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How to come up with a business idea and start a business from scratch

This article will help future entrepreneurs come up with a business idea from scratch, find a suitable business area for them and plan their actions at the initial stage of development.

Why start your own business?

People who are thinking of starting their own business must first understand two simple things. First, why did they come to this decision? And secondly, what are their goals?

Answering these questions, you can endlessly iterate over the answer options. In fact, there are only two true reasons for starting your own business:

1. Its subsequent sale. ... Systematic profit making.

When an entrepreneur implements a business idea for the purpose of further sale, then in the first couples serious investments of labor, time and financial resources are required. In about two years, when the business put on the rails is sold, all the invested funds will pay off. The seller will receive much more than he spent, but strength and patience are needed. Moreover, the activity does not end with the sale. You can come up with a business idea again and start all over again: discover, finance, sell. A similar scheme is common on the Internet.

If the goal is to receive dividends from the business, then it is necessary not only to invest money and open a project, but also to actively engage in its promotion. As soon as the work is established, the business will be able to provide the owner with a systematic income. This scheme is more often implemented offline.

Whatever one may say, but first of all, people create their own business to make a profit. Money is the main reason. But no matter how strong the material motivation is, it is important to choose a business idea that will interest you. If the work is to your liking, then it will bring tangible results. But to obtain these very results, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Stages of business idea development:

An original and useful idea is the core of every company. Entrepreneurs form an idea to occupy their niche, but most of the ideas somehow fail. How do you come up with a business idea that works?

Which is better: original idea or copy

There are two main ways to come up with a business idea. First, find an interesting project that has already proven its effectiveness, and implement it in a different social environment, improving the details. In this case, the entrepreneur will have before his eyes the finished product, its shortcomings and market position.

It's worth remembering that it's impossible to clone an entire idea. Cons of copying a finished idea:

  • the project may not work in a different cultural environment;
  • the pressure of the original;
  • the opportunity to be in the same market with the original;
  • having only evidence of the original's achievements, not its long-term marketing strategy.

Secondly, an entrepreneur can create his own idea and implement it as a unique project. This will allow positioning the company, relying on originality, not inventing USP out of thin air or spending a lot of money on differentiation from competitors. Cons of creating an original idea:

  • lack of business model;
  • need to think through more details;
  • likelihood of not finding the target audience;
  • more difficult to get funding.

Both options are acceptable, depending on the conditions and goals of the entrepreneur. The best way is to copy a young business with an original idea, modify its strategy and structure in order to position your project as unique.

Stop thinking that the idea is the most important

Some entrepreneurs focus on one idea and promote it even when the chances of success are minimal. The search for investors takes years, but there is still no funding. Others choose projects that are steadily developing, generate income, but do not pretend to be originality or international scale. Of course, there is always a middle ground that will allow you to balance. But is a business idea really that important? A small business idea is a tool like marketing or accounting. If it does not work for a long time, it is necessary to change the tool or modify it. It is quite a different matter when it is a service business that requires certain skills.

Starting your own business is closely related to the concept of competition. If you, for example, start selling books or rendering services for the renovation of premises, you will have to face the fact that dozens and even hundreds of firms offer the same thing.

On the other hand, if you decide to sell something too unusual, you may be faced with the lack of a sufficient number of buyers. How to be? What business is worth creating to be both original and profitable?

It has been customary to give each other flower bouquets for more than one hundred years. And no one, even the most unusual flowers, will surprise anyone. Why not try replacing the flowers with something else? Recently, it has become popular to give bouquets made from chocolates, soft toys and even fruits.

An original souvenir is also a good idea for a gift. It can be, for example, a painting made of sand. They are made by pouring colored sand into a bottle (or other glass vessel). Such works of art are very popular in eastern countries, and for those who have never been there, such masterpieces may seem quite interesting and worthy to please a loved one. And the one who sells them can make good money.

Various exotic dishes will no longer surprise many visitors - numerous bars and cafes offer a choice of cuisine from almost all nations of the world. But it is not possible to cook one of these dishes on your own in every such establishment. A product for which visitors can choose the ingredients themselves, for example, a pizza. Any types and combinations of products at the request of the client - this can attract a lot of people who want to have a snack at your place.

Ice cream is a favorite delicacy of all children. However, sometimes their parents do not miss the opportunity to try this wonderful dessert. But ice cream will be truly "adult" only if it is made, for example, from wine. Such a product is already popular in the world, and in your city, there may not be such an innovation yet.

Making a discount on every third cake or offering a "wholesale" four-course business lunch is not original. But opening a place where everyone will be offered free coffee is quite unusual. Of course, some of the visitors will come here for this particular coffee, without buying anything else. However, as world experience shows, the profit from the purchase of other related products along with coffee (and many people use this drink with something sweet) brings enough profit to allow even "freeloaders" to be treated. And besides, such generosity serves as a good advertisement for your cafe.

It would seem that the advertisement has already said everything. Many people are so tired of all kinds of commercials on TV and posters on the streets that they stop perceiving such information. But technology and human ingenuity do not stand still. Such type of advertising as "mirror" is gaining popularity. A special screen equipped with a motion sensor displays advertising information. When a person comes closer to him, the screen becomes a mirror in which you can see your reflections, and after moving some distance - again advertising. It seems to be the same annoying and useless information - but it is remembered better than with the usual methods of presenting it.

They also advertise on benches. And she also has to do with mirrors - because she is depicted there in a mirror form. A person sits on such a bench, letters are imprinted on his feet, and when he goes further, within a few minutes you can see advertising information - this is how summer clothes shops usually advertise their goods. After all, such advertising will work only in the summer.

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