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Business idea 2021 “creative furniture” is an interesting and profitable idea that will allow you to create original and competitive products on the goods market. With the right scenario, in almost a year you will be able to recoup your business.

  • Investments: 1.2 million rubles
  • Profitability: 400 thousand rubles
  • Payback calculation: 14 months
  • Staff: 9 employees

Creative furniture: ideas for creation

We present to your attention some original ready-made ideas for creating furniture:

  • Tables and countertops with legs that resemble writhing snakes or octopus tentacles are a good idea. Such creative furniture is made of wood and conveys the kinetics of movement. It may seem that such a chair or table is sneaking somewhere.
  • An original armchair, in which it is convenient to work and relax, will become an irreplaceable item in your furniture ensemble, will give a feeling of lightness and comfort. Variants of such original office furniture are also produced.
  • Multifunctional creative furniture that combines a table, a sofa and a workplace at the same time. A small coffee table in the middle will perfectly complement such a set. This idea is actively used to create unusual office furniture. When equipping a teenager's room, you can combine a computer table for study and games, a shelf for books, a sofa in one furniture set. Unusual office furniture is very popular, the idea is being implemented by many modern furniture companies.
  • Illuminated furniture is an original idea that adds mystery and romance. The room is filled with light.
  • A bed that closes like a mousetrap is a great idea. This creative furniture is perfect for the bedroom and is used in hotel rooms.

Business Promotion

To promote a business of creating unusual furniture, you will need an original approach to advertising. Regular advertising texts will not help here, the approach to advertising services must be creative. The most common idea of ​​attracting customers in a way is considered to be the distribution of brochure catalogs.

A three-dimensional tab that unfolds into a mock-up of some creative furniture makes a good impression on customers. The better the presentation of the services, the better the project will progress. Colorful pictures and vivid drawings attract attention, unusual office furniture should be presented in rich colors. You can think of an animated story where a piece of furniture is the character of a whimsical story.

To expand your circle of customers, promote your products on the Internet. It's a good idea to create an online store with an unusual web design, constantly update the product catalog and information about them. Place ad units in the specialized press, banner distribution will help.

Business Registration

To register a business for unusual furniture, you will need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Select the code of the activity you will be doing. Open a bank account, register with the tax authority. Determine which taxation system suits you best for your creative furniture business. If you are sure that you will have good income, you can safely choose the simplified tax system, the tax rate will be from 5 to 15 percent. You will need to conclude an agreement for additional services for cleaning, removal of solid waste, disinfection. Prepare documentation on the organization of a production facility for the production of creative furniture and coordinate it with other authorities.


Custom designed items are incredibly popular with clients, as as a result everyone can have a unique setting in their home. Any retailer will confirm that products with original designs are readily purchased.

When manufacturing all kinds of goods and accessories according to unique projects, the client has the opportunity to independently determine the parameters of the object that he buys. Furniture is an example of custom product creation. Due to the fact that in typical apartments, as a rule, there is not a lot of space, custom-made furniture in this case is an ideal solution.

The furnishings available in furniture stores are usually either too large or too small and extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fit into the existing space. Having the opportunity to order cabinets and walls according to their own sizes, buyers can successfully organize the available space, and the furniture made will not only be comfortable and functional, but also look aesthetically pleasing. In such cases, the customer will certainly prefer to make custom-made furniture, knowing that it will be designed in strict accordance with his requirements.

Market competition

Knowing that the niche for the manufacture of bathroom furniture is not yet filled, you can position yourself as a specialist in the design and production of such furniture. You can always expand your business in the future, or start right away with a large group of furniture assortments. It is not necessary to specialize in anything in particular, although, as already mentioned, in this case you have a good chance of finding your target client in a short time. In addition, promoting a niche business in the market, for example, bathroom furniture or children's furniture in size, is much easier than a product "for everyone."

Superiority of customized furniture

There are many strengths in the production of custom-made furniture that it is useless to look for in relation to ready-made cabinet furniture available in a number of Russian furniture stores. Admittedly, the catalogs of furniture stores and finished product companies are extensive, but many people agree that the content does not fully meet expectations. And, often, we are not talking about the style of furniture, but about its dimensions. It is either too big or too small for their interior, which is the main problem. In addition, very often ready-made cabinets cannot simultaneously satisfy the customer's requirements in terms of quality, aesthetics and durability. In addition, such furniture can be found in many Russian homes, and customers increasingly want to see a dissimilar interior in their homes.

Buyers want original furniture that meets specific requirements, primarily in terms of quality and size. That is why quality designer furniture is so popular and is in its golden age. At the moment, this is probably the best time to implement an interesting business idea for the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

Field of activity

Companies that create custom-made furniture should initially aim to meet all customer expectations. The customer from the very beginning can participate in its development, selection of materials and accessories. He can select the desired height and depth of the cabinets, which will be adapted to his interior. A definite advantage of manufacturing custom-made furniture is that the company covers the entire production cycle. Most importantly, furniture manufacturing is not a seasonal business and is carried out throughout the year.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Furniture business ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

How to promote a furniture business based on a workshop, store, factory

The furniture market in Russia is vast, new enterprises survive if they find a free niche in a particular region. It is important to consider that the competition is lower in the low and medium price bracket. The sales volume depends on the size of the settlement. Experts believe that it is profitable to produce furniture in a settlement with 500-800 thousand inhabitants. Trade through an online store helps to reduce costs, keep demand at the desired level and reduce the impact of competition.

Advantages and disadvantages of a furniture workshop

Experts' forecasts are encouraging - small and medium-sized furniture business will reach 75% in the coming years. The most rational are small workshops that manufacture economy and middle class furniture of the same type to order.

