Extraordinary ideas in the restaurant business

Extraordinary ideas in the restaurant business

Any good restaurant is, first of all, a show ... There are a lot of abnormal establishments in the world and a lot of talented restaurateurs whose fantasies can only be envied. However, it is hardly possible to list all the unusual restaurants in the world - such a study would require writing a multivolume manuscript. But it's hard to resist the temptation to talk about the most original restaurant concepts.

Kinderkookkafe is the most unusual restaurant in Amsterdam. Instead of adult waiters in this truly children's establishment, young Dutchmen not only serve customers and bring bills, but also cook under the supervision of an adult chef. The food is delicious, especially the desserts. And with what pleasure visitors leave a tip - you will not see this in any other restaurant ...

The first restaurant (in the full sense of the word) without waiters opened in Nuremberg, Germany. Waiters at Baggers have been replaced by a fully automated ordering and delivery system. To do this, there is a touch-screen on each table, which provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the menu and place an order. Ready meals are delivered on rails leading to each table.

O'Noir Montreal is a dark restaurant. The interiors of the restaurant are made in dark colors, and waiters in night vision goggles meet and escort guests to the tables. Lighters, mobile phones and other illumination are prohibited on the territory of the restaurant. The first such establishment opened in 1999 in France, since then the idea has become so popular that today you can dine in the dark in almost any country in the world - Germany, England, USA, Russia, Australia, China, and in Canada with blind waiters. ...

The goal is social rehabilitation of blind people who cannot get their sight back. The sensory experience of eating in the dark is different from normal perception. For example, vegetables taste sharper, and white fish become tasteless. The cooks and other restaurant staff are ordinary people. The restaurant not only offers food, but also arranges musical evenings and wine tasting. Impressions from visiting "In the Dark" remain for a long time.

Restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam. Here vegetables are grown and harvested right next to the restaurant. What better way to demonstrate the naturalness of the ingredients of the food served?

A toilet themed restaurant is extremely popular in Taiwan. In Modern Toilet Taipei - the dishes and chairs in the restaurant are made in the form of toilets ... “We sell not only food, but also good mood. The menu is no different from other restaurants, but we have a lot of fun, ”says restaurant owner Eric Wang.

At Observatory Restaurant Johannesburg in South Africa, gastronomy meets astronomy. In between meals, you can gaze at the stars.

Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo in the United States regularly holds a promotion for visitors - you don't have to pay for a two-kilogram steak with a side dish if you can eat it in an hour. Few visitors succeeded ... The restaurant management knows this physiological feature of the human body, and therefore arranges this action. Thus, attracting both visitors and observers.

In the Tokyo (Japan) restaurant Alkatraz, the halls are designed as prison cells. Not for the faint of heart ... Lattices, grilles, grilles. And in the restaurant Bollesje, located in the former prison of the German city of Rüdesheim, guests are fingerprinted in front of the entrance and the rules of conduct are read out. Then visitors are offered to taste the "thieves' cocktail" and put on a prison uniform, in which they immerse themselves in the atmosphere of prison life for a while.

Chacaltaya ski resort Cordillera in Bolivia is one of the highest mountain restaurants in the world - 5340 m above sea level. Getting into such a restaurant is already an achievement!

Kuappi Iisalmi in Finland is the smallest restaurant in the world - one table, two chairs. You can't walk around with a big company, unless you take turns.

Restaurants are considered the most popular high-traffic establishments. However, in recent years, more than 50% of such establishments have been closed within 3 years. This is due to high costs and loss of customer interest. Therefore, in the restaurant business it is necessary to use non-standard business ideas, which will be discussed in this material.


To create an unusual atmosphere, as well as make your restaurant business idea popular, you can open a restaurant train. Investments in such activities will be high - from 4 million rubles and more. But profit will not be long in coming.

The essence of this idea for the restaurant business is to create a unique tourist route with the opportunity to eat deliciously. The train itself must be unusual. There are some conditions:

  • transparent walls;
  • specialized kitchen;
  • spacious room;
  • scenic route.

Glass walls are needed to create the atmosphere of the trip. Each visitor has the opportunity not only to get to the right place, but also to admire the scenery. The feeling of traveling in the open air should be created.

Remember that in the restaurant business, the main focus is on the sophistication of food. The menu should be considered first. Italian and Japanese cuisines are very popular in Russia. It is worth determining the desired direction and starting to compile the appropriate list of dishes.

You must ensure that your restaurant business idea is reliable. Supervise food preparation and hygiene. A lot depends on the chef. Don't skimp on hiring highly skilled employees.

Selfie Restaurant

A business idea characterizes the independence of restaurant customers. It can be called a self-service restaurant. If you place the restaurant organization correctly, it will work effectively.

Keep in mind that such an establishment will not be popular in the city center. Self-service catering is beneficial in residential areas, a short distance from the client's home.

