How to create a flower business: 4 best directions and step-by-step instructions

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Ideas for a flower business." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business plan for opening a flower shop

There are many different businesses in the world that, regardless of climate, political situation, demographic and economic conditions, will be profitable. Floristry is one such successful business idea. Opening a flower shop is a very popular way to make money and despite high competition, it is still profitable.

A beautiful bouquet will bring joy and good mood

Location is very important for opening a flower shop. Definitely, the point of sale should be located where many people pass. Almost every person several times a year gives someone a bouquet of flowers for national, personal holidays, or simply to improve the mood of a loved one. And in search of a bouquet, he goes to a store located nearby, or by which he walks to work, study, and so on.

There are two ways to sell flowers. First, open your own flower shop. This idea is quite expensive to implement. The cost of the store depends on the location of the type of building, as well as other factors and can vary from 1,600,000 to 5,000,000 rubles. Of course, for a budding entrepreneur, this is a fairly serious amount.

A small flower pavilion can be the beginning of a successful business

Another option is to open a small pavilion, kiosk or stand where you can sell flowers. The idea is quite interesting and will cost, of course, cheaper, but it will still be a rather expensive and complicated enterprise. In this case, you should take care of special heating in winter (flowers should be in a warm room). The implementation of this idea will cost from 320,000 rubles and more.

The third, and probably the most optimal option today, is to rent a pavilion or retail outlet that you could adapt for your own business. Arrangement of the pavilion (if the premises are vacant) will cost you 80,000 rubles. The cost of renting premises, as a rule, depends on the prestige of the area and traffic, but on average you should be ready to pay about 50,000 rubles a month.

Once you've decided which of the three options works best for you, you can start looking for a place. This is probably the most important point of this business. Your future profit will directly depend on how well you choose a place for a flower shop.

The listed locations are very beneficial for floristry, but keep in mind that sometimes it is better to open a flower shop in a less popular location in order to fill an empty niche and enjoy higher profits than in a theoretically more advantageous location.

Working with flowers brings a lot of positive emotions

The ideal flower shop owner is someone who:

The flower business attracts primarily with small investments and good profitability. However, due to the fragility of flowers, seasonality of sales and many other factors, you should take a responsible approach to organizing your business.

The main nuances of the flower business

Small flower shops

Step-by-step instructions for starting a flower business

Finding space for a store

Flower business profitability

The main nuances of the flower business

To create a flower business, you need to consider the following features:

  • Perishable goods. Flowers tend to lose their original appearance, and this happens quickly enough. In this regard, you will need not only proper care for the flora of your store, but also careful planning of product purchases.
  • Product markups. The cost of flowers is quite low, but the markup for them is from 100 to 150 percent. Only a limited list of goods has such significant indicators, for example, medicines or weapons. To get the most out of the business, the owner must take this fact into account.
  • Flexibility. The flower business does not require tangible start-up capital, and what is also important, does not require a lot of effort to close the business.
  • Seasonality. Revenue will vary depending on the season. Super profit will be on holidays, the time when gifts in the form of flower bouquets will become the main manifestations of attention. The least profitable season for business will be summer, when people will have the opportunity to grow flowers in their summer cottages or simply pick them in parks.

Flower Business Forms

The next step after making a decision to engage in the sale of flowers will be the choice of the form of this activity. There are several formats for flower business, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • flower tents;
  • small flower shops;
  • online flower shops;
  • flower boutiques.

Flower Tents

The essence of entrepreneurship

Today people value their time more and more, therefore they often prefer to order bouquets with delivery to their home or office. In addition, delivering flowers and gifts to women is another way to give ladies attention, which is increasingly used by men. But with high competition in this niche, it is important to always offer fresh flowers, bright, original bouquets. At the same time, keep an affordable price for your services.

Therefore, it is important to find good florists who can competently collect and arrange a bouquet with taste. Also, the business depends a lot on bona fide suppliers. If you develop a good relationship with them, you can buy flowers at attractive discounts.

Additional direction

In order to stand out from the competition and increase the profitability of the business, the business must be diversified with other directions. For example, together with bouquets, offer the delivery of postcards and gifts. Or diversify the assortment with bouquets of sweets and fruits.

You can expand your customer base by offering various seeds, flower bulbs. But if delivery of bouquets is usually ordered by men, then the seeds and bulbs are usually taken by women. This must also be taken into account when promoting your business.

Seeds and bulbs can be purchased from the same suppliers that sell flowers. But it is better to look for direct connections to manufacturers. The leading countries in the production of planting material are Turkey, Holland, Poland.


It's no secret that the flower business has a pronounced seasonality. Moreover, the peaks of popularity fall on various holidays: Valentine's Day, March 8, September 1. For example, on Valentine's Day, the sales volume can increase sixfold, on March 8 - by 10. Therefore, the high season falls at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The rest of the year the business shows low profitability.

