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A business does not have to be built according to a template, following classic models. Standard schemes aren't just boring - they have a lot of competition. Isn't it safer to create a business that stands out from the mass of similar proposals, fascinating with its unusualness?

Outrageous offers arouse great interest among people, provide an influx of clients, and bring a stable income to the entrepreneur. The main thing is to properly promote the original business, launch a creative advertising campaign, and promote services and goods on the Internet.

If you are looking for fresh ideas for business, want to stand out in the conditions of a market oversaturation with a variety of offers, make your services popular, in demand, we will suggest some interesting options.

Bus parties

Each bus can really be converted into a noisy club on wheels, where you can hold cool parties with great music and spectacular lighting design. In addition to comfortable movement, companies of 15-20 people can be offered an entertainment program, music from a DJ, drinks, meals, various special effects, and so on.

Guests themselves will choose a route to interesting places for themselves, possibly with arrivals to some hangout places. Such a business will have very few competitors (if at all in your city), word of mouth and promotion on the Internet will play into the hands of a businessman by creating a selling website, promotion on social networks, and contextual advertising.

Psychological taxi

A very original idea - the creation of a taxi service in which people would be served by a professional psychologist. Taxi drivers often become colleagues of bartenders in the sense that they are forced to console, listen, give advice, and entertain bored clients while performing their direct duties.

A person with psychological education acts as a driver in an unusual vehicle. The passenger gets the opportunity to combine business with pleasure - to reach the destination and pour out his soul. At the same time, the trip lasts as long as the client needs to gain inner peace. The cost of the conversation should be lower than for a session with a psychologist, and higher than the fare in a regular checkered car.

Pet Rental

To select a suitable and rather unusual business idea for starting your own business, let's look at what they are and where they come from.

How start-ups are born

Their main sources are hobbies, their own or other people's needs, as well as attempts to improve someone else's idea. That is, to take a certain project, "bring to mind" and adapt to your own needs.

Another winning option is to remember the well-forgotten old. Having rummaged in the archive of ideas and fished out from there something worthwhile, but undeservedly forgotten, many contemporaries were able to establish a more than profitable business.

The basic principle of every successful entrepreneur is to do what you love and manage to make profit from it. Almost any hobby, subject to a serious passion for it, can develop into a full-fledged business. To do this, you should think about what benefits it can bring to others. In this case, an easy correction of the idea or work in a similar direction is possible. Business training in this case is quite easy and natural.

The classic way is to analyze what the surrounding reality lacks for you or your loved ones. It was with this approach that a huge number of useful little things appeared, without which we now cannot imagine everyday life. Another good option is to copy someone else's business idea. For example, you have come to visit relatives in another city and suddenly you see something that is not in your native places. For example, a bright and cheerful playground on the territory of a shopping center. Why not organize something like this at your local supermarket? Unusual small business ideas sometimes literally roll underfoot.

For about a month, ask yourself the following question - what inconvenience people are experiencing, what do they need right now, how can I use it? Think about it always and everywhere - being in society, observing the life and daily affairs of acquaintances and strangers. This is where the basics of business learning begin.

Let's start thinking about the project

Start "Brainstorming" by making two lists - what you are competent in (what you know, can, can organize) and a list of things and hobbies that can bring you true joy. Be as honest as possible, delve into your memory - what exactly did you like to do from your youth, what did you dream about when you were young? All activities that arouse interest and attention, carefully write down on paper.

When both lists are ready, select one item from the first one in turn and try it on to each position of the second. We carefully and critically examine the resulting combinations. What can they give? Do not be lazy to mark each option you find. At the same time, do not forget about the basic principle of brainstorming - we write everything down, but so far we do not analyze anything. Now our job is to record all the thoughts that have come to mind. If necessary, we involve friends or colleagues in the process.

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Blogger and author of several books on how to start your own business, Chris Guilbeau shares with us how to come up with an unusual business idea for your own business and what is the fundamental difference between such an idea:

Recently, my blog "The Art of Nonconformism" has gotten more readers, and I understand that not everyone here is interested in business. Although I have been making my living as an entrepreneur for 10 years now, I would like to share a secret with you:

I'm not very interested in business myself ... at least in the usual sense.

What interests me more is a business that 1) seemingly won't work 2) is based on creating real relationships.

Here are some unconventional business ideas that embody my approach. None of these ideas are original in the full sense (like most of all ideas), but I tried to collect them in this post before talking about them in more detail in my articles:

From time to time I meet business people who ask about how some schemes work in my business, which usually remain behind the scenes. They use a corporate credit card to buy me coffee, because I love drinking coffee. Most of them just don't understand how I can write for free and still pay my bills.

The traditional business model of information exchange is that you give only 10% as a "lure" and sell the other 90% like a pig in a poke to people. I do the opposite - I give about 90% (or more) of the information for free. 10% is for fans and those in need of specific help, for which a more in-depth format is needed. The products are available, in other words, all my works and books are free. And no advertising to top it off.

Another good example of how you can give everything is Leo Babauta's decision to give up copyright on his work, everything on ZenHabits is freely available. It was a very clever move to build its network and establish widespread credibility, even after it had already become quite successful. I don’t know all the details of Leo’s financial life, but when I looked at his subscriber base, I figured that his life is damn good, while he himself encourages people to "steal" his work.

In my first ten years as an entrepreneur, I didn't have a business card. But I meet more and more people, so I gave up and ordered a few, but this decision took 10 years. I don’t go to Toastmasterst, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce or other networking events.

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