The interesting thing is that the client comes and prepares his own food. In this case, the institution must have the following:

  • menus and cooking recipes;
  • fresh products;
  • large kitchen;
  • rooms with a home atmosphere.

Run a Conquer Time Competition

"Conquer the time!" Is a popular and widely used theme among many bars and restaurants. Running a contest like this is a great way to increase sales as well as create a positive atmosphere in your establishment. Check out one of the 50 cent drinks starting at 8pm and increase the price by 25 cents every hour until midnight. Competitive customers will enjoy this offer.

The current generation is drowning in traditional approaches to promotion and advertising. Every day we are bombarded with countless messages on different information platforms. How can you approach this situation and use non-traditional, creative and cost-effective measures to promote your business? We hope this article helped you start thinking about new ideas.

What marketing strategies do you use in your business?

To promote your own beer bar, you need to carefully consider all the advertising steps before the establishment opens. In this case, the main factor that the owner should be guided by is the target audience of the bar. The whole concept of an institution should depend on who will visit it most often: students, hipsters, rockers, or middle-aged men and women living nearby. Having decided on the format of the beer bar, you can begin to think over the main advertising projects, from the development of the facade design to the promotion on the Internet.

Pub Opening Implementation

Project Implementation Schedule

The calendar plan is entered into the business project in order to organize events for the opening of the pub.

Additionally, it is indicated who is responsible for this or that process and how it will be performed.

Stage1 month2 month3 monthPerformance of documentsConclusion of a pub lease agreementRepairing and design of premisesPurchase of equipment and inventoryEquipment installationAdvertising campaignHiring staffStarting pub operation


Where to start?

First, you need to write a business plan for the future restaurant and decide what kind of restaurant you want to open. These establishments are of "luxury" class, "upper" class, "first" class. But this is already an outdated restaurant classification.

Nowadays, the restaurant business is divided into:

  • elite establishments, including a wide range of original dishes and drinks, expensive interior and high comfort;
  • middle class restaurants with a varied menu at affordable prices for the visitor; <
  • fast food and bistro, characterized by self-service, limited and fixed food options at low prices.

It is clear that opening an elite establishment will require much more money than a small bistro, so you should proceed from your capital.

Premises rental

The first stage is to find premises for the implementation of a business idea. In the city, in dormitory areas, the rent will be about $ 200 per year for 1, in a shopping center - somewhere around $ 1,000 for 1, in the Soda Ring - on average $ 2,000 for 1.

Based on this, it is not difficult to calculate the monthly rent of a restaurant premises, for example, with an area of ​​200: in a residential area on average $ 15,000, in the Garden Ring - about $ 6,000.

As for the renovation of the premises, it is very important to follow the sequence of the necessary work. First of all, it is necessary to redevelop and carry out the necessary communications, and only after that do the design work. Various souvenir products are especially popular today: interesting matches, branded lighters, unusual glasses, and so on. Of course, you need to place your restaurant's brand name on each item.

A ready-made business or a business from scratch?

A visit to a restaurant usually means a secular dinner, with a neatly served table and an attentive waiter. Everything is clear, clear, monotonous. However, it's time to change the usual thinking, there are unusual cafes and restaurants in the world. Each of them has its own specific feature, characteristic of this institution. After visiting them, it is definitely not possible to remain indifferent.

Why do you need unusual cafes and restaurants

Today the Internet is full of photos of unusual cafes. The worldwide network is literally replete with them. It's not for nothing that the most experienced marketers are convinced that in order to be remembered, to succeed, you need to stand out. But in an age of tough competition, it is quite difficult to create a unique establishment. Often, experienced owners try to focus not on an interesting menu, but on the design of their premises.

It is worth noting that some unusual cafes really deserve attention, and have already been able to bring a decent profit to their owners. Indeed, in order to visit them, people come from all over the world, leaving their various comments. It's time to consider the top, which includes the most unusual cafes and restaurants.

These ideas can be used. Such establishments are popular with young people and other people hungry for something unusual.

Original restaurants

Unusual cafes attract visitors. The fact of good cuisine is also important, but the design of the room also affects the mood of the visitors. There are several places in the world where it is pleasant and interesting to visit in order to taste the usual dishes.


Open the list of the most unusual cafes and restaurants, it is located in one German town of Nuremberg. Its main feature is the lack of service personnel. The automated system of registration of orders and their delivery replaces the usual waiters. Here, almost everything is done by machines, with the exception of cleaning - people still do it.

Thanks to a well-designed pipeline, the concept of queues doesn't exist. Everything is easy, fast and affordable. The idea of ​​an automated service came to Michael Mack's head quite by accident, but thanks to her, the man has already managed to make good money. Having patented his project, the entrepreneur is confident that in the future everything will work according to his scheme.

A meal in silence - Eat Restaurant

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