New ideas for business: 5 ideas that are not available in the CIS countries

In the article, we will talk about new ideas for business, which are practically absent in the CIS countries. In other countries of the world, such unusual business ideas are popular and make great money for owners. And if you want to know about promising and unusual business ideas, then read to the end.

New business ideas

Thinking about starting your own business and looking for new business ideas? Then we have prepared for you a list of new business ideas that are practically absent in the CIS countries:

For new ideas for business 2021, read the article to the end.

Over the past few years, rolls have become a very popular and demanded dish. They can be ordered almost anywhere. For example, in cafes, restaurants and even buy in stores. You can also buy special ingredients and make them yourself. But in Europe, special machines are common where you can buy rolls.

The bottom line is that in a remote kitchen, the chef prepares delicious and beautiful dishes, puts them in special containers. Then he places them in the machine. These machines can be located anywhere. For example, in shopping malls, cinemas, walkways, etc.

A person comes to the machine, chooses his favorite rolls, indicates the number of the cell with them and pays for the purchase. After that, the cell opens and you can pick up the dish. The price of the rolls will be quite low. After all, you do not have to maintain an establishment selling them. This means that the rolls will be in great demand among buyers.

Quantitative trading will be the foundation of your business success. Rolls will be purchased quickly enough. And from every dish sold, you will receive a profit. Renting a few square meters to install vending machines in a shopping center will not be too high. Therefore, the payback is pretty fast.

The cost of one portion of rolls is estimated at $ 3-5 depending on their type. The cost of such a dish is about $ 2. Therefore, the profit is over 200%. This is what attracts the attention of entrepreneurs around the world.

You will bypass your competitors due to the fact that roll sales will be more original and unique in its kind. There is simply no competition in this segment. Therefore, there is a high probability that your machine with ready meals will be received positively. And nothing will stop the business from developing.

On the sale of rolls in this way, you can earn from $ 500 in net profit per month.

People who dreamed of starting their own business have always been concerned with the question - where is the money? Where is the easiest place to get them? Of course, people like you and me. Consumers. And what will consumers give their money for? Yes, for many things: for convenience and comfort, for speed, for health, for joy, for the satisfaction of natural needs. And many more, for what.

Here is a list of companies and their founders who thought out of the ordinary, given all of the above. They created their own business that generates income, regardless of its simplicity or unusualness.

1. "Feminine touch." The company with this tender name was born in America and its founder is a woman named Kerry Killing. Her services are all kinds of construction work: plastering, painting, carpentry, locksmith and others. Who is doing this work? Of course, women. This is the essence of the company's work. The customer can be sure of the accuracy and quality of the work performed. Why did Kerry Killing come up with this decision? Because a purely female team stands out from the crowd and evokes, as it turned out, more trust among customers.

3. "Internet doctor". Jay Parkinson founded his business for those who would like to save money on treatment. He consults on the Internet anyone who has health questions. In rare cases, he can come home or work to a regular client who has a subscription. The cost of the firm's services is $ 500 per year. This payment is incomparably less than the cost of medical care for each patient.

This business was born in Switzerland and was organized by Sami Lichty and Marcel Roth. It all started with a funny story when Lichty had to meet with Japanese partners on duty. The meeting took place in a restaurant where you had to take off your shoes. At the same time, Lichty discovered that he was wearing different socks, and even with a hole in a prominent place. An unpleasant story gave birth to an idea in the entrepreneur's head: to send out socks by mail. The order, of course, is made online. The business was put on stream very quickly. Its turnover is about $ 2 million per year.

The company is very successful in the market, but the name of the owner and its turnover is a trade secret. The whole point of the matter lies in the fact that in New York there is an office that is the keeper of the keys to apartments and private offices. If the key is lost, it will be delivered to the owner within an hour, no matter how far away the owner is. Keys are lost so often that it is impossible to imagine - this confirms the company's success in the market.

7. Lifeisgood. The sellers of "optimism" Berto and John Jacobs invented clothes with this logo and began to sell them directly from the van. This was only the first batch. More than 4, 5 thousand trading companies and shops now sell “Life is good” clothes. It was sold in 27 countries of the world. In 2021 alone, the company's turnover was $ 100 million per year.

