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Many of us are faced with the problem of investing capital. Money should work - everyone has known this rule for a long time. If the financial resources simply lie under the pillow, then soon they will lose value due to inflation or will simply be spent on some needs without bringing any return. In this regard, capital owners often have a question: "Where to invest money?"

There are actually quite a few investment objects. You can give money to the bank, counting on a small but stable income; you can buy shares of an efficiently operating company or government securities; you can buy real estate or invest in bank precious metals. All of these options will provide some growth in your capital. For a multiple increase in capital, you can open your own business, which will find many consumers in the Russian market and bring a lot of income. To do this, you should not "invent a bicycle", you can simply take good business ideas from abroad and adapt them to our consumer. In this case, capital investments can provide you with a good income for many years.

Important! It should be understood that foreign ideas may not be accepted on the Russian market due to differences in economics, politics, people's mentality, etc. The entrepreneur factor will also play an important role in success: an experienced and talented businessman will be able to conquer greater heights than a beginner.

Overseas IT Business Ideas

The IT sphere is a trend at this time. This industry is known to the wide masses of people, since almost everyone uses the Internet. Starting a business in this area will require some knowledge and a small investment. The plus is that everyone can try to create something interesting, useful and profitable: from a schoolboy to a woman on maternity leave.

The most popular examples of business ideas are:

  • organizing your own YouTube channel;
  • website development;
  • web design;
  • marketing and internet -sales;
  • copywriting;
  • blogging;
  • creation of all kinds of applications.

The above options can generate good income if you engage a wide group of potential consumers with your content. I would like to attach particular importance to the last point, which implies the creation of applications or entertainment on different platforms. Doing something like this takes some programming skills, but the original idea is also important. The application can help users in solving some everyday problems, or convey important and interesting information to people, simplify life or give advice - then it will definitely become popular and it will be possible to monetize the project. There are many examples of such sites from abroad:

  • Airbnb service, which allows you to rent accommodation while sitting at your computer at home;
  • Uber app: you can use it to find, order and pay for taxis; <
  • Badoo, Tinder: dating apps;
  • Yula, Joom, AliExpress: apps for selling things and services.

As we can see, injecting funds and efforts into this area can be crowned with great success, you just need to find a space that has not been used by anyone and fill it with your ideas.

As mentioned earlier, business immigration is one of the most acceptable ways to immigrate to Europe. There are several reasons for this. To put it simply, in any case it is good abroad only with money, homelessness is equally bad in Uryupinsk and in Paris.

So, we need a business. What kind of business should you do abroad? What areas are promising, especially considering that the business owner is an expat?

Best options

The first way is to buy a ready-made business (the article talks about this in detail, using the example of the Czech Republic).

This solution has many of its own pros and cons, as well as nuances - a good, profitable business is not easy to buy.

Here are some possible options (add that they are suitable for an ordinary person who has little experience with business projects, others know everything themselves).

Property Use

The first option may seem fantastic, but in fact, in many European countries you can buy premises on credit and immediately sell them for more (the object is considered yours!).

An example is the real estate industry in Cyprus. In fact, many Russians live off such incomes.

Renting out housing is especially beneficial in tourist countries - for example, in Austria with ski resorts, in sunny Bulgaria, etc.

Original ideas

If you have a little money and want to start with a small business, it makes sense to think about a business focused on compatriots - immigrants or again tourists.

New business ideas come from abroad quite often. Therefore, it makes sense to periodically monitor new business trends abroad. Of course, not everything can be done on native soil. But some can be adopted directly, and some can be creatively reworked. What this review will be devoted to. But first, let's outline some difference in approaches in the west, east, and here. This will help you better navigate when implementing a foreign business idea in your “native land”.

It's good to remember the difference between us and them

Business is an invention of the Western way of thinking. What is the difference between business and, more or less associated with our term, entrepreneurship? ... This requires a separate discussion. Here we will outline the difference in approaches. On the basis of which it will become clear that not all the ideas of foreign countries can be implemented, or even limitedly implemented here.

Let us dwell on these, in our opinion, the most important features when considering new business ideas from abroad.

Recent examples of foreign business ideas

For convenience, let's group business ideas according to some criteria. The structuring given below is largely arbitrary.

These are ideas related to new discoveries, stupid, cheapening of existing technologies. Traditionally, most innovations are simply implemented in the west or east. Periodic review of innovation can push a business idea. And since the West is initially aimed at extracting material benefits, then the development of technologies themselves are closely linked to profitability, financial gain from investments. Examples of innovative business ideas:

  • Photo printing for the phone. A special phone case that allows you to instantly print a photo;
  • Tent-solar battery. The energy generated by the tent is enough to charge an electronic gadget, connect some not very power-hungry device;
  • Electric bike in a backpack. A good solution for those who like to travel;
  • Reusable diapers;
  • Stylus-brush that allows you to draw on touch screens;
  • Printer for printing clothes.

