How to organize and promote a flower business? 5 secrets of a successful business

Flower business is an idea that brings aesthetic pleasure and joy to people, which can distract from household problems. This is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into income.

However, before starting a flower business, you need to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of floristry at least at a basic level.

There are several ways to generate income from flowers.

Training Courses

If you have significant knowledge in the field of floristry, you can create your own training courses. They can include videos, practical tips, homework, and all sorts of other points.

You can create a video course on YouTube and receive money from the affiliate program of the video hosting itself and advertisers. For a video course to generate income, you need a minimum number of subscribers for this - at least 500.

Of the financial investments, you only need material: flowers, ribbons, wrapping paper, scissors, and so on. If you are seriously interested in floristry, you already have these things.

The faster you get subscribers, the faster you will start making profits. For this it is important to have:

1) interesting content. Try to make it as varied as possible, add humor, share original ideas;

2) advertising. You can do without advertising, but it will significantly reduce the waiting time for the first salary;

3) uniqueness. Use only your own thoughts and techniques. You cannot use other people's videos, otherwise the YouTube account will be blocked.

You can also create your own video blog, SMS mailing to subscribers, online broadcasts, even a remote floristry school.

Currently, the flower industry is deservedly considered one of the most promising and versatile areas for creating a business. With a good organization, for example, a flower shop brings the owner a net profit in the amount of 20,000 rubles to 200,000 rubles per month.

Today, an original business idea in the field of selling flowers can practically fit into both a start-up business and an experienced company. It is possible to profitably sell flower products through the following publicly available formats of the Russian market:

  • floromat ;
  • shop on wheels;
  • flower shop;
  • salon-boutique.

If you are ready to develop, then this area of ​​business is for you. Read about the secrets and ideas of the flower world in our material.

Floromat, or how to make money on practical creativity

  • abolish the headquarters of employees;
  • reduce the cost of renting retail space;
  • work without breaks and days off;
  • attract the attention of the public and potential customers;
  • reduce the prices of products sold; <
  • automate the sales process.

The above points are fundamental to the viability of a low-budget enterprise, as they bribe potential customers with an advantageous price-performance ratio.

The flower machine should be placed on the territory of a mass gathering of people. It can be either a shopping center or a 24-hour grocery store, airport or train station.

The minimum investment in the implementation of a commercial project starts from 150,000 rubles. The maximum investment in the purchase of equipment reaches 1,000,000 rubles.

A flower shop on wheels, or how to make money with an original business idea

For implementation as a summer idea, you need to purchase / rent:

  • truck;
  • refrigerator;
  • work surface;
  • minimum number of flower products;
  • containers for storing flowers.

Selling flowers has always been a profitable business due to constant demand, but this is not the only advantage of this business. When creating a business plan for a flower shop, there are many factors to consider, including a markup from 100 to 300 percent per unit of product. There are not so many opportunities in the world to triple the price and still have a constant stream of satisfied customers. In addition, the idea of ​​a flower shop can bring you profit due to the stable, albeit slow, development of this market. Add to this the lack of professional skills and a prime location to be successful, and you have a near-perfect business. As you know, there is nothing perfect in the world and we will help you not to make mistakes that can make a new business unprofitable.

Flower shop business plan: analyzing the market

When creating your own business, first of all, you need to analyze the market and choose for what kind of consumer you will work. Since we have decided to make a business plan for a flower shop, we need to decide for whom this shop will work. There are three options for a flower shop - a shopping pavilion, a shop or a florist boutique. Let's take a closer look at what each of them is.

The flower pavilion implies the rental of premises resembling a stall. In such a room, the seller offers his customers inexpensive flowers, mostly sold by the piece. That is, there are vases of flowers, a person chooses the quantity and buys. The downside of this kind of sales is that the pavilions are built in a chain and, most likely, the same businessmen will sell the same flowers near you.

A store is the same stall, only located in a building where there are no competitors around. The business is more profitable due to the greater influx of customers, but the cost of renting the premises will also be higher and the renovation of the premises will cost much more.

The florist boutique is the highest echelon in the flower business. Such boutiques do not sell flowers by pieces, do not provide cheap flower packing services - only expensive bouquets of the highest quality flowers, the most fashionable trends and huge prices. The business is very interesting and will bring more profit, but the launch costs are huge.

