Business ideas of 2021 that are not in Russia

Entrepreneurship, unlike other types of human activity, involves the use of financial, natural and human resources for the purpose of making a profit. Nobody will do business "just like that." When starting your business in Russia, whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, you must represent the characteristics of the market you enter, the amount of investment required and the time frame for profitability, after which you will “recoup” your money and start making a profit. Of course, you can make a business out of your favorite business, but only if you approach it in a purely practical and competent manner.

That is why, when speaking about “popular” business in Russia, that is, commercial activity that attracts a large number of players, we primarily mean profitability.

But besides this, the most profitable business should have other advantages, which will be discussed below. Some of them, alas, are not as specious as we would like.

Networked business is the engine of the modern economy

What are these advantages? First, the source of profit in this business should be the so-called "passive income", which does not depend on the direct involvement of the entrepreneur who launches this source. Ideally, income should increase as more and more participants integrate into the system you create. In modern commerce, this principle is consistent with network marketing or franchising. Already from this example, it is clear that here the source of profit is primarily not goods or services, but ideas, which, using the expression of the classic, “take possession of the masses”.

Competition: friend or foe?

Thirdly, a business that is not afraid of a crisis, but on the contrary, that can use difficult times for others to gain additional benefits, will always be popular in Russia. This refers to the production and sale of goods and services of inelastic demand. Certain types of food and medicine are the most requested everyday items. Oddly enough, inexpensive advertising also gets here, because the desire to sell your goods only increases during the crisis. To buy cheaply in times of crisis to sell when prices start to rise is a great way to get rich.

Business on the Internet

Fifth, the "popularity" of business in Russia directly depends on the amount of necessary investments that must be made to make the business work. The higher the costs of entering the business, the fewer players will be on this “field”, since with the growth of costs, commercial risks grow. And vice versa, if the costs of starting your own business are minimal or completely absent, then the influx of people willing to try their hand at it will be colossal. A classic example of low or minimal costs is making money online. But for many it turns into banal surfing, "clicking" banners with advertisements or filling out various questionnaires with a penny income. More creative, and as a result, more profitable income is freelancing, remote work, which means programming, creating design layouts or copywriting - a kind of small business on the network.

The highest profits on the Internet without investing your own funds are provided by selling some intellectual "product", which in most cases is another "genius" way to get rich in a short time, mainly by distributing this very "product" ". In addition to the frank "scam" in content, there are some really interesting ideas, but such concepts are easier to implement yourself than to offer them to others. Indeed, in the history of world business, there are cases when high-tech transnational corporations or global Internet projects grew out of nothing.

Intelligence as a source of income

What is the most “popular” and profitable business? Let's try to briefly summarize all of the above in the form of the following theses:

On January 11, CES-2021 ended in Las Vegas, bringing to the attention of entrepreneurs promising business ideas for the new year. Among them are “smart” headphones, “talkative” hairbrushes, interactive umbrellas, subwoofers-bracelets, a touchscreen laptop and other gadgets that can turn the world of small business upside down in the next 2-3 years. New items are able to remotely connect to a smartphone, collect and transmit information. They track the tastes of their owner, his condition, give advice and recommendations.

The market for such devices will become even more interesting in 2021. While 70% of "curiosities" for the Russian consumer are either too expensive or imperfect, but manufacturers are tirelessly busy testing and improving their products. If you buy a batch of goods that have not yet been presented in Russia on time and promote it competently, you can make good money on other people's business ideas.

D-sweets: production and sale

Soon no one will buy burgers and cakes unless they are 3D printed. The novelty excites the minds and promises to become the main business trend in 2021. This technique is used to make not only sweets - original plastic figurines, toys, souvenirs, accessories. But food 3D printers are of particular interest to representatives of small businesses in Russia.

What can you "print" with them?

  • exclusive candies;
  • sugar figurines;
  • original pastries;
  • fancy pasta and spaghetti;
  • extraordinary cookies;
  • cake decorations.

The list is not limited. Who might be interested in such products? If we are talking about small businesses, the main consumers of 3D sweets will be cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and services for organizing festive events. The fantasy of chefs with a 3D printer is truly unlimited and will allow you to create sweets in the form of an exact copy of an orchid flower, a steam locomotive, a DNA molecule or a self-portrait.

The strengths of a business idea include novelty, originality, inexpensive consumables. And the cost of the printer is affordable for ordinary small businesses. A budget device costs from $ 1,000, a quality one - $ 3,000, but these are so-called home options. For serial production, you will need an industrial unit - its cost is from $ 15,000. The price of a bobbin with thread is about $ 50 per 1 kg.

Important information! So far, food 3D printers do not print dimensional models. The size of the figures is limited. But you can add flavorings and colorants traditional for the food industry to them.