The same goes for the sale of seeds and bulbs. Sales peaks in the spring, when planting begins. Sales completely freeze in winter, when plants end their vegetative period.


At first glance, a business does not require special equipment. It is enough to have your own car to deliver orders on it. Moreover, you can take a courier with your own car and save on this expense item.

However, in order for your business to flourish, it is advisable for you to purchase flowers in bulk and store them until the order arrives. Each type of flowers requires its own temperature regime, has its own storage characteristics. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase special refrigerating chambers or cabinets for storing cut flowers. They can be made to order for your premises. The chamber is an 80mm polyurethane foam sandwich panel that is mounted indoors. The set includes a refrigeration unit equipped with external air coolers and a condenser.

How much can you earn from selling flower seedlings. Real business plan. Gardener's advice on growing the main varieties of flowers for flower beds. An exciting hobby - growing flowers can be a good source of income. To start, you need a little: love for plants, hard work and, for the first time, a room that will house the flower "laboratory". These are, perhaps, all the basic ingredients needed to start growing flowers for sale at home.

What flowers are profitable to grow

The most popular species have been and remain roses, tulips, lilies and crocuses. A wide variety of varieties and a constantly updated selection range will allow you to quickly respond to flower fashion trends and offer current products.

To clearly see the popularity of these four types, we present the data in a comparative table:

Based on these figures, we calculate the profit from each type of plant. A pleasant bonus in the flower business is the fact that prices increase on holidays up to 3000%, which, in principle, compensates for the seasonal decline and promotional offers.

When choosing varieties and combinations of several subspecies at once, take into account the features of the greenhouse device and the requirements for soil composition.

Let's share a few more secrets when planning a disembarkation:

  • Climatic conditions of the region. In the southern regions, it is easier to grow any of the 4 types of flowers, which is not to say about the cold northern regions.
  • The size of the greenhouse. The height of the structure must be at least 4 meters.
  • The presence of an irrigation and humidity control system inside the greenhouse all year round.

If you decide to start a business on a grand scale, don't dwell on popular types of flowers. New selections and varieties that belong to the garden group regularly appear on the market.

Among them are peonies, petunias, violets and dahlias.

Business idea: growing flowers: Where to start

Whatever the holiday, there are always universal gifts that can be presented to a woman of any age. These are flowers and candies. What could be better than a beautiful bouquet? Masterpieces from the florist's workshop will resonate in the heart of every lady. You can, of course, choose the classic version - roses. And this will be a good solution, but you should still separate the reasons and, accordingly, choose the right bouquets for the occasion. Flowers are a metaphor for feelings: lively, delicate with a varied palette of colors and aromas. They symbolize attention, respect and love.

Exclusive flower gift ideas

A small bouquet or a luxurious armful is the main thing for the gift to be sincere and extraordinary. An interesting flower arrangement can be created for a person of any age, gender and status. Most often, flowers are given to girls, so the look varies. An unusual bouquet of flowers for a girl is made out as a bouquet in the conventional sense, as well as boxes with flowers, baskets of various shapes with the addition of toys, souvenirs, sweets.

Flowers don't solve all problems. But they are a good start

A figurine of fresh flowers will cause a storm of positive emotions. To compose such decors, floristic foam is used in the base, which absorbs and retains moisture well. The top is decorated with chrysanthemums or daisies. They are great in size to create contour and shape, and thanks to the wide range of colors they allow you to give room for imagination. Such a gift will retain its attractive appearance for several weeks if properly cared for. It is enough to put it in a cool place and water it once a day, as the stems and branches are cut off, so the buds are fed directly and stay fresh longer.

True feelings are not a picture of a bouquet for a birthday in classmates, but a doorbell ringing with a real bouquet of flowers

Seasonal bouquets also look great: tenderness of first flowers, freshness of summer wildflowers. Winter-autumn ideas are full of darker colors, cones, needles, shiny elements are allowed in the decoration.

The original design of a bouquet of fresh flowers may consist not only in the very form of the bouquet. It may be familiar in form, but differ in content. At the discretion of the florist, the bouquet can be supplemented with intricately curved young bamboo branches or exotic dry lotus seed pods. Also, to give exclusivity, decorations from foamiran are used - a decorative foamy material (other names: plastic suede, foamed rubber, revelor). Decor for bouquets in the form of butterflies (birds) made of painted feathers on skewers, ladybugs made of wood or foam on a hairpin, dried flowers do not lose their relevance. All this emphasizes beauty, sophistication, either contrasting or complementing.

Creative bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers can be supplemented with edible elements. It doesn't have to be confectionery. Fashion trends more and more often dictate the use of fresh fruits and berries (common and exotic) for these purposes. Clear canons for creating bouquets are in the past. It is not only beautiful and funny, but also practical and tasty!

How to make an unusual bouquet with your own hands?

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