We, as budding entrepreneurs creating a flower shop business plan, will work with the first type of shop - the pavilion. Low costs, the ability to quickly pay off and low risk make this the most acceptable option.

Flower shop idea: rent and equipment

When looking for premises for rent, you should not think about the city center, but about places where potential buyers congregate - near hotels, universities, hospitals, theaters and cinemas. This will reduce the cost of renting premises and at the same time have a constant stream of customers. For example, young people spend a lot of money on buying flowers for their girls in the cinema, after or before the theater. And you don't need to spend money on advertising - clients will find you. Renting a room for flowers will cost 20 thousand rubles a month. This is just the pavilion itself, without repairs and equipment.

Most often, if the pavilion was built specifically for the sale of flowers, then there is no need to repair it. We need to buy equipment and we can start working. Ideally, you need to buy a cash register, a freezer, vases for flowers and materials for packaging bouquets. We will reduce our expenses to a minimum - the cash register is not needed at the beginning of work, we will replace the freezer with an ordinary air conditioner. Flower stands together with vases will cost 7 thousand rubles, an air conditioner costs 8 thousand. Let's add 4 thousand here for materials for packing bouquets. This is where the start-up costs end.

How to find suppliers correctly


The flower business is a very profitable business. The flower business is a great business. In addition, flowers are a good present for the beautiful half of society. No holiday is complete without a luxurious bouquet of flowers. So why not make some money on this. And there are a lot of ideas for the flower business. We will consider several such ideas now in this article. So, let's start.

Idea for a flower business - a garden in a bottle

A mini-garden planted in a bottle is not an ordinary flower business. Such a business is suitable for any person: employed, unemployed, and even a woman on maternity leave to care for a baby. The flower business is the perfect combination of business with pleasure. And it also gives you the opportunity to earn extra money.

There are some plants that can hardly stand the harsh conditions of the room. Therefore, it was decided to use a glass bottle, into which these plants were planted. As for the oxygen access to this container, it was significantly reduced or completely closed. This creates favorable growing conditions for such plants.

The cost of a flower arrangement directly depends on its complexity and beauty. For example, the thinner the neck of the container is, the more difficult it will be to complete the flower arrangement and, accordingly, its cost will be much higher. The average price of such compositions is about 2500 rubles. If you make 5 flower arrangements a day, then you can earn about 12,500 rubles per day, and about 350,000 rubles per month. Not bad for a business that requires little to no investment.

A new idea for a flower business is silver words written on flower petals with a special pencil for floristry

One of the advantages of the described felt-tip pens is the uniqueness of the color, as well as the water resistance of the inscriptions themselves. In addition, the pencils do not contain any chemicals that can harm the flower. Do not miss the moment, while there are still no floristic pencils on the Russian flower markets. Entrepreneurs engaged in the flower trade will only be able to purchase such pencils from you, which means that you have the opportunity to set a price for the described unique product yourself.

For the flower business owners, such a pencil for floristry will allow them to offer their clients a little-known service. During the purchase of flowers, you can offer customers to personally sign the flowers with any kind words or gentle confessions to their beloved woman.

This floristic service will undoubtedly attract even more customers to your flower shop, and accordingly, income will grow significantly with an increase in customer flow. And this in turn will allow you to sell even more flowers, beautiful flower packaging, flower cards and many other goods.

The flower business is not only profitable, but also creative. Flower products are in demand all year round, and on some holidays the relevance of selling bouquets reaches an unprecedented maximum. Like any other activity, this business requires responsibility and planning. The main difficulties are caused by the specificity of the product: flowers are a perishable and delicate product, therefore the trading place needs a special organization.

Is the flower business profitable in Russia?

Retail sales do not always give a stable result, and when selling plants, you may encounter non-standard difficulties.

The flower business has a number of undeniable advantages, however, it is not immune from risks and possible failures.

  • The need for specialized storage conditions for plants.
  • The need for careful planning of purchases of goods.
  • The need to find a good trading location.
  • The need for qualified staff florists.)

What is required to start an activity?

The financial side of the issue can be resolved in two ways: using start-up capital or obtaining a loan for business development.

The main costs will be spent on renting or buying a retail space, as well as on the purchase of equipment and the first batch of flowers.

Material costs include the following items:

Some stores offer related products in addition to the main product. It can be anything related to holidays and greetings: postcards, toys, souvenirs, etc.

Who supplies flowers to the Russian Federation?

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