Coworking Center

A growing number of people are looking for a convenient format for communication outside the home. Cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, libraries for various reasons do not suit the new generation. We have to take into account the increased army of freelancers who are far from always comfortable working from home. In 2021-2021, the idea of ​​organizing coworking centers was developed abroad - a kind of offices where visitors come in free mode for an hour, two or a whole day. People do not pay for food, but for a certain amount of time in a cozy room, where they can spend time with friends, work on their project, or just be alone.

What will be needed to implement a new small business idea in Russia? Money, suitable premises and a desire to be the first. Below is a rough estimate of the costs of setting up such a business.

To start his first business and achieve success, a potential client must be interested, try out a product that no one else has seen on the market. For this purpose, entrepreneurs turn to foreign practices. After familiarizing yourself with the options popular abroad, the income will be much higher. This article simplifies the task. Business ideas for 2021 - 2021, which are not yet available in Russia, are presented. These options are original and useful, so competition will not appear soon.

We monthly analyze the western market for the emergence of new promising business areas. That is why, the article is always fresh and relevant information.

Why are Western entrepreneurs oriented?

Russian and Western doing business has its own differences. In American countries, individual entrepreneurs are considered almost national ideologues: these people have more ideas. They are able to notice even the minimum start of demand, which means that a company offering the necessary services will be opened in a month.

But the difference is still significant - so it will be useful to learn from other countries. You will need this for several reasons:

  • Great rigidity and competitive saturation in the foreign market. As a result, businessmen must be faster and more resourceful than their rivals, otherwise business viability and prospects will not be in tune.
  • The foreign consumer is very spoiled and harmful. If a company stays afloat, gains an audience, and perceives demand, then the idea will deserve attention.
  • Complexity in the technical and bureaucratic side of the issue. A Russian entrepreneur who is indignant about the work of the tax service, bureaucracy, and weak support for this type of entrepreneurship - they practically do not understand the foreign system. Compliance with the nuances of the standards is stricter, with closer control. Non-compliance with the requirements is punished, and their number is more extensive.

But there are differences that hinder the implementation of ideas. A case that “took off” in another state will not be in demand in the markets in Russia. The following reasons contribute to this:

  • Mentality. Serious differences in this matter between citizens of different countries, which also changes the attitude towards the products offered.
  • Technically complex implementation. For example, in the Russian Federation there may be no soil: the necessary equipment, raw materials, workers. Or this opens up access, but for large investments, which increases the final cost of the product, it will not be affordable for ordinary citizens.
  • Narrow-profile idea. Our consumers are reluctant to pay attention to products tailored for narrow tasks. Especially if the market offers some kind of analogy that solves such tasks. For example, the Russian market is still not very familiar with car sharing. There are similar services, but it was not possible to bring them into mass scale - since residents of megalopolises mostly use taxis, purchase of cheap personal transport.

This suggests that the grasp of a profitable, in the opinion of a businessman, idea may not be realized on the domestic market. It may not be conveyed to the audience, it will lose its unprofitability.

List of ideas

Unique designer furniture

Business in Russia, project ideas are interesting because we do not have even half of what can be found in Europe. This means that you can pick up what you like and take a seat in the forefront. We share with you tips on how to do a popular business that will be of interest to the domestic audience.

Best Business Ideas of the Year

Business in Russia, ideas for its promotion are developing quite rapidly. What was popular a year ago may not return. We offer you some interesting ideas for a demanded project:

American business ideas that do not exist in Russia

America is ahead of Russia in many ways. This is especially pronounced in the service sector. We offer you interesting ideas for business development:

What business is better not to get into?

Speaking about which business is best to avoid, let's focus on network marketing, which requires a lot of financial investment. The proliferation of the once popular legal cards is a prime example. If you are required to purchase an expensive service, think about how you can implement it. Do not invest in dubious developers and microfinance organizations offering to make money on loans. It doesn't matter if you take a classic but proven idea, or decide on something new. The main thing is to see the perspective and love your job.

Starting a business from scratch: is it possible?

Start your business with our ideas!

Dreaming of your own business that you can build yourself? We will help you do this!

With this section you will learn:

  • How to start your business from scratch, where to start and how to build a real empire
  • Which of the areas is better to choose
  • How to organize then successful enterprise
  • What business is profitable to do - what can bring income over 200'000 rubles per month

Start from scratch and fear nothing

This section contains the most relevant business ideas of 2021.

Among them are both traditional and proven ones, as well as innovative ones that have not even been implemented in Russia yet. Use only real, working, profitable and ready-to-implement ideas for creating a small business! We wish you success!

Business Ideas FAQ

. How realistic is it to start a business with your ideas in 2021?

. 100% realistic as each idea is modeled with specific calculations and even contains a simplified business plan. It's not enough for us just to share original ways to start a business - we want our users to know exactly how much effort, time and money they will need to implement the idea, what profit and when they will be able to receive.

Moreover. If we ourselves are not sure of the reality of the implementation of a business idea, we do not publish it.

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