Furniture making business idea

You are an entrepreneurial person and want to start your own business. Why not take advantage of the widespread desire of people to get rid of annoying old furniture and renew the environment! One of the most promising small business areas is the production of kitchen furniture. This is a great business idea that can generate good income for an entrepreneur. Provided that the investment is done correctly.

Why is the production of kitchen furniture preferred?

The production of kitchen sets occupies a significant share of the furniture market (about 22%). Moreover, in this area all categories of entrepreneurship coexist peacefully and calmly: both large corporations and private business. This is due to the fact that for quite objective reasons the sales market was divided between them. Piece-production is not a sphere of interest for furniture factories. They deal with bulk orders and don't readjust production to make a single small batch order, no matter how expensive. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, on the contrary, are happy to take on such work. Individual orders are their main bread.

Kitchen Business Competitive Analysis

The level of competition in the furniture industry is extremely high. However, a newcomer has a chance to gain a reliable competitive position in the market by occupying a niche, the demand for which is not satisfied by the existing supply.

For example, you can capitalize on the widespread trend of purchasing kitchen sets from local manufacturers. Kitchens of the "economy segment" and the middle price category are not transported from afar. It is unreasonably expensive. Therefore, buyers' choice is limited to the assortment of regional production. A novice entrepreneur can take advantage of this and not invent something new, not come up with innovative design models of kitchens. It is enough to study the capabilities of competitors and occupy a narrow niche that is still empty or almost undeveloped.

You can start solving the problem in a different way. In most cases, private entrepreneurs make solid, but uncomplicated, simple pieces of furniture. These are products that meet the requirements for products sold at a low price. Many manufacturers do not have at their disposal the entire list of equipment and inventory required to create original furniture. Their products are in demand due to their cost effectiveness. In this case, a good idea and creativity can help a beginner. He will be able to compete with experienced firms, applying fashionable "chips", technological know-how, new colors, contemporary design, covering the segment of rarely used materials.

Step-by-step instructions for starting a kitchen furniture business

Legal formalities

The organizational and legal form (OPF) of the company being opened is determined based on the planned client segment and resource capabilities. If the circle of your clients will be limited to individuals, then it is enough to issue an individual entrepreneur (IP). If you plan to include state institutions and legal entities in the list of your clients, then an LLC or CJSC will be suitable for your activity. The optimal solution for opening a small manufacturing enterprise is to choose the form of legal registration of an individual entrepreneur.

So, your initial steps:

  • select the legal status of the organization being established;
  • indicate the type of activity according to OKVED. Our code is 36.3, called the production of kitchen furniture;
  • open a current account with a financial institution;
  • register with the tax office;
  • decide on the tax regime ... The most suitable taxation system is the simplified tax system;
  • to draw up contracts for additional services: garbage collection, cleaning, etc.;
  • in the case of starting a serial production, prepare project documentation agreed with such federal services such as Rospotrebnadzor, Rospozharnadzor and MUE "Gosenergo".

The fashion for natural furniture is reviving. Today, people are increasingly interested in interior items such as wicker furniture. And not only for decorating summer cottages or verandas, but also for decorating rooms in the house. Eco-friendly furniture is not only beautiful but also practical. A comfortable armchair from a vine can be made independently according to your taste and discretion.

In order to make wicker furniture with your own hands, you can use the following materials:

  • Banana leaves. Such raw materials for furniture are also called abacus. Banana leaves are between 75 and 350 centimeters long. Not only furniture is weaved from them, but also ropes and various ropes. Very durable and lightweight material. Banana leaf furniture turns out to be dark brown.
  • Bamboo furniture. Less common due to the difficulty of braiding hard bamboo. For weaving, bamboo shavings are used and various decorative items are created from it.
  • Hyacinth. Special water hyacinth is also used in furniture weaving. Such material requires lengthy preparation. First, the collected hyacinth is dried, then pressed and rolled into rolls. It takes six months. Such furniture does not fade in the sun and is resistant to moisture.
  • Rattan is the most commonly used material for making furniture. It is very durable and resistant to wear and tear and moisture. You can often find wicker rattan furniture in the sauna.
  • Algae. Seaweed furniture is less durable than rattan furniture, but very beautiful. Algae is removed from the ocean floor, dried and cut into ribbons. The frame of the furniture is braided with these ribbons.
  • Willow. Willow wicker furniture is prone to cracking. This material is not as strong as rattan and is not very flexible. The length of the rods is 50 centimeters. Due to their stiffness, willow rods are more difficult to bend.

In addition to the above materials, you can also use bird cherry vines, alder, raspberries, hazel and even nettles for weaving.

If you are going to make wicker furniture for the first time, then it is better to use bird cherry, since the vine of this tree is more flexible and plastic.

Types of wicker furniture

  • Frameless. The essence of creating such furniture comes down to the fact that only strong sticks act as a frame, which will play the role of rigid ribs for the construction of a piece of furniture.
  • Wireframe. The frame in such furniture is made of steel rods or other durable metal. Weaving in this type of furniture is done over the metal parts of the frame.
  • Wooden. The supporting frame here is made in the form of wooden sticks, which give rigidity and stability to the furniture.

