problems?" - you ask. “Maybe the authors of the methodology opened their own card index or created a new Internet?”. On the contrary! The task was just not to make the new "Internet". You will be surprised, but only 3 decks of 78 cards in each were created. Despite such a seemingly insignificant amount, the work has been colossal. The main work consisted in the generalization of "world experience": fairy tales of various peoples of the world, mythology, recurring plots of classical works and all those behaviors that lie in our unconscious nature. All professions, personality types and social roles with their inherent characteristics and traits were combined into the main archetypal characters, all options for action - into archetypal ways and strategies of action.

The 1000 Ideas specialists, being practicing medical psychologists, tried to make sure that each card gives the client a stream of associations with his own life and promotes a quick search for answers to personal problems. Each card is a unique strategy, presented simultaneously in the form of text advice, images, phraseological units, leading questions, techniques and techniques, and united by a common thought. Psychological maps turned out to be such a versatile tool for counseling and problem solving that the authors of the methodology have developed more than 500 exercises for various requests, helping to achieve the effect as soon as possible. The very same technique has spread throughout the country and beyond. Today the geography of the official partners of “1000 Ideas” includes 35 cities in Russia and the CIS.

Coach's net profit - more than RUB thousand

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