List of business ideas of 2021 that are not in Russia or are poorly developed

TOP business ideas with minimal investment

It is quite logical that most of the small business ideas for 2021 with minimal investment will relate to the service sector.

This segment of the economy is distinguished by just modest investment requirements for enterprises operating in it, high return on investment and, as a result, quick payback of projects.

But the most interesting thing is that some types of services in this area are experiencing a real renaissance. For example, professional photography.

It would seem that with the massive proliferation of smartphones equipped with microcameras with stunning resolution, this industry should smoothly and quietly rest in Bose. However, a second front suddenly formed for her, and this is not at all about photographing ceremonial events.

Online commerce has taken off to the top of the popular lines of business. With the help of international platforms (such as AliExpress or eBay), absolutely everything is bought and sold, but the most common positions are consumer goods.

And it is precisely these positions that need the most favorable presentation, one might even say - advertising. And when placing new positions (as well as updating old ones), good, high-quality photos are required. And photos are needed every time new (even if the product is the same), because the consumer does not want to look at the same picture: it is boring - variety is required!

All this opens up an almost limitless market for manufacturers of professional photography services. Only instead of participants in ceremonial events on the stage there are models (yes) with promoted tradable consumer goods (there are hundreds of items of one type).

Starting capital is minimal. We need expenses for an office studio (without it it will be impossible to attract bulk orders), as well as a “fancy” camera. But the most valuable thing here is the idea.

Website Promotion

In modern conditions, this is the most relevant business idea in 2021 with minimal investment. Promotion of customer sites can be carried out by any of the preferred methods for you as a performer. Here you are absolutely unrelated. The result is important - and not even entering the top of the search engine results. It is necessary that as many users as possible visit the site.

Customers of these works to promote Internet resources are mainly sellers of goods and services who carry out their commercial activities through the World Wide Web. The scale of Internet commerce is becoming more and more and the horizons of its limitations are not yet visible: it is understandable, buying through the network is cheaper and less troublesome.

Therefore, it can be argued that the market for these services is extremely promising, and most importantly - practically unlimited. To start this activity, specialized knowledge is required, but they are of an applied nature, therefore, having devoted 3 months of free time to self-development, it is quite possible to comprehend the basics of an Internet promoter.

Hello dear readers! Today I want to talk about a business with minimal investment or microbusiness. And also give some business ideas. Very often I am asked a question about how you can start a business with minimal investment (usually from zero to 50,000 rubles).

I'll tell you right away that it is possible, but you need to find your idea and try small. Today I will try to give an answer to this question, and I really hope that you will draw your own conclusions.

Microbusiness - what it is and why you need to start small

When you were born, you did not immediately say the first word, did not immediately take the first step, then why do you think that in business you should immediately open a bank, car dealership or a large supermarket? Perhaps you have a desire to do something big, but try to tune your brain to something that at the moment is within your power and within the power of your wallet. And when the brain begins to work on goals that are closer to reality, then ideas will flood to you like a river.

After all, as a rule, they are all in front of the nose. And already when you started small and took on some very small business, then it can be expanded to medium and large scales.

And this very small business is microbusiness! You can be microbusinessmen doing freelancing, making something at home, reselling something, providing services. You will be very small at first, but then time will pass and growth will accelerate.

Did you know that the world's most famous eatery, Subway, used to be just one small outlet, but now has tens of thousands of eateries around the world? And if the founders hadn't opened this one diner, if they hadn't started small, then this multi-million dollar company would not exist!

In general, in America, every tenth is engaged in microbusiness, produces something in the garage, sells something, etc., but in Russia this is just beginning to emerge. You have every chance!

Most of you want to do something of your own, to quit your unloved job, to start living a better life, to be more free, then to do big business, etc. So for these purposes, microbusiness is quite enough.

Many people are in business and earn only a little more than the average salary, but they are happy that they are engaged in an interesting job and are independent, independent of someone.

In microbusiness, interest is important, but love is better! Because microbusiness is about your passion for doing business. If you like your business, then you can do it even for a small income. The most important thing for you now is to understand that you can start small and think about what interests you. And only then think about how you can get money out of your interest. You will say that I am pushing you trivial and you will be right, but if you learn this and you will succeed!

The success of any startup depends on the timely choice of a niche, the absence of strong competition and the originality of the business idea underlying it. The world does not stand still. Every year new interesting projects, developments, discoveries appear, which are already bringing money in the USA and European countries, but have not yet been mastered in Russia.

Today you will learn about original ideas worth taking note of for novice Russian businessmen.

Why is original idea important for business

Originality in business is a multifaceted concept. This is an author's idea that no one has thought of before you (such projects are usually called startups). It can also be based on the creative implementation of an already known idea or "restoration" by someone of a once invented project into which you breathed novelty.

A non-trivial approach to choosing the direction of entrepreneurial activity requires courage, open-minded thinking, and developed intuition.

An original idea for a business is:

  • low competition or its temporary absence;
  • the possibility of obtaining super profit;
  • fast promotion of the project.

Searching for potentially profitable areas of business occupies the minds of residents of all countries. Beijing, London and the famous Silicon Valley in San Francisco occupy the leading positions in terms of the number of successful startups.

This means we have a lot to learn from the United States, Britain, China and India, whose Bangalore startup sector is considered one of the fastest growing in the world.

TOP-business ideas of the year that are not in Russia

To see something new, you just need to look around. Why not use the experience of foreign colleagues in Russian realities?

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