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Hello dear readers and all those who have just come to my site. This article is about business ideas that have always worked and will work. Below I will give many examples of business ideas, I will also give examples on myself, my friends and acquaintances. And after reading this article and all those that it will link to, I hope you will not have any questions about which business idea to choose for yourself. But I would also advise you to visit the pro section. So, let's begin.

Why did I decide to write this article?

Be sure to read this paragraph. There are several reasons:

1. Sites that you come across. If you tried to search for small business ideas on the Internet, then you know all these sites with business ideas, which contain information about some unusual ideas, or I don't even know what to call them, see for yourself:

I apologize to the administrator of this site for using it as an example. If this bothers you, I can remove the screen and screen any other site.

So there are a lot of such ideas on the sites and do you really think that such ideas will help you? I'm not saying that these sites are bad, they are all good in their own way and bring money to their creators, but such business ideas, especially in Russia, are practically not applicable. Some of them, of course, take place, but the rest ...

2. Second, why are you trying to find an unusual business idea? Perhaps your creative thinking is waking up, but after all, everything that brings people money now is quite ordinary business ideas, but with some kind of unconventional implementation. Take a look around! Do you know at least a few or one person in your city who made money on fashionable furs from animals that died in an accident? I dont know. But I have many examples of people who made money by opening their store, providing services, etc. (and I'm no exception). And they all earned, earn and will earn while you search the Internet for unusual, mind-boggling ideas for small businesses. Maybe that's enough?

3. Reason number three is that almost all business ideas come from ONE schema. You are looking for a people problem or need and you are thinking how to solve this problem. Well, there is also a second scheme, which is different, but partially overlaps: an idea comes to your mind that others may like and you create an offer that should generate demand. BUT this model also works on needs. Indeed, in order to come up with this idea and start implementing it, you must initially keep the USP in your head, you must understand why your innovation is necessary, what problem it will solve, etc. And only if this problem is urgent and widespread, then it is possible to do business on it.

All of the above is my personal opinion and you can not share it. I do not urge you to agree with me, but it happened in my head because I earn money without any unusual ideas there and all my environment also earns them.

Business ideas that have worked and will work

Hello! Today we'll talk about a garage business and present 44 business ideas. I will also give examples of people who profitably opened their own business in the garage and are now making good money.

How to open a business in a garage

A distant relative of mine, quit his shift job and opened a tire service in his garage cooperative. Now he does not know free time, as the flow of people is constant, especially in the off-season, during the period of “over-shoes”. By the way, it is not members of the garage cooperative who go to him at all, but, on the contrary, people passing by, because the territorial location of his garage is very successful.

Not so long ago, the guys from a neighboring cooperative opened a car soundproofing service in the garage, at the first stages there was 1 car near their garage, and another one was in the garage. Now they have bought another garage in the back and added a second floor. How did I know this? The fact is that these young guys rent the first garage and somehow its owner put the garage up for sale, on the condition that no one will kick the guys out of there (I wanted to buy it). As a result, the guys tensed and bought this garage themselves.

In the spring, I decided to buy a bicycle and found a guy on Vkontakte who assembles bicycles. His group has a huge number of reviews and photos of available bicycles and components. I was not very surprised when I came to him, and he has a double garage equipped for a workshop, and ready-made copies hang on the walls, as well as parts for assembly and for sale (frames, wheels, etc.). Many athletes collect and re-equip bicycles from him.

I was interested in this topic, and I decided to collect a selection of business ideas that can be implemented in the garage.

TOP business ideas in the garage

You can also find other collections of business ideas:

This is not all that can be organized in your garage, so we ask you to share your garage business ideas in the comments under the article.

Production of design items and decorative sculptures

The essence of such a project is the organization of a small workshop for the production of decorative elements from gypsum or concrete mix. Such interesting jewelry is in demand among designers and builders. They can be used to decorate the courtyard of a private house, a room in an apartment or office. This original business project is great for people with a good artistic taste.

