IT Business ideas: how to find your own business in the era of information technology

The era of globalization in the modern world encompasses all aspects of human life. This is evident in many areas of activity, including entrepreneurship. Information technology is directly involved in the business, which opens up numerous opportunities for development in this area.

Many people wonder what IT business ideas exist and how to choose the right niche to start. The word "start-up", which is popular today, has become the most used word from young specialists in the field of programming in developed regions of the IT industry, for example, Silicon Valley. However, such activities require a careful approach and analysis, since most of the ideas are not unique and some of them have already been partially implemented with an unsuccessful outcome.

Business specifics in the field of information technology

Business ideas in IT can be attractive not only for ordinary users, but also for entrepreneurs themselves. After all, most of the products are designed for use in the b2b category.

There are several advantages of doing business in this area:

  • The simplicity of the provided services - here the main raw material for the product is knowledge (own or team);
  • The annual increase in demand for information services - this phenomenon is relevant due to the globalization process that covers the whole world;
  • Minimum start-up capital - the product is created from personal knowledge, this does not require additional spending.

Separately, one should highlight the advantage that describes the possibility of doing business remotely. Open borders allow integration into any economy in the world, regardless of location.

In practice, it happens like this:

A team of IT specialists in their own office is able to provide information services or create a product for a foreign company or international market. This relevance is manifested not only in the market of freelance services in the field of IT, but also for large players in this area. The release of applications, programs, website development, web design, SEO and other types of information technology services can be provided remotely for issuers from different countries or for open international access.

What requirements do users put forward to IT services

Today there are a number of main aspects that potential customers and users pay attention to when using this or that product.

These conditions do not depend on which category of information technology the provided service belongs to:

  • High mobility. Please note that access to information resources can be carried out from any device, so it is important for a business in this area to create a product or service with a high level of mobility and synchronization.
  • High productivity. This parameter applies not only to the services and products provided, but also to the team itself. Only qualified IT specialists are able to implement all the ideas they come up with and provide a high-quality service (qualifications do not apply in this case to work experience).
  • Flexibility. Globalization does not forgive obsolete ideas. Today, it is extremely important to be able to dramatically change the vector of development, following new technologies and trends.

The 21st century is witnessing the rapid development of the entire digital industry. Business in the field of IT technologies continues to gain momentum, because more and more people refuse to be content with little and are ready to take certain risks in order to achieve more.

Today, the Internet gives a person the opportunity to work, study and reveal their talents - the information technology market has more and more diverse proposals every day. The task of an entrepreneur who provides services in the IT field is to help the client interact with the Internet environment. How exactly should the workflow in the digital industry be built in order for the business to generate income, we will talk below.

Popular IT Business Ideas

You shouldn't chase originality to the detriment of competence - it's better to reproduce someone else's experience more qualitatively and improve an idea already existing on the market than to be a pioneer with an irrelevant, but unusual idea. What can be done in the information technology market today:

  • Open the VKontakte online store. Social media promotion has long been considered a powerful enough tool to make social media the main selling point. Thousands of people have already started their own businesses and are successfully working in this direction, despite the high competition and rising advertising costs.
  • Dropshipping. IT business ideas involving mediation are becoming more and more popular in Russia. Opening an online store and selling goods from the manufacturer with a surcharge can be quite profitable, the main thing is to choose the in-demand product and find a reliable supplier. This business does not even need to rent warehouse premises, because the goods will be delivered to the buyer directly from the manufacturer.
  • Online school. Quite a common direction today. As an expert in a certain field, it will not be difficult for an enterprising person to turn his knowledge into income if he can present himself correctly. Trainings, courses and video tutorials - IT business ideas of a new generation that are in demand on the network today.
  • Working with sites. Services for the creation and promotion of Internet resources can be provided independently (freelance), or you can assemble a team of specialists. This includes copywriting, web design, SEO optimization and anything that will help your clients find their clients.

The listed options differ markedly from each other, which indicates a broad concept of business in the IT industry.

What options for ideas in the field of IT can be implemented without financial investments?

