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However, the opposite situation is not uncommon. There is an abundance of abilities and determination, but there is not enough imagination, a creative approach. Well, this is how life works - not everyone is given the ability to create new ideas. And there is nothing terrible in this, you can be a successful businessman and not be a "creative". It's just that the ability to come up with something new is a help for a new business, but not a condition. In this case, the lack of an idea for a business is more than compensated for by the rich opportunities that our information-rich life is full of. This is where the initiative and perseverance of a novice businessman comes in handy.

How to find a successful business idea

Before looking for a successful idea for starting our own business, let's try to figure out what the concept of "idea" is. The ancient Greeks put the meaning “form, prototype, type” into this word. As you can see, in our time, an idea is understood as a mental representation of an object, essence, principle, in which its distinctive, important and essential features are highlighted. Thus, the idea is a form of comprehension through thinking of the phenomena of the surrounding objective reality, which includes the awareness of the goal and the projection of the further way to achieve it for the practical transformation of the world. A successful idea is not just a glimpse or vague sensation of something interesting flashing through your mind. It includes a vision of the goal and a way to implement it in practice. Having clarified the content of the concept "idea", it is now easier for us to understand where to find an idea for a business.

Your hobbies and interests

It has long been noticed that it is easiest for a person to do what he especially likes, what he is passionate about. A hobby is the most interesting and exciting option for starting a business, since a person who has decided to transform his hobby into a business is perhaps the most successful - he does not only what he likes, but it also brings tangible income. It is worth taking a closer look at yourself, perhaps it is your hobby, if you turn it into your profession, could be a profitable occupation? This can be very attractive and positive reinforcement for successfully starting your own business. Choosing an occupation that you do not like, but brings real money, you risk losing all interest in it in the future, and, as a result, completely abandon it.

It might be worth taking a fresh look at your favorite hobby to consider its business potential. To search for business ideas of this kind, write down on a piece of paper several options for classes that you can devote with pleasure for 12 hours daily. Choose among them the potentially profitable and start implementing your business idea. If, for example, you like sewing, you should open a sewing studio. If you love sports and know all the nuances of the fitness industry well, you should open a sports club. Practice shows that in the passions and hobbies of most people, something can always be the basis of their business endeavors.

The key point in this implementation of a business idea from scratch is your extraordinary competence in a range of issues of interest to society. However, although this path is attracting more and more supporters, it is not suitable for everyone. It is not enough just to get involved in something, you need to be a professional in a certain occupation, the results of which are in demand by people.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Leave the fuss and look around

Lance Fride, pondering how to find a business idea, was at home and looked out the window at the windsurfers on the coast. A close look gave him the idea of ​​creating an mp3 player that could be used even while submerging under water or riding a snowboard. This was the reason for the opening of the Freestyle Audio company. The explanation lies in the fact that you can come up with an idea without even budging. You just need to stop fussing, calm down and take a thoughtful look around the world around you.

Can be found while on the go

The world around you is full of useful ideas, but they will not come to you on their own while you are in one place or painfully pondering in a closed room where to get an idea for a business. Example: Walt Disney came up with the idea for a Disneyland park during his trip - he was with his family in Copenhagen and was walking in the Tivoli Gardens park, famous for its entertainment at that time. A proven psychological effect: when traveling, a person is more positive, he is more observant, open to everything new. It should be borne in mind that in other cultures there is a lot of interesting things that are not yet used or implemented in our country or area. Thus, you can also accidentally "spy" on a trip a completely new representation of something familiar to us.

How to find successful business ideas

In July 2021, I sat in the Google office in Silicon Valley and read letters from my subscribers: "Semyon, why are you publishing business ideas for free?"

Many people understand how laborious it is to find quality ideas in other countries. My answer shocked many: ideas are worthless. Exactly 0 rubles 00 kopecks. Then why do some people make millions with breakthrough ideas?

Evaluation of an idea and its implementation is what costs a lot of money. People who are not connected with business often do not share the concept of idea and implementation of an idea.

“Your” idea is a magical mental elixir that inspires, we give you strength to work 24 hours a day, allows you to enjoy every day you live and develop your business at a marathon pace.

If you find "your" idea, your world will turn upside down. You will forever forget the word "work" as a workplace. Your "work" will become your hobby, and your hobby will bring money for your deepest dreams.

So how do you get those "your" ideas?

Now get your pen and notebook ready and move on to the main part of the article. And remember, you have already become better by picking up this magazine, while your friends are reading the VK news feed ????

There are no unique ideas

Whatever innovation you invent, it will be based on the experience of other people. The only question is how much it will differ from the previously created one.

ways to generate business ideas:

Inspiration is a pretty subtle thing. It can come immediately, or it can be absent for years. You need to know your source of inspiration. To do this, you need to refer to the experience of past ideas. How they came to you, through listening to music or watching a movie. Everyone is looking for their own inspiration in their own way. It is enough for someone to look at their second, as an inspiration immediately occurs. And someone can long and hard his muse.

Once you start to have an idea of ​​your source of inspiration, it remains to turn to it. Concentrate on it and let thoughts and ideas fill you. For example, you want to paint a picture. If you take inspiration from the works of Picasso, then look and study them, find something special that you did not notice. Think about it. And before you have time to look back, the necessary thought will visit you.

Another method can be used. You can concentrate on similar ideas. For example, you need to name your firm. Think about its purpose. What services will it offer. See what similar firms are called. What they used to name theirs. Maybe an element that is unique to this business. Perhaps the name of the service or association with it. Thus, you will find a selection criterion for your idea.

A novice entrepreneur involuntarily asks the question: where to find an idea for a business. The market for services and goods is so overcrowded that there is little to surprise the consumer, but if you think about it, you can conclude that there are still a lot of unaffected areas. The main thing is to look in the right direction!

Look around, look around you. For example, Lance Fride, sitting at home and watching the windsurfers out of the window, decided to create a player with which he could dive under water. And Arthur Blank took a closer look at the company he works for and with his friend set up a home repair help business. Perhaps an unused idea is right in front of you, but you do not focus on it.

For ideas, you can refer to the experience of American entrepreneurs. Naturally, contacting them directly will be problematic and costly. Therefore, use the worldwide global network. Here you can also find the approximate costs, income and payback period of the project.

Try to find an idea in the direction that interests you. For example, if you love children, and besides, you have a pedagogical education, it would be inappropriate to open a company that organizes weddings, for example. You might want to consider the idea of ​​starting a business that involves organizing children's events.

Conduct market research in the city in which you want to do business. To do this, you must first look at the age level of the population in the region. Let's say your city is dominated by young people. In this case, it is advisable to open some kind of entertainment establishment.

Take a close look at the goods and services offered by organizations. Turn on your fantasy. Let's say there are many different theaters in your area - drama, music, puppet theater, etc. Through your market research, you have found that there are many deaf people in your area. Organize a theater for the deaf.

Looking for a business idea? It's actually quite simple. First of all, you need to learn to find the voids in the markets and pay attention to them. Stanford University professor Tina Seelig has developed the following exercise

Participants are requested to obtain wallets. They then pair up and tell each other about their wallets. They discuss what they love or hate about them, or talk about how they are used for shopping and for keeping documents.

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