Ideas related to economy, ecology, healthy food

Some more ideas

Any successful business is usually based on non-standard ideas. And most often they arise in the service sector, which covers most of the countries of the world, and has the largest number of service personnel. Naturally, in Europe, know-how for business promotion appears more often, because an experiment was carried out with Russia, completely excluding such a concept as a service. And even if it arose somewhere through an oversight, it was called “unobtrusive”. The experience of foreign countries, which have always lived in market conditions and competition, is now being increasingly used by Russia.

Areas of borrowing ideas for business

Thanks to the Internet, the sites of which are available to everyone, the boundaries in the information field are erased, and the popular variants of Western, in particular, European countries are becoming common property, which, of course, only contributes to business development. The most non-standard, original foreign options for starting your own business are instantly picked up by Russia, which does not yet have a level of service like in Europe.

A lot of countries have achieved economic breakthroughs thanks to tourism, which holds the lion's share of the service sector. But there are also more compact areas of service, the boundaries of which do not reach the universal scale, and the topics that arise here are modest, but very nice and touching.

Business focused on pregnant women

Take expectant mothers, for example. As a rule, they have ideas as they encounter any difficulties or obstacles that arise during pregnancy and after childbirth. And then, if the idea is good, it can help start a business:

  • so, for example, many pregnant women were not satisfied with the bandage because it slips off all the time. And only one of a huge number of expectant mothers had the idea of ​​clips that attach a bandage to clothes, even to ordinary jeans;
  • new mothers often have non-standard ideas based on the experience of their profession. So, the teacher, engaged in the selection of useful activities for her daughter, came up with a completely new modification of educational toys;
  • a sports trainer opened an outdoor fitness school for mothers and babies.

Quite outlandish thoughts arise in Western countries. So, in the state of Michigan, one of the mothers of first-graders invented Talkatoo - an encouraging device (a technical device that performs certain functions in everyday life), in this case in the form of a pendant or a keychain, which, as often happens abroad, has become a basic necessity, overshadowing briefcase and diary. Such wonderful foreign options for small household services:

  • Earnings on dirty diapers and diapers found a huge response among busy mothers. The entire town now uses a special laundry service.
  • Tidying up the animal wardrobe.
  • Arrangement of any room for a specific event.

But all these successful, non-standard solutions are quickly implemented in Europe and the United States, because the path in the development of the service sector has been greater and there are fewer obstacles to the development of your business.

Most successful projects

The natural desire to get rich, become independent, have their own business, pushes people to take energetic actions in absolutely all spheres of life:

Despite the popular claim that business ideas are in the air, most of our compatriots are much more accustomed to the practice of borrowing fresh and atypical approaches to entrepreneurship from the West. This is not surprising, because most often they are distinguished by their freshness, creativity, originality of embodiment, profitability and innovation. This phenomenon can be explained by the presence of many factors - this is the mentality and obsession of Americans with making money on absolutely everything that surrounds them, monetizing any activity and taking advantage of unexpected areas of life.

However, a relatively favorable period for its development and prosperity played the biggest role in the formation of America as a "progressive" country for small and medium-sized businesses.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should always remember that business is not only their personal well-being, but also an opportunity to influence the whole world by bringing something new from oneself to it. However, one should not forget that progress in modern society is moving so fast that every day it becomes more difficult to surprise and satisfy the needs of its target audience. Therefore, in order to succeed in business, you need to be able to offer something new. But thinking about where to get this new one, you should turn your gaze to the question of what business ideas from America can be.

First, you need to understand that a good business idea must have several undeniable qualities:

  • It must be relevant;
  • suitable for adaptation to the domestic consumer.

Actual ideas

Another important component of business success is understanding the trends and interests of a modern person. Without a doubt, 2021 will be a new page in the development of technology, so new business projects related to this industry are already being actively developed in the United States. Such areas as have great potential for development:

  • Drones and other robotics deliver products and services to consumers.
  • development and production of smart appliances for life and everyday life;
  • autonomous vending machines;
  • the sphere of services and entertainment provided through virtual reality.

All these areas are already beginning to actively develop in the States and it is quite possible that the daredevils and innovators of domestic entrepreneurship are already trying to catch up with the rapidly arriving wave.

Business Ideas

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