During the crisis, special attention is paid to such ideas, the implementation of which will not require large financial investments, or the threshold for entering the market will be low. Start-up capital is not required if you decide to start:

  • Web design. To do this, you will have to complete courses and have a certain sense of style.
  • Copywriting. For a start, literacy and the ability to express thoughts in writing is enough, but in order to reach a decent level of income, you will need to study the rules for writing strong articles and learn how to work with elements of the text.
  • Conducting trainings. Just find those who are willing to pay for new knowledge and sell it.
  • Earning money on your own site. IT ideas for online business are not limited to writing texts and working with graphics. Creating your own portal and filling it with relevant content can subsequently become a source of passive income. To do this, the site must attract traffic, which, with the help of contextual and targeted advertising, will bring money to the owner of the resource.
  • Blogging. It can be very profitable to create interesting, topical content. Today, large companies often buy ads for a lot of money from bloggers, because people trust them much more than the media.

Your own business in IT

The decision to start a business in the field of information technology is a bold step, which not everyone can take. It is very important to pay attention to planning and documentation at the preparatory stage.

How to choose a business idea for an IT startup / PickTime corporate blog / Habr

Some time ago we launched a beta version of the site - an electronic queue in the cloud. We want to publish a series of articles, after reading which, a novice businessman (startup) will be able to study typical mistakes using the example of our organization, which will allow him to get around the rake that we have already stepped on.

This is the first article in a series. In it, I will describe my main problems and mistakes that are worth paying attention to, despite their simplicity. If you think you are pretty good at starting a business from scratch, don't read this article.

At the start, many have a similar situation:

- There is no business idea - There are no confident skills in programming, layout, design (this item is only for the IT sphere, in other areas it is present, only with a different list of skills) - There is no start-up capital

Everyone has a moment when you want to quit everything and start your own business. In spite of my good job now, I had such a desire 3 years ago and still has not disappeared. At that time, I was still studying at the university and naively believed that he would be able to give me some practical knowledge and skills, but, alas, apart from systemic thinking, there is nothing to boast of. And so, just recently, I launched a free e-queue site - Picktime.

What is PickTime PickTime is an attempt to get rid of annoying queues and stupid phone calls. The project status at the moment is Beta. The basic idea is that anyone who wants to book a table in a restaurant, make an appointment with a doctor or go to a hairdresser can do it without leaving their computer. It is enough to go to Picktime, find the place of interest and book a convenient time in a couple of clicks. These establishments appear on the site as simply as possible. The owner just needs to go in and go through a simple (!) Registration. Indicate the time of work and the interval - and that's it, you are already in search and people can come to you. It is important for the owner of the establishment to understand that he must serve the customers who came through PickTime in the first place (at the time appointed by them). Some of you may recall that some time ago Yandex launched a similar service. However, I want to note that in order to be able to sign up for you via the Internet, you need to perform quite a lot of actions, including the signature of the agreement (and someone may not even have a Legal entity). With us - everything is simple, 5 minutes and everything is ready.

"I have money, so I can create a successful business at any time."

“Oh yes, start your own business - 5 minutes. I'll finish the project and start right away. "

“It doesn't matter if I start today or tomorrow, I’ll have time yet. As long as I sit well, I will not strain. "

“Change something in your life and start living out of the box? Not today.".

These phrases (and their various formulations), sadly, accounted for 90% of the responses. Perhaps, if you have 5-10 million, then it is quite easy to buy a franchise of some popular company and, with minimal risks, get a pretty good income. If not mistaken. Let's say, with a choice of a place where to open another SubWay restaurant or a chain pub. Only this is out of the ordinary 5 minutes, and it is important to start today. Today, precisely because tomorrow this money may no longer be available, or the franchise will rise in price, or the enthusiasm will fade away. The franchise option is dull anyway. At least because it is all the same work "for the uncle", only for a larger and with a very enthusiastic area of ​​responsibility. What to do for those who want to do something of their own, for the soul? The basis of such a business is the idea. It is important to note that 90% of success depends on the choice of an idea. In my opinion, the idea should be as “interesting” as possible.

