Buying and selling business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

The confectionery business is a promising area that grows by 1-3% annually. For the correct implementation of the project, it is necessary to carefully prepare, calculate the possible risks of the sweet business, calculate the profitability and payback, select equipment, premises and raw materials for the production of confectionery.

People are happy to buy coffee with them on the way to work and on trips anywhere, it is quite difficult to give up this pleasure, therefore, opening a coffee island is a profitable business for investment for the next 150 years.

The café-restaurants market is actively developing and shows stable growth associated with the increase in the culture of consumption of food and drinks over the years. This is a promising investment for a stable income.

The annual growth in the number of coffee lovers in the country contributes to the creation of good conditions for starting their own business related to its use. Coffee shops are the kind of business that you can open and start making profits pretty quickly.

The advantage of a children's cafe as a business is that the idea is still considered original - in cities with a population of up to 300 thousand people, you will not find such establishments at all. However, opening such a restaurant will require considerable investment.

Grabbing coffee in a van on the way to work for Europeans is in the order of things - it's much more convenient than getting up early to "start" your coffee machine. However, in Russia, the supply of services of this kind is very low - the niche is not filled even by 50%, which gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to painlessly enter this business.

Apparently, no crisis can wean Russians off buying sweets. Sweets are popular regardless of the state of the economy, making their production extremely profitable.

The technology for making ice cream rolls is quite complicated, but the business itself is extremely simple. The case is suitable for young people who do not have the opportunity to invest large sums.

The rainbow ice cream trade is a business idea for enterprising young people. The benefits are obvious: with a modest initial investment, profit is almost guaranteed.

Hello dear readers! Today in the section “Sharing our experience” the most interesting guest is Konstantin Iglinsky. Konstantin is the general director of Power Technology LLC in St. Petersburg. Today he answered several of my questions about organizing a catering business. To be honest, I read the answers in one breath and am sure you will enjoy the interview.

I didn't have a photo of Konstantin at the moment (I might add it later), but at the end of the interview I published a photo of one of the Euroheads, who is in Konstantin's network. So let's get started!

Nikolay, hello. Our company "Power Technology" is engaged in the development of a network of canteens and cafes on the territory of St. Petersburg and the region. At the moment, our portfolio includes two canteens (Zhemchuzhinka at 21 Tambasov Street and Kakao at 38 Pilotov Street), a cafe, a country restaurant. We are developing a banquet service and delivery of meals to enterprises. At the stage of launching a grill bar and a project on catering for a corporate customer is being developed. In total, every day, we feed about 4,200 people across all facilities. Within a couple of years, we are going to open several more establishments in the Euro table format.

Of all the variety of formats on the horeca market, one of the most promising, in my opinion, is the canteen format. But the canteens are not of the Soviet type, which are perceived negatively in the minds of many people, but the so-called "Euro table". In fact, according to the production process, this is a full-cycle dining room, with a distribution line, but with a more modern and high-quality interior, a more “restaurant” assortment of dishes at an adequate low price. A place where not only workers of factories and factories can eat, but managers and other white-collar fraternity)). People will not have dinner at a restaurant every day with an average bill of 2-3 thousand rubles without drinks. Not everyone is ready to spend 500-600 rubles for lunch every day. In a modern dining room, a guest can have a delicious lunch with a full three-course dinner for 150-200 rubles.

The profitability of the catering business, in comparison with other legal businesses, is quite high. A good profitability is 25-30%. There is a certain VERY CONDITIONAL and simple formula: 25% of the turnover is the prime cost, 25% is the personnel, another 10% is variable and fixed costs, and the rest is profit. But operating profit, excluding capitalization, loans, any financial obligations of the company. As a result, about 15 -20% remains. The main art lies in reducing costs and payroll (payroll) by managing purchases, controlling costs and increasing labor efficiency. The markup in canteens is very small, so the lack of control over the main indicators and their systematic deviation is fatal for this business. In establishments with a higher margin, this is forgivable and only leads to the fact that the owner of the business works for the sake of work, without profit)).

We opened our first canteen in one of St. Petersburg's educational institutions. There was no experience in public catering, it was just the circumstances. It was a canteen of the most Soviet type), they came to the format of “Eurotabs” and cafes much later, when they gained experience and understanding of how to do and how not to do business. In the first year, we made a bunch of textbook mistakes, probably everything that can be thought of and about which they write in smart books. One of the very first and most serious is to hire relatives and friends. You know, from the series, my mother was an accountant, and my sister cooks well - let's take them)). This stage is inevitable if you yourself are trying to develop a business with limited finances at the start, but you must try to get through it as quickly as possible.

