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Eat to live, or eat to be surprised. We present to your attention the top unique and unusual restaurants, bars and cafes in the world.

Unusual restaurants in the world

"Hitlers' Cross"

Mumbai, India

Inside this neo-Nazi restaurant, everything is decorated with a swastika. The owner Punit Sablok says that before that, he did not think much about the name and chose this only to attract visitors, because the menu includes dishes mainly of Italian cuisine, and not at the cheapest price. Many people didn't like the name of the restaurant, that's why now it is called simply "Cross".

"Dans le Noir" ("In the dark")

a chain of restaurants in Paris, London, New York, Barcelona, ​​St. Petersburg

Guests of this restaurant dine in a complete darkness. You can enjoy a meal in the dark in several restaurants in the world, in the largest metropolitan areas. Before entering the hall, visitors leave in the wardrobe all items that glow in the dark. Even mobile phones are no exception. Only then the waiter escorts the clients to the table. In the restaurant you will stay only with yourself and with your sense of taste and smell.


Truskavets, Ukraine

A coffin restaurant called "Eternity" is offered to have dinner in the Ukrainian city of Truskavets. The exterior of the building and the interior are completely related to the funeral theme. There are many funeral candles on the tables and on the walls. There are coffins everywhere. The menu offers to try such dishes as "9th day" or "40th day"; as a hot dish, they serve a dish called "Meet me in paradise". Note that the restaurant turned out to be quite popular even for weddings.

Dinner In The Sky

Brussels, Belgium

A visit to a restaurant usually means a secular dinner, with a neat table and an attentive waiter. Everything is clear, clear, monotonous. However, it's time to change the usual thinking, there are unusual cafes and restaurants in the world. Each of them has its own specific feature, characteristic of this institution. After visiting them, it is definitely not possible to remain indifferent.

Why do you need unusual cafes and restaurants

Today the Internet is full of photos of unusual cafes. The worldwide network is literally replete with them. It's not for nothing that the most experienced marketers are convinced that in order to be remembered, to succeed, you need to stand out. But in an age of tough competition, it is quite difficult to create a unique establishment. Often, experienced owners try to focus not on an interesting menu, but on the design of their premises.

It is worth noting that some unusual cafes really deserve attention, and have already been able to bring a decent profit to their owners. Indeed, in order to visit them, people come from all over the world, leaving their various comments. It's time to consider the top, which includes the most unusual cafes and restaurants.

These ideas can be used. Such establishments are popular with young people and other people hungry for something unusual.

Original restaurants

Unusual cafes attract visitors. The fact of good cuisine is also important, but the design of the room also affects the mood of the visitors. There are several places in the world where it is pleasant and interesting to visit in order to taste the usual dishes.


Open the list of the most unusual cafes and restaurants, it is located in one German town of Nuremberg. Its main feature is the lack of service personnel. The automated system of registration of orders and their delivery replaces the usual waiters. Here, almost everything is done by machines, with the exception of cleaning - people still do it.

Thanks to a well-designed pipeline, the concept of queues doesn't exist. Everything is easy, fast and affordable. The idea of ​​an automated service came to Michael Mack by accident, but thanks to her, the man has already managed to make good money. Having patented his project, the entrepreneur is confident that in the future everything will work according to his scheme.

1. Greek Cafe Sito

A small and inexpensive cafe on the lower deck of the motor ship "Valery Bryusov" - an art cluster on the water, moored at the Crimean embankment. Classic Greek cuisine is prepared here according to recipes borrowed by one of the founders of the restaurant from a familiar Greek family.

The menu includes dishes that sink into the heart of everyone who has ever been to Greek and Mediterranean resorts: dolma (150 rubles), moussaka (250 rubles), meze (300 rubles), tomatoes with cheese and beans (150 rubles), "Horyatiki" salad and Greek dzatziki sauce with olives. The main hit is penerli (Greek pastries like khachapuri) - there are several types of them, the cost is 200-250 rubles. From drinks - inexpensive coffee (50 rubles) and lemonades (100 rubles).

Address: Krymskaya nab., 10, Muzeon Park, motor ship Valery Bryusov.

Cafe "Malt" (or cat cafe) differs in that there are cats in free movement on the territory of this cafe. Now there are 3 cats here. In addition to fluffy pets, the cafe has other elements of the "home" interior: multi-colored curtains, paintings of all kinds of themes and sizes, flowers in pots. The menu includes hot meat or fish dishes (from 400 rubles), desserts (from 180 rubles), homemade pies (from 330 rubles) and other dishes of international cuisine.

3. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

A chocolate bar unique for Moscow from an Israeli brand. The menu contains almost 30 dishes made on the basis of high-quality chocolate: here, for example, they serve chocolate pizza, tea brewed on white chocolate, offer a sweet "drug" in the form of syringes filled with liquid chocolate, and also provide a huge selection of classic (and interpreted) desserts. The tastes of sweet dishes are emphasized by special dishes, specially designed for them. Here you can have a snack or buy takeaway sweets and dishes - the same one that serves food and drinks in a cafe. Average bill - 500-1500 rubles.

Address: Tsvetnoy blvd, 2, bldg. 1, BC "Legend of Tsvetnoy", 1st floor (metro station "Trubnaya").

