How to get creative and come up with non-standard business ideas

  • Auld Sod Export Company, a Colorado-based family-owned company, successfully markets native American mud. An ounce of this unique product costs at least $ 10. The idea is to provide a piece of "homeland" to those who are far from it and feel nostalgia for their homes. Surprisingly, after six months, the authors of the original project were able to earn 2,000,000 dollars.
  • TerraCycle Inc - sells feces in half-liter plastic containers. Product price - $ 8 per bottle. Purpose - universal, environmentally friendly fertilizer for the garden and lawn.
  • Another trendy product of American bridal salons is diapers for brides, allowing girls to feel at ease and not control their emotions in the full sense of this expression.

It is not known how relevant such and similar ideas will be with us. But some types of business that are not in Russia, and which could be successful in our country, can be adopted.

Let's consider actual and adequate living examples of profitable and successful business in America, which is not yet in Russia:

Rubber tile production

This is an idea from the field of production, therefore, there is an opportunity to get affordable loans or take part in regional programs for the development of entrepreneurship. Also, the benefits of such a business include:

Initial investments - about 2 million rubles. They are necessary for the lease of territory and premises, the purchase of equipment (drying chamber, volcanic press, mixer and molds). products resulting from such production are extremely popular and in demand. Rubber paving slabs are affordable, have high consumer characteristics (aesthetic, do not change their properties under the influence of the atmosphere, wear-resistant), serve for several decades. And also - it is non-slip and not prone to cracking over time. The technology can be purchased from a variety of US resources.

Personal consultant

  • confidentiality, privacy of his information from the consultant, which cannot be implemented if the specialist provides the service directly (for example, keeps records of the client);
  • anonymity;
  • affordability.

This provides a wide client audience, saves time, regulates the number of customers, and generates additional income as the business grows. To develop a clientele, you can start a business with a promotion - consult potential clients for free during the first month. profitability - about 100%, payback - 2-3 months.

Silent parties

Top Foreign Business Models of the Year

To become the best in 2021, you need to start an original and profitable business. Ideas can be found abroad - here is an overview of the top 10 most interesting ones.

Many interesting and unusual business models are presented abroad. Some of them require investment, others can start with zero start-up capital. We offer the top 10 business ideas of 2021 that are not available in Russia.

Every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of finding his own profitable niche. However, most of the business ideas that come to mind in one way or another have already been embodied in our country. In this case, it is worth paying attention to foreign experience.

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Despite the obvious strangeness of some of them, many business ideas that have not yet been encountered in Russia have every chance to "shoot" among the domestic public in 2021.

Features of introducing foreign ideas

A beginner startup must know what exactly can hinder the successful implementation of the conceived project. And the first on this list will be a different mentality. It must be taken into account when comparing the conditions of different countries:

  • US business has absorbed all the multicultural components of its inhabitants.
  • Image orientation when choosing products or services.
  • The consumer may simply not want to change their habits, even with obvious benefits.
  • Bureaucratic problems.
  • Complex technical implementation of projects.

Those entrepreneurs who are not afraid of such difficulties should familiarize themselves with the top 10 interesting foreign projects. The ranking was based on the aggregate of probable costs, the originality of the idea and the ease of its implementation.

Name of the foreign project for 2021

For those wishing to start their own business, it is important to initially choose a promising direction. At the same time, it is difficult to assess the chances of success if there is little or no experience in this area. Therefore, it is better to study the business ideas of 2021, which are not in Russia, but which have shown themselves well abroad and have proven their relevance. It is very important to carry out simple preparatory activities in order to evaluate your own resources and at least slightly test your favorite idea.

No investment new business ideas - stage one

  • Calculate how much is available. It is best to use your own savings, as bank loans will have to be paid back even if the venture fails. Therefore, you should not invest everything you have.
  • Analyze the selected idea. First, study what products and services are trending at the moment in order to understand general trends and see the most promising directions. Secondly, to think about how best to promote and advertise the business, whether it will require investments or whether you can get by with so-called word of mouth. When choosing a new idea, you should not be afraid of competition, but you need to be prepared for the fact that others will begin to copy it, especially when it goes well.
  • Make a business plan for at least the next year. It is important to write down all the costs that will be required - from rent, if any, to taxes and transportation costs. You also need to set reasonable goals in order to assess the prospects of the work and clearly know what indicators you should strive for.

It's best to do at least a little research with your acquaintances or potential customers to see if they like your business idea and if they will take advantage of the offer.

Consider several options that require little investment and make a quick profit. For convenience, new business ideas for 2021, which are not available in Russia or are presented in small numbers so far, are divided into 2 groups - for men and women. But this division is conditional, so you can just choose the option you like and bring it to life.

For men

First of all, you should think about what your heart is in. If you want to do something with your hands, it is most reasonable to choose this direction. If you like working with gadgets, choose this area, especially since it is currently developing rapidly. Sometimes you can even choose two directions, if financial opportunities allow and there are prospects.

Service Aggregator

  • Auto repair shops.
  • Shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • Delivery services.
  • Taxis and transport companies.
  • Hairdressers, SPA salons, etc.

As for starting a business, there may be different options. The advantage of this idea is that you do not need to rent a building or plot, you can do everything from anywhere. You don't even have to quit your job if you are employed.