  • small initial investments (900-1 300 thousand rubles)
  • no need for large areas
  • low costs for the purchase of equipment <
  • flexibility of the production process
  • ease of assortment change
  • opportunity to become a monopolist in a specific niche

Custom manufacturing avoids the negative impact of competition. The low cost of finished goods speeds up sales, which makes it possible to quickly return the initial investment.

But when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the disadvantages. If the furniture is handcrafted, it takes creativity and a lot of time. A small assortment can quickly saturate the market. But the workshop is a good option for the initial stage. How to promote the furniture business in the future depends on the circumstances. You can often change the assortment or expand production.

It is not worth buying premises for the workshop. The location (entrance), temperature (18 ° C) and humidity level (up to 70%) are important. This means that a ventilation and heating system is needed. In unfavorable conditions, both raw materials and finished products can be damaged. The area should be sufficient for production, warehouses and premises for the administration.

Equipment for the shop is purchased semi-automatic:

  • cutting machine (manual feed) with cross and longitudinal sawing
  • drilling machine for drilling open and blind holes
  • grinding machine
  • edge banding machine

In the manufacture of custom-made furniture, small tools are also required: cutting devices, perforators, screwdrivers, drills, drills, knives, etc.

With the spread of tourism, the pet care business is gaining popularity. Pet hotels are commonplace abroad. If you need to go on vacation or on a business trip, the owners of four-legged friends do not even think of asking relatives to look after the pet. He is simply placed in the appropriate institution.

unusual business models for a successful start

Many people dream of creating their own business, but before the idea "hits", you have to try a bunch of options, some of which sometimes turn out to be not profitable, but unprofitable due to high competition, incorrectly calculated business plan, seasonality , slow payback and other factors.

If with standard types of business, although in demand, such as grocery stores, shoe stores, car services of various formats, as a rule, you have to survive in conditions of fierce competition, then unusual business ideas can ensure doing business in conditions of minimal or completely out of competition.

The Moneymaker Factory has prepared an overview of 7 unusual business ideas with a brief description from idea to implementation.

Pet Hotel

With the spread of tourism, the pet care business is gaining popularity. Pet hotels are commonplace abroad. If it is necessary to go on vacation or on a business trip, the owners of four-legged friends do not even think of asking relatives to look after the pet. He is simply placed in the appropriate institution.

According to the publishing house "Expert North-West", every third family in Russia has a cat, and by the number of domestic dogs (there are more than 10 million), our country is in first place in Europe, and in fifth in the world ... The first four belong to the USA, Brazil, China and Japan, respectively.

A luxury cat hotel was opened in Lymington, UK in 2021. The tailed guests are given king prawns for breakfast, they live in luxurious rooms, there are even personal drivers, and conferences are organized via Skype with the hosts. A week of keeping a four-legged friend in this hotel costs the owners £ 250.

Andrey Pushkin, the investment manager of Rosatom, who had long dreamed of changing his occupation, the idea of ​​opening a hotel for cats came after he could not find a suitable establishment to accommodate his cat Fani for the period of his planned departure for the New Year holidays ...

This is how the Sir Cat Hotel appeared. Having rented an area of ​​100 sq. m., the entrepreneur placed 15 tempered glass boxes with an area of ​​2.3 sq. m by 2.1 sq. m. They contain all the necessary attributes for a comfortable stay of mustachioed pets: shelves, bowls, couches, scratching posts, in some boxes video surveillance systems are installed so that the owners can see their furry friends.

Interesting furniture, unusual shapes and materials of manufacture

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Every owner is pleased when friends and relatives, entering the house, admire the unusual interior, compliment creative, well-chosen furniture elements. Interesting furniture, which not only looks attractive, but also differs in functionality, will help to create an original refined atmosphere. When using such products, you need to observe a sense of proportion, otherwise the room may look awkward.


Not every set or separate attribute of furniture can be classified as interesting. In most cases, these are creative designs made by leading designers to order. Most often they are produced in a single copy, the presence of even two identical models is not typical for this direction. To get a truly high-quality headset or a single design, it is recommended not to limit the designer's imagination and let him implement the most non-standard solutions. Before ordering, you need to first figure out how interesting furniture differs from ordinary furniture, what features it has. Typical features include:


Conventionally non-standard furniture for furnishing an apartment can be divided into several groups.

Transforming furniture appeared more than ten years ago, so today no one is surprised. But using technical innovations with innovative fittings, the designers were able to create something unusual and completely new. Such furnishings today not only differ in their creative and specific appearance, but also in functionality. For example, bedroom beds often serve not only as a place to relax, but also include storage space at the same time. In most cases, cabinets with drawers in them are placed directly under the frame. Also, designers often install them near the head of the bed.

Another interesting option is a desktop, which can become a place to eat in a matter of seconds. Such structures are especially relevant in small apartments, since they allow you to save space, but at the same time they can be used to create a full-fledged place for rest or meeting with guests. The main advantage of such furniture is complete transformation. Looking at the bed located on a large podium, none of the guests will guess that in fact this is a wardrobe that hides a large number of things.

The furniture industry does not stand still. Designers are constantly coming up with new original models that will not only delight the owners with an unusual appearance, but will also be as comfortable and practical as possible to use. One of the most popular types of interesting furniture is shelves and storage systems that are hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Shelves for placing decor, shelves for storing books, dishes or other necessary things fall into a similar category. A distinctive feature of such pieces of furniture is their unusual shape. They can be made in the form of animals, complex geometric shapes, abstractions. At the same time, the craftsmen use unusual fittings, characterized by the lack of symmetry. In such shelves and storage systems, small sockets are almost always installed, designed to recharge smartphones, fitness trackers, and other gadgets.

To give furniture an interesting and unusual look, designers use not only irregular geometric shapes. Such products are often pasted over with PVC film with a complex 3D pattern.

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