Everything in the "Tree", from the interior, selection of artists, floristic decoration, and ending with the color of napkins in a cafe, is subordinated to a single idea. The authors of the art gallery project and its ideological inspirers are the artists Irina and Valery Nagiy. Guests of the art cafe can try dishes with the names of world-famous masterpieces: "Mona Lisa's Smile" (sea bass with zucchini rolls and Philadelphia cheese), "Aivazovsky's Ninth Wave" (fried mussels baked with cheese), "Venus of Milosskaya" ( turkey fillet stewed in white wine with prunes, green asparagus and dried tomatoes).

Working hours: Mon-Sat: 11:00 - 21:00, Sun: 11:00 - 19:00. address: st. Malaya Nikitskaya, 16/5 metro "Tverskaya" (cafe at the gallery).

The cafe was created for people tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can lie in a hammock, watch a feature film, take part in a theatrical performance and have a delicious snack. There is also a wide variety of desserts and delicious drinks.

Address: Sand Alley, 7а, 2nd floor, Sokolniki Park. Average account: 1000 rubles. Opening hours: 12:00 - 23:00, weekends - 12:00 - 00:00.

6. Plasticine cafe DIDU

When visiting other countries, getting to know the local cuisine is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore its culture. After all, it is always so interesting to try the most popular dishes of the country, which can sometimes turn out to be original and outlandish. However, for those for whom “strange” dishes are not enough, we offer unusual restaurants that will amaze even true gourmet travelers. From an underwater restaurant to dining at the epicenter of an earthquake, this episode brings you some of the strangest and most unusual dining establishments in the world.

There's a restaurant in Greenpoint, NY called Eat that doesn't seem to be anything special other than the fact that you can't talk in it! Inspired by his trip to a Buddhist monastery in Asia, restaurant owner Nicholas Neumann wanted to create a place where people could enjoy the silence. Quiet dining has become so popular that people are already booking tables in advance.

What started a few years ago as a joke made Chef Hironori Ikeno famous all over Japan, and possibly the whole world. One day he thought it would be fun to serve miniature food on tiny plates, and he wondered how far he could go. It turned out that it is quite possible to make sushi from one grain of rice. Today, tourists from all over the world flock to this small Tokyo restaurant to sample Mr. Ikeno's miniature culinary delights.

3. Lunch alone, Netherlands.

Restaurant At Eenmaal in Amsterdam is famous for its unusual concept of solitude. In this establishment you can find only tables of the same type - for one. Marina van Goor, the restaurant's designer and founder, says the purpose of this unconventional approach is to empower people to experience what it's like to eat alone in a restaurant.

4. Lunch at the nest, Thailand.

The Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand has the Bird's Nest Restaurant, which gives you the unique opportunity to take in the stunning views because it sits on a tree. It "hangs" in the air at a height of 4.8 m, and waiters use ropes to deliver food and drinks to the tables of visitors. A typical lunch costs about $ 450 here, but it's probably worth it.

5. Lunch during the earthquake, Spain.

For many of us, having lunch during an earthquake is not a good idea. But at the Disaster Café, people pay to dine in the midst of a 7.8 earthquake. Moreover, tables here are booked several weeks in advance. So far, café visitors have been able to avoid serious injuries - only spilled drinks and food, and minor incidents are generally in the order of things here.

In the Happy Valley of Xining Gorge in China's Hubei province, Fangweng Hanging Restaurant also offers stunning views from the cliff on which it is located, in addition to food. It is worth noting that due to its unusual location, this place is not for the faint of heart.

In the Tribeca area of ​​New York, there is a Japanese restaurant with ninja - another place not for the faint of heart. In addition to delicious food, the restaurant will offer you tricks with fire and kung fu, waiters with knives and exploding food. If you like armed ninjas hanging over your plate, then you'll love it here.

How much does it cost to open a restaurant from scratch: Business plan

Catering is the most complex type of business. The problem is not how to start a restaurant from scratch and attract customers with good food. The most important thing is to create a unique, unique atmosphere, thanks to which people will be happy to visit your establishment.

The concept of the institution

Experts believe that the amount of start-up capital that will be required to create a restaurant business largely depends on the goals set. First of all, you should decide on the concept of the institution in order to calculate how much it costs to open a restaurant from scratch. To make it profitable, you need to make sure that the establishment becomes popular.

Download free restaurant business plan Opening an expensive restaurant is too expensive and, moreover, very risky. Such establishments are distinguished by a high level of comfort, high prices and an original menu. But, the fact is that it is quite difficult to surprise rich clients with something new, so you can remain without visitors for a long time and, accordingly, without profit.

Various fast foods such as cheburechnaya, cafes and other eateries will not provide high income. A cheap cafe should have a large flow of customers. Only in this case the establishment will be profitable. Such small restaurants can be located in high traffic areas. Thanks to this, you can earn good money.

How to open a restaurant from scratch?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in how to open a restaurant from scratch, the cost of which will pay off in a short time. The most suitable option for beginners is a mid-range restaurant. In it, you need to create a stylish interior, offer customers a varied menu, and provide a high level of service.

The average bill for a daily restaurant is about 500 rubles. If the establishment is located in a place with good traffic, the business will be successful and profitable. The outdoor restaurant will be very popular.

It can be located on the seaside or on the roof of a multi-storey building, which offers a beautiful view of the city at night.

Document processing

The documentary base required to open a restaurant includes many different permits and licenses. Before proceeding with the registration of all the necessary papers, you must first decide on the form of ownership.

Individual entrepreneurs cannot obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages, so it is best to register an LLC.

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