  • Develop an application or order it from programmers. Even if you don't have the skills, in 2-3 months you can master the programming of mobile applications in order to do everything yourself. Or order its development, but then you will have to invest about 150,000 rubles, and sometimes more. It all depends on the complexity.
  • Be sure to test, you can ask your friends and relatives about it. Very often people tell you what needs to be improved and where problems arise.
  • Think over an advertising campaign. It is important that as many people as possible download the application and start using it. To do this, it is worth coming up with a promotion or special conditions. The easiest way is to negotiate with those who will be represented in the program. They usually do not mind going forward in order to attract new customers.
  • Selling ad space, reporting promotions, and placing companies in the first position for a fee are the main income items.

Do you think an entrepreneur doesn't need all this creativity? But no. Original business ideas and work schemes can breathe life into any business, differentiate themselves from competitors and ultimately bring profit. In today's article, we will consider the basic techniques and methods of creativity and learn how to translate them into reality, analyzing specific examples.

What is creativity in business for?

Creative Thinking Techniques

Let's start with the simplest ones, end up with whole systems. Let's go!


You all know what it is. But how often have you used this method in practice?

The bottom line: one or more people sit down and start generating ideas - absolutely everything that comes to mind. No "this is not for our company" and "what kind of nonsense did you come up with?" not accepted. At the second stage, ideas are analyzed and the best ones are selected, which will subsequently be implemented.

Example: you come up with a name for an online store. Or you are solving an important problem: how to attract more customers. Or you are thinking how to make employees work at their full capacity.

Ten ideas a day

It's simple: you set yourself the task of coming up with exactly 10 ideas a day (more is possible). It doesn't matter what topic they are on. It doesn't matter how original they turn out to be.

The essence of the method: unleash creativity, make the brain work. This should be repeated every day until it becomes a habit. We advise you to write down: firstly, this way you will accumulate a baggage of thoughts, and secondly, later you yourself will be surprised how weak and lifeless the first ideas were compared to those that you will generate after a while.

Example: Take the line of business you work in. What would you invent in it that would improve? What would you do if you became a monopolist and could dictate your own rules?

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Foreign business ideas which are not in Russia". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

New business ideas

First in their business: business ideas that do not yet exist in Russia

Despite the huge number of differences in the types of ideas - traditional and unusual - they are united by a lot, the main of which is the result. Ideas are ideas, but it is not for nothing that “business” is the first in the phrase “business ideas”.

The search for a business idea begins with a single goal - the embodiment of your own business. Whichever idea is great. 90% of success lies in its implementation. And here options are possible. Even in traditional business, there are many pitfalls that make it difficult to get a business going. And you don't need to look far for examples. One of the most popular types of business for a novice entrepreneur is undoubtedly the opening of a shawarma outlet. The point is true, capital investments are minimal, demand is constant. Even special advertising is not needed, just a sign and placement in a passageway. But some businessmen have a "rushing" business, even without original recipes and tricks, they just sell shawarma. For others, the case is "bent" so much that no marketing moves and promotions help. Although, everything is done strictly in accordance with traditions and smart business books. Why? A question that worries more than one generation of businessmen. Let's try to find the answer to it.

Business is a purely individual business that does not tolerate templates. Understanding the business processes that occur depending on external and internal factors is that notorious success in the business you have started. Sometimes this happens at the level of intuition. With such people, any business idea will become successful. They sense its points of application or monetization. For others, even the most studied idea, overgrown with a lot of advice, opinions and recommendations, will not bring anything but a headache. Because they do not feel the business and do not understand the underlying processes. For the second type of entrepreneurs, no business idea will help. Or will it help?

This is where business ideas that are not yet very well known in Russia come to the rescue. They are little studied, but on the other hand, there is no competition for them at all. In the case of commercial implementation on emerging demand, you can attract the first customers, even without involving marketing. This, incidentally, explains an interesting fact. In any business, more often than not, followers are more successful than those who discovered this business niche. Think of McDonald's, one of the most popular fast food chains. The business idea was started by the McDonald's brothers, but completely different people were engaged in turning it into a popular network franchise, having bought the business from the brothers. True, the brothers, thanks to this, managed to become millionaires. That is, they have achieved their success. Does this mean that any little-known business idea can work the same way?

Maybe. The chances are increased compared to traditional business. And even those who know little about business can achieve success, but gain an advantage in the form of a complete lack of competition. If we do not forget that business is a purely individual matter and requires a competent implementation of the idea. As for ideas, where can you get business ideas that are still unknown in Russia?

You will be surprised, but we know a site where more than 1919 business ideas are collected. And new ones are added every day. Among others, there are business ideas implemented individually in different parts of the world. Those that fully meet the title of this article are businesses that do not yet exist in Russia. These ideas are individual and require comprehensive study. Assessments for the possibility of implementing this business in Russia. And in case of success ... In case of success, followers will surely appear. And this will be the first and main sign that the idea has "fired". And before that, with the implementation of his business idea, the entrepreneur remains face to face.

We try to mark all such business ideas with two tags - chips and a startup. If you look at the entire list, it will not turn out interesting - you should try to study it yourself, in search of your business idea. We have selected just a little - 30 business ideas, in our opinion, which are the most unusual. Anyone who is properly implemented can become a super-profitable business. It all depends on you!

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