New Year's euphoria will very soon "cover" cities and towns, turn off people's "economy function". Not only ordinary people are preparing for the upcoming celebrations, but also entrepreneurs. If you do not know what business ideas are in use for the New Year, then we advise you to study our article. We have specially selected the TOP-21 New Year's business ideas. Choose a suitable project and earn tens of thousands of dollars during peak season.

Sale and rental of Christmas trees - a classic Christmas tree business for the New Year

On the eve of the winter holidays, people not only spend money on buying food for the table, but also on a sacred symbol - a Christmas tree. If you approach the idea thoroughly, you can organize the creation of a small nursery. If this is not possible, make money by reselling trees.

You can buy goods from intermediaries, in foresters, farmlands. It should be borne in mind that business for the New Year provides for the presence of freight transport with a trailer. As well as great competition among those who sell conifers every year.

It takes a lot of work to sell Christmas trees. Starting December 15, there will be many competitors in this business. Most of the outlets will be occupied by regular sellers, so it will take a lot of time to find a suitable place for trading.

It is necessary to start arranging the place, having agreed with the landlord in advance. Before starting a Christmas tree business for the New Year, you need to prepare materials for trade. Decorating trees with New Year's toys, a seller in a costume of a fairy-tale hero, will help to stand out among competitors.

For toddlers, arrange a "best rhyme" contest under the tree. Spending money on a kilo of chocolates to give out prizes can attract many more customers.

Before taking on this business idea for the New Year, prepare your trade documentation. To attract customers, you need to advertise your product using advertising: advertising on social networks and search engines, advertising in a local newspaper, creating a Landing Page (one-page site).

This business for the New Year will require about 80,000 rubles of investments. On New Year's Eve, you can safely set a margin of 100%. For 2-3 weeks of active sale, you can get a net profit of over 100-120 thousand rubles.

Gift wrapping - a pleasure for children and adults

There are more than enough options for how to make a business for the New Year. Despite the fact that this activity is seasonal, it can bring a very good income. But only if your New Year business ideas are full of creativity. Both children and adults are expecting something unusual from this holiday. And if you give them what they want, you will be with the money. Of course, all the business ideas for the New Year presented here are not something new, but you can always turn on your imagination and add your share of creativity there.

Christmas trees and toys

The idea is as old as the world, but you can make custom-made Christmas trees, especially if you have some artistic talent. Customers will appreciate your ability to turn an ordinary Christmas tree into an exclusive one that no one else has. Here you can also add the idea of ​​making Christmas tree decorations. If you are making a Christmas tree of a certain style, then make the same Christmas tree decorations.

And you can make Christmas trees and toys from any material that you can work with. Your imagination in this area is not limited by anything, and the production can be opened right in the garage.

And surely people will want to take pictures near your artwork. If you give them this opportunity, you will earn extra money. And the money is tangible. The work of a photographer for the New Year pays very well, because people do not want to miss the opportunity to take professional New Year photos. Naturally, in order to realize this idea, you need to be able to photograph and have professional equipment.

New Year's Gifts

Before the New Year, you can sell gifts or pack those that people have already bought. To do this, you need to rent a small place in the nearest supermarket or large gift shop, put a table there, and stock up on the necessary material. The more packaging options you can offer, the better things will go for you. Pack both souvenirs and things, and sweets with fruits. Packages related to animals, whose year is coming, will be in great demand.

These animals alone can build a good New Year's business. Just make paraphernalia with the symbol of the New Year, and they will be snapped up. Especially if you take the time to make these attributes of good quality. The following items can be crafted:

  • key rings;
  • pendants;
  • fountain pens;
  • mobile phone cases with certain symbols.

Or you can produce unusual New Year's cards, making them to order. To do this, it is enough to have a good color printer, know Photoshop and organize advertising for yourself. This can be done virtually by offering your services on the Web. Create New Year's design for sites and pages.

If you have acting skills, you can make a costume for the symbol of the New Year, and go to homes and organizations with congratulations. If one of your acquaintances is already moonlighting as Santa Claus or Snegurochka, you can walk with them. Naturally, before the start of the holiday, you should take care of good advertising.

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