Then we learned to build relationships with suppliers, work with personnel, recruit a team and fire it in full for total theft, learned to withstand the checks of Rospotrebnazor and the intrigues of competitors, learned to make delicious food inexpensively without compromising quality. It was very educational. Not a single course, not a single book will give as much as at least one month of independent swimming. The main thing is not to despair and not give up. About 4 million rubles were spent on the opening of the first canteen then, in 2021, now the opening of a "pumped-over" establishment costs one and a half times more, but these are establishments of a different level, with greater efficiency and greater profitability.

I work in partnership with my friend Pavel Tsyganenko. Although the three of us started. We parted with the third partner because of different views on the further development of the company. It's hard. And it hurts. And costly. In order to avoid the bulk of disagreements, it is necessary to divide areas of responsibility and not interfere with each other to deal with their own front of work. Here, in my opinion, lies one of the main problems of the partner business, especially when the partners run the business themselves. The difficulty is that your companion may be your subordinate in some matters. You must be able to explain to him that he is doing something wrong as an employee, without hurting his ambitions as a co-founder. Personally, I don't believe in democracy and collegial decision-making. It will turn out like in a fable about a swan, cancer and a pike. Even if the partners in business are in equal shares, there must be someone who will represent the sole authority and build a hierarchy of relationships. Business democracy leads to chaos. The most important thing is to drive out of your head the filthy thought that someone works harder and divides everything in half. Another important point is the distribution of finances. From the situation that one co-founder wants to buy a new combi steamer for production, and the other to go on vacation to the Maldives, it is precisely the building of a working hierarchy and the presence of a discussed-approved-implemented strategic plan that saves it. This is the secret. In a simple way, there is only one advice - you need to negotiate on the shore.

Despite the risks of partner business (yes, there are), having a partner is very cool. Pavel and I went through all the stages of disagreement, got used to each other. As one St. Petersburg restaurateur said: “To conquer the world alone, it seems to me, is difficult and strange. Have you won it and why? There is no one to even discuss with. It's quite lonely up there at times. In addition, the process itself is extremely difficult, pleasant and all that. And all these hardships and deprivations, as well as pleasures, are also better to share with someone. "

At the moment, Russia has greatly simplified the procedure for opening catering establishments. So to speak, they shifted the responsibility for a high-quality product onto the shoulders of the entrepreneurs themselves. Mandatory certification was also canceled, leaving entrepreneurs the right to receive a voluntary certificate of quality (which I highly recommend doing). One of the important changes - if earlier it was necessary to agree on the project of the future institution in the sanitary and epidemiological station, now, when opening the institution, you only have to notify the Rospotrebnadzor body that they have opened (of course, the institution must meet sanitary standards). If you are working normally, the visitors are happy and do not leave after dinner at your institution to the hospital, then your institution can be routinely checked only after three years from the date of notification of the opening. However, if a complaint about your establishment comes to the Rospotrebnadzor body, then wait for the "guests" earlier. When checking, you will be asked to present a production control program, various magazines (pustular diseases, a marriage log, temperature control of refrigerators, etc., etc.), product sample analyzes, honey. staff, etc.

It is known that the basic human need is food. The modern dynamics of life affects the person living in the urban megalopolises of Russia. More and more time is required for work and less and less time is enough for quiet enjoyment of delicious food without fuss. The answer to this problem was business ideas for creating catering networks in which you can combine delicious food with pleasant leisure.

Every entrepreneurial person who wants to create a profitable and efficient catering network is looking for a food business today. I would like to choose an option that will surely pay off and be profitable. After all, no one has the desire to plunge into debt because of loans invested in an enterprise that did not bring profit.

An obstacle to the development of public catering networks

Statistics show that there has been a steady growth in the number of catering networks in Russia. Around a thousand new restaurants and cafes appear every year. However, Russians are characterized by an innovative approach to spending on fast food. And this can hinder the economic recovery and development of the established enterprise and lead to high competition. Those who are afraid of taking risks choose to rely on a food service franchise.

You may be interested in learning more about the phrashiz features. We also recommend reading Russian business news before starting a small business in this article.

When analyzing business ideas in public catering, it is worth considering everything to the smallest detail. It is important to understand and present the different everyday situations of Russians and understand how you can help these people in them with your business idea. There are a number of factors that ensure the success of the development of public catering in general, as a service sector, which must be taken into account when creating your own enterprise.

