Original business idea - photo on canvas

Once I visited my employee and noticed a portrait that was hanging on the wall. He looked like a painted picture, even strokes were visible. In the portrait, the woman was dressed in an 18th century dress and hairstyle in the style of the time. To my admiring question, the employee replied that this picture is a gift from my husband for his anniversary.

It turns out there is a company in the neighboring city that is engaged in the manufacture of such original gifts to order. Prices, of course, for such services bite, but on the other hand, a unique present, and a memory for a lifetime. Having looked through the Internet, I found out:

Having looked through the Internet, I found out:

First you need to find out where is a workshop or printing house near you that prints multi-color images on canvas. Moreover, it is worth remembering that a special type of printing will suit you - on canvases coated with special solutions with a volumetric texture.

What is -VIP service. Quite an expensive pleasure for people with average and above average incomes. The cost of printing on canvas in a neighboring town is 2500 rubles. per m. in. (the cost reaches 7000 rubles per sq.m.). You can negotiate a 16% discount (RUB 2100 for canvas prints).

The price includes: - printing - stretching the canvas on a stretcher - covering with a protective varnish A baguette of choice is usually provided by the one who prints the canvas from 280 rubles. per running meter (wood), plastic is cheaper. You can immediately take samples of the baguette to show to the client.

For work you will need:

Computer and Adobe Photoshop (latest version). The presence of a color printer is not necessary (for printing on canvas, it is not needed, because special equipment is used there, the cost is from 450 thousand rubles).

Portfolio (finished works) in electronic or printed form

Catalog of possible design options - baguette samples

ideas for cool photos and videos you can take on your smartphone

It seems like a professional camera is a must for quality content. But now the technology to take great pictures and videos has become much more affordable. We decided to shoot material that we would not be ashamed to share on social networks using the budget smartphone OPPO Reno4 Lite.

Author of Lifehacker. I checked what six cameras OPPO Reno4 Lite can do.

Portrait with bokeh effect

A blurred background is like a sprig of dill on a plate of dumplings. A simple trick, but for some reason it immediately makes everything more interesting and effective. You can take a picture, and then blur everything except the person. Or use a special mode on your smartphone. In the second case, you do not need to open the photo editor. This blur looks more natural because it is achieved through the action of the lenses.

The main thing is to make the bokeh effect smooth and natural, without the endless blurry crown that filters make. To make it more noticeable how the effect changes the photo, I took two shots: with bokeh and without.

Color on a black and white background

Photos superimposed on a pre-created background are rarely realistic and beautiful. If you want to play with the matte, try creating a border effect by desaturating the background - it's unusual and stylish. You can get it with a video editor or use the built-in technology. In the second case, nothing needs to be processed additionally: the camera itself will make the person brighter and discolor everything else.

I was wearing beige trousers that blend treacherously with the background. But the artificial intelligence did not give in: it immediately understood where the pants were and where the wall was. We tried to confuse him as best we could - we even put the pumpkin in the foreground. But no, the vegetable remained colorless.

Night photo from the back

In the fall, the mood is always somewhat philosophical. It's time to take pictures of the city lights at night and prepare thoughtful quotes that were previously awkward to post. It is only necessary that the smartphone has a special night mode, which allows you to maintain quality in the dark. See how much less impressive such a photo looks when shooting in normal mode.

I took a photo where I admire the lights of night Voronezh. The correct contrast was adjusted automatically, and the lights were beautifully washed out. We sign: "Do not be afraid of shadows: they appear only when the light is on nearby." Like, repost!

Instagram is by far the most popular social network. The majority of users are people from 18 to 29 years old. According to statistics, 59% of users check their feed at least once a day. Therefore, it is very profitable to promote your business ideas on this social network.

How to make money on Instagram?

There are several business ideas for generating income independently using a social network. These can be:

  • advertising on Instagram;
  • exchange of subscribers;
  • photos for companies;
  • promotion of trade.

To earn money from advertising, you need to gain a large number of subscribers. To date, advertising is offered to users with followers of 10,000 people and above. Subscribers must be real. Cheating can help, but bots are not considered potential buyers. Income is determined on a contractual basis. You should be able to correctly present the product in the photo. Placing an ad will not work and can lead to a loss of subscribers. Therefore, take a photo of the product with your participation and opinion.

You can implement a business idea of ​​earning money on the exchange by registering there. Next, you need to like and subscribe to the desired users for a certain amount. However, this income cannot be high. In addition, there are now many services for exchanging likes, which reduce the need for exchange costs.

Today's large companies often resort to publishing amateur photographs. This brings the organization closer to its customers and the public. You can take the photos you want and post them on Instagram. If the publication meets the requirements, then you can get a reward for it. However, it is difficult to judge the size.

The idea of ​​an Instagram commerce business is not new. However, it is promising and bearing fruit. For this, a high-quality photograph of the product is posted with an indication of the desired value. Thus, any thing or service can be effectively implemented.

Business Ideas on Instagram: What to Sell?

  • exclusive souvenirs;
  • eyelash extension;
  • weight loss programs;
  • sports nutrition;
  • custom-made jewelry;
  • designer clothes;
  • fashion accessories.

The main thing is to position your product correctly. A simple subscription will not bring decent results. Run Instagram alternately with your interesting photos. Then any sales business idea will work. Don't overcharge. Be sure to indicate the delivery terms convenient for the buyer.

If your business idea for providing services is already functioning, then you need to publish the final result. For example, the implementation of eyelash or nail extensions. Beautiful posts with high quality results will attract customers better than any other ad. Be sure to leave your contacts in the comments.

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