Varieties of wicker furniture can be seen in the photo:

Advantages and disadvantages of wicker furniture

The demand for wicker furniture has been growing in recent years, which means that such a piece of furniture has positive recommendations and undeniable advantages. Among them:

Investments: from 750,000 rubles

Payback: from 8 months

The manufacture of cabinet furniture is considered a profitable business. The niche is only two-thirds full. This means, with the right approach, payback will not take long. The chances of a budding entrepreneur are high. Let's see how to increase them even more.

Business Concept

Experts of the furniture market believe that the manufacture of cabinet furnishings is the most profitable. Furniture blocks are made of wood, metal, chipboard, plastic, glass. This allows you to maximize market coverage.

It is most profitable to choose chipboard as a basis for furniture. The cost of the tree is high. It is more suitable for design projects.

Chipboard furniture is not only economically profitable, but also beautiful.

If you decide to open a furniture factory, focus on large customers. Organizations, business centers can act as customers. Or negotiate the supply of finished furniture to large trade enterprises. For a small business, the target audience is design studios, or people who want to make an individual order for unusual furniture through the site.

What is required for implementation?

The premises for the workshop can be rented at first. This will not result in a pretty penny, since there are no special requirements for it. The workshop can be located anywhere, it is more profitable to equip production in the industrial zone of the city - the rent will come out less. For a small enterprise, an area of ​​40 square meters is enough: to accommodate a production workshop and a warehouse.

Those who are allowed by the start-up capital immediately open a showroom with an office. To do this, you need to rent a hall in the city center with high traffic. But this is only profitable for large settlements. In small villages, it is beneficial to open only a workshop: make furniture to order or sell it through the website.

Material on the topic: "Business idea of ​​making furniture" with full explanation and justification.

Furniture production business plan

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Unlike the previous business plan for the production of furniture, the business plan proposed below is designed to organize a larger furniture production. Using the proposed sample business plan for organizing the production of furniture as an initial template, you can easily draw up your business plan for furniture production for your specific conditions.

Furniture manufacturing is an excellent investment option, provided that you have chosen the right specialization and have drawn up a detailed business plan for the furniture production. Domestic furniture is in steady demand due to the relatively low cost and the ever increasing quality of products in recent years. In addition, given the relative simplicity of the furniture manufacturing process itself, organizing furniture production is a very attractive idea for creating your own business.

About half of all domestic furniture is produced by small companies, as a rule, with a narrow specialization (cabinet furniture, children's furniture, office furniture, upholstered furniture, glass furniture, etc.). A small company is more mobile, it is easier and faster for it to respond to changes in consumer demand. For the manufacture of custom-made furniture, certificates are not required, but the manufacture of serial furniture requires confirmation of compliance with GOST standards for each series.

Built-in furniture has been in constant demand in recent years, which is manufactured for any room according to the wishes of the client. Built-in wardrobes can be found in almost every home today.

An interesting and promising direction of furniture production is the manufacture of children's furniture. Every parent wants to surround their child with the best, environmentally friendly and beautiful things, but imported furniture is expensive. In this niche, there is an active growth in consumer demand today.

As for the production of office furniture, there are also good prospects here, since new firms are constantly being created, and high-quality and inexpensive furniture will certainly be in demand.

Of course, the choice of specialization will depend on your marketing research, since each region has its own characteristics, demand and the presence of competitors. It is rather difficult to supply products for export, since foreign consumers buy mainly materials and components, and they are very reluctant to buy Russian furniture.

So, if you have decided on the choice of your niche in the furniture business, then you need to draw up a business plan for furniture production.

The production part of the furniture manufacturing business plan

Currently, the majority of our country's residents are ready to spend a lot of money on the purchase of quality furniture. That is why the furniture business is considered one of the most profitable areas of entrepreneurial activity. This article presents furniture manufacturing business ideas.

Furniture manufacturing: advantages and disadvantages

Before starting your own furniture manufacturing business, you should analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of this idea. There are many advantages in this industry:

  • high demand for products;
  • production does not require large financial costs;
  • affordable equipment;
  • a small room is enough for the manufacture of furniture;
  • no problems with finding high-quality material.

The disadvantage of furniture production is that the search for clients must be carried out independently. Distribution channels must be efficiently established. You should think about this aspect before starting your own business.

In order for your furniture business idea to generate a good income, you should study all the intricacies of this industry, as well as the market in your region.

Furniture business idea

So, you have weighed all the pros and cons of the manufacturing industry and decided to open your own business, the main focus of which will be furniture manufacturing. Where do you start? First of all, all business ideas require drawing up a business plan, which should contain calculations, information about material suppliers and distribution channels.

To implement this business idea, you need to rent a room with an area of ​​40 square meters or more. Make sure that there is electricity, water supply, and good lighting is required. The average rental price is from 20,000 rubles per month.

Next, we register the business as an individual enterprise. It is necessary to obtain permission from all relevant government agencies. The amount that will be required when registering your own business is 7,000 rubles.

  • corps ;
  • office ;
  • dormitory ;
  • kitchen ;
  • children ;
  • bedrooms.

Today, high-quality and at the same time original handmade furniture, as well as kitchens and nurseries, are in high demand.

Equipment and material supplies for furniture production

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