Reasons for the popularity of catering

It will not surprise anyone that today there are many restaurants, cafes or fast food outlets on the streets of Russian cities. This is due to the fact that a small catering business allows you to solve the pressing problems of people that people may have. For example, residents of urban megalopolises cannot always:

  • Timely food during breakfast, lunch or dinner due to an intense working day;
  • Time to eat at lunchtime at home and return to work;
  • Create a delicious menu and environment at home that will help you relax from the worries of the day.

People will look for a solution to their problems, and if you offer them one and satisfy their needs in the best possible way, you will get yourself regular customers and good advertising. Few people go hungry to the other side of the city. Especially if it happens at lunchtime, when there is so little time.

Factors Contributing to Success in Starting a Business

What you need to open a catering, requirements, business ideas

Catering enterprises fulfill an important social function: they provide an opportunity to get fresh, healthy and tasty food for people who cannot eat at home. Since this service is paid, catering is also a potentially profitable business, because many of us are far from home cooking up to 12 hours a day. How to open a public catering service so that it generates income and does not carry a potential threat to visitors, we will consider in this review.

Foodservice Ideas

Public catering is a term that unites all enterprises engaged in the production, sale and organization of conditions for the consumption of ready-made culinary dishes into one industry. Bars, cafes, restaurants, eateries, etc. fall under this definition. Still, most often catering is associated with a canteen.

The dining room is the most successful format in which you can feed your visitors promptly, tasty and for a reasonable fee. That is why canteens with a good menu, quality products and skilled chefs have always been appreciated among the active population of cities. A more successful business idea for public catering has not yet been invented.

But in order for your establishment to gain popularity, you will have to try both at the initial stage of creating a business, and subsequently, when making important management decisions.

If you realize that you won't be able to organize a large dining room right away, start with small areas. Today, the laws of the Russian Federation do not provide for a limit on the area for canteens, so you can start with a small hall for 10-20 seats.

When comparing different food service ideas, consider also a pizzeria business plan with calculations. Find out what are the features of such an enterprise, and how much you can earn on it.

An equally profitable format is the production of sushi and rolls. Be sure to read on how to open a sushi bar.

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The premises and equipment of the dining room are two components of a business project to which an entrepreneur should pay maximum attention. Despite the fact that the sanitary and epidemiological examination of non-specialized public catering facilities is not mandatory for private canteens, the requirements of the SES authorities for public catering must be complied with by all entrepreneurs. Otherwise, the canteen will not receive permission from Rospotrebnadzor to work.

The requirements for the premises are set out in the Sanitary Rules and Norms (SanPiN 2... 079-01) for the organization of public catering. According to these rules, it is allowed to place canteens:

Starting to write an article, I, as always, checked the TOP10 articles on the topic of business in public catering, in general, the situation is as always deplorable, which just do not offer ideas in public catering and some curtailed business plans, but a specific article which I have not found the answer to this question.

In general, as always, we start from scratch and only from our life experience. The first question that needs to be solved is how to start a business.

It is worth noting right away that starting your business in public catering, you will have to constantly contact such a public service as SES.

How to choose a catering business for a beginner

In fact, there are quite a few options for starting your own catering business, let's list the main ones:

  • Cooking to order. It can be cakes for weddings, sushi, pizza, take-away meals and drinks, etc., this is the initial stage of a catering business. It should be noted right away that a bunch of business ideas offering cooking at home are feasible only if you destroy your kitchen to bring it to the SES standards. So, in order to start a catering business, even at the initial level, you should think about renting a small room where you will cook and which will meet all the requirements of the SES. In this business, you receive applications by phone, prepare and deliver them by courier. You can go around the office premises with cooked food at lunchtime, offering to purchase your meals and drinks;
  • Stalls and kiosks without a service hall. These include various kiosks with grilled chickens, shashliks, whites, cheburek, etc., that is, a person purchases ready-to-eat food from you and takes it with him;
  • Pavilions with service rooms. As the name implies, this catering business has service rooms for visitors, such pavilions such as bistros or cookery in which you can have a snack right on the spot;
  • , dumplings, etc. Separately, there are premises such as dining rooms and dumplings, they are located in capital houses. The premises that are rented for this business in public catering must meet all the requirements of the SES;
  • Cafes and hookahs. This is already a more serious business in public catering, since the opening of these establishments requires much more money, an individual design is recommended and a good chef is desirable;
  • Nightclubs and restaurants. This is the very top of the catering business and spend more than a dozen million rubles on the implementation of such a business.

In any case, starting a catering business practically from scratch, you can reach a restaurant chain and this is quite real.

Form of ownership for public catering

Starting a catering business, besides the fact that you need to decide on the direction of your activity, of course, it must be officially registered.

The following forms of ownership are suitable for catering:

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