This company was founded by Brian Jones in 2021. Since then, she has been very successful in the market. The company produces lamps in the form of a female leg. The entrepreneur's father laughed at him, doubting that his son would be able to sell at least some copies. However, the company is still functioning. Her income is about a million dollars a year.

A travel company that provides tours of the most famous TV shows in New York. The organization of bus tours to the filming locations was invented by a man whose name is still a secret. But his company is very successful. Indeed, all excursions, as a rule, are conducted by Hollywood stars.

The first mobile hotel chain appeared in England. But in Scandinavia, the organizers of a chain of mobile hotel rooms have gone further. Now a tourist for 2.5 thousand SEK can book a night in a mobile room wherever he wants, excluding emergency places such as a mountain top, a ravine or a swamp. The company is flourishing now, the business, despite its originality, feeds its organizers well.

I was wondering what unusual ideas for creating a business are being implemented.

Now no one will be surprised by learning foreign languages ​​online, or buying any information product on the Internet. Indeed, there are a lot of unusual business ideas and projects. I bring to your attention the top 10 most unusual businesses.

10. Doctor on the Internet. This idea came to a doctor from the United States, and he decided to provide medical services in this way. His services cost $ 500 a year. These include regular internet consultations and two personal visits. The quality of this treatment is questionable.

How to open a business for 500,000 rubles? This question is of interest to many people who have this amount of money available, or there is the possibility of obtaining it - at least on credit. This amount of investment allows you to start a serious business, however, before investing your funds anywhere, you need to think carefully and choose the best solution. There are many options and directions, and it is worth considering in detail at least the main ones.

What business can you open for rubles?

Having chosen this particular amount for investments, it is worth considering the areas within which you can act if available. This is a fairly significant amount of money, which allows you to leave aside complex and controversial, as well as difficult to pay off options, and start a business on a grand scale. Indeed, according to statistics, even opening a shop of Korean salads costs a much smaller amount, for this purpose only 200 thousand rubles are enough as a maximum.

You can also open a shawarma or other fast food point in the aisles of 200-300 thousand rubles. Although, however, a more serious catering establishment, a small cafe or grill bar is quite suitable, and the funds remaining from the organization of the business can be spent on advertising in order to ensure a quick start and profit from the first days.

The bulk of ideas demonstrating a business of up to 500 thousand rubles pays off quickly enough, and it will take about 1-5 months to return the funds invested in the business and start making a net profit. Of course, this will become possible with a competent, reasonable approach to the issue.

Considering business plans for costs up to 500,000 rubles, which really promise prospects, it should be noted that this amount allows you to work not only within the framework of public catering. Anyone who wants to start a business with such a start-up capital has a wide choice, the city of Moscow provides great prospects, it is quite possible to get a quick start.

The best rate for each individual case is individual, but in any case, you can apply to open a salon in the beauty industry, become the owner of a small store, or take a ready-made franchise. The amount allows you to buy equipment and open your own small production.

You can dwell on one of the traditional solutions, the advantage will be an abundance of successful examples, openness to understanding all the aspects of doing business. And you can take a risk by choosing one of the newest directions - this is more risky, but if successful, it guarantees maximum profit due to the novelty and the absence of competitors.

The newest areas of business - how not to make a mistake when choosing?

Thinking about what kind of business you can open for 500 thousand rubles, and relying on the latest solutions, you need to weigh them very carefully. There are many novelties and unusual ideas today - these are prayer machines, hostels for indoor plants, as well as small coffee houses of an unusual orientation, and much more. In order to help yourself in making a decision when choosing an unusual idea, you should ask yourself a few questions in advance and give yourself answers to them with the utmost honesty. Among the questions, the following must be heard:

Unusual business ideas: TOP-10 extravagant business ideas that brought profit to their owners.

There are many unique people on planet Earth.

Most often, their creativity is manifested in inventions, painting.

But just as surprisingly, they come up with unusual business ideas.

At first it may seem that a person with standard thinking would not even have such thoughts!

And not that yet to bring them to life, and to expose your unusual idea to the whole world.

Maybe some of the options are not entirely "absurd"?

Let's evaluate together the business inventions of creative people.

Unusual business ideas: TOP-unusual options

"Bluetooth" instead of a dongle

Such unusual business ideas are commendable, as they solve the age-old problem of lost keys.

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