The main criteria for the "interestingness" of an idea: -Massness -Newness -Opportunities for monetization -Something from life. or something close to that

The 21st century can be confidently called the beginning of the digital era. Today, with the help of the Internet, a person can get almost everything that is necessary for modern life - knowledge, skills, resources. It is not surprising that this dynamically developing information technology market is attracting an increasing number of startups - young people with ambitious ideas, which in the future should bring benefits to humanity and income to their creator.

How to start an IT business from scratch? What promising areas for this market exist today and what difficulties may lie in wait for a start-up IT company? Let's learn from the example of a business plan.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique.

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Business form

How to start creating an IT company? First of all, experts recommend choosing a suitable form of business. The fact is that starting an entrepreneurial activity, any person is forced to revise their professional competencies.

At this time, an entrepreneur will need to solve managerial problems, he will have to acquire some skills in accounting and tax accounting, learn to analyze the market and competitors, and acquire legal knowledge.

Not everyone who plans to start a startup is willing to accept such a challenge. Therefore, it is worth revising the form in which a newcomer plans to organize a business in the IT field.

Where to start? There are the following options:

Let's take a closer look at each of the options.


Freelancing assumes from an entrepreneur the sale of his own experience and skills, both remotely and offline. This form of doing business involves keeping accounting and tax reporting to a minimum and does not require managerial skills.

Remote work can be found using all the same information technologies - there are many projects on the network that take on the function of an intermediary between an IT specialist and a customer.

To evaluate the market, you first need to determine the volume of planned investments and the niche that is most interesting to you.

It is highly desirable that this interest be supported by some theoretical, and even better practical knowledge about the development process, available tools and methodologies. It is possible to analyze the demand and the level of competition in the selected niche based on the data provided by the rating agencies. In almost every segment, even such a highly specialized one as the development of online stores, there are quite detailed ratings comparing the flagship companies in terms of turnover, average check, number of projects and other parameters that give a fairly clear picture.

Our niche is highly competitive only at first glance. In fact, this is the same level of competition as between BMW and AvtoVAZ - segmentation is primarily determined by the price of services and the class of customers. It's no secret that the range of prices for the same website development can be from 5 thousand to 5 million rubles. It all depends on what needs to be done, what level of quality to ensure, what tools to use, how big the name of an IT company is, how well-known clients are in its portfolio.

As a result, if you work in the price range of 5 - 25 thousand rubles, companies with projects of 1 million rubles or more will obviously not be your competitors, and vice versa.

To get ahead of the competition, you must first determine in which price segment you will provide services. Then it is worth analyzing direct competitors from the same price segment that provide the same services: see what development tools they offer, what additional service they include in the development cost, with what clients and projects they work.

At the same time, it is quite important to objectively assess your own strengths - will you be able to ensure the quality is not worse? Can you offer similar services for the same price? Next, it is important to highlight your unique advantage over your competitors: how are you better? Why will clients have to work with you?

If you have formulated such an advantage at an intuitive level, without external confirmation, it is better to check it in advance: conduct a survey of friends, acquaintances, casual interlocutors. Find out if this advantage really matters to them, or if your hypothesis is untenable. The sample should be large enough to give the most accurate representation.

How to determine the range of services that the company will provide?

This depends primarily on your level of knowledge of the industry and technology, as well as on the level of initial investment. For example, the average salary of an experienced Symfony programmer is 80-100 thousand rubles, i.e. 3 months of his work will cost the company already 240-300 thousand rubles. At the same time, projects of this level, as a rule, are complex, expensive and require not only a programmer on the staff, but a full-fledged team: a designer, a tester, a project manager, an analyst, etc. It is highly desirable that at least one of the key competencies is available to the owner of the company, otherwise it will be difficult to control the processes.

The most common situation in the market when an experienced developer starts his own company, and rightly so. He already has an understanding of what pitfalls await him, what difficulties the company may face, how to build processes correctly.

It is important to remember that additional services are good, but only if they do not divert most of the company's resources to themselves.

Sometimes it is more profitable to occupy a narrow niche than to offer clients the widest possible range of services.

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