Business ideas from China

Thanks to the rapid pace of economic development, China has become one of the largest arenas with which you can connect your business. Many commercial projects in the PRC do not differ in their special uniqueness, however, they are distinguished by a noticeable economy and wide variability. We present a selection of the best business ideas with China, which in the future can bring very good dividends.


In the 21st century, information is one of the most valuable resources. Moreover, the forms of its presentation can be completely different and diametrically opposite: video lessons, oral consultations, coaching, books, etc. In this regard, based on deep knowledge in any area, you can give them economic expression. The information here will act as a commodity that can be very valuable to many people. Before launching an info-business project with China, you will have to carefully study the sphere of market circulation. You will need to work out a large number of already existing cases, examples and successful strategies to promote this industry of entrepreneurial activity. After that, you will be able to form a unique selling proposition that is likely to pay off to your audience. An effective scheme for such a business idea with China is the following development of events:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur conducts a market research of Chinese products. He checks various categories of goods for demand, supply, their maximum price.
  • By purchasing information about a product, a businessman can begin to form a commercial offer for him. It should describe the characteristics of the product, its value, forms of marketing and possible dividends.
  • Next, the organizer of the business gives his commercial proposal the form of a product and offers it to potential buyers.
  • The entrepreneur begins to constantly increase the audience of his customers and promote his information business to the masses.

Create a landing page or social media group where you can notify people that you can help them create a ready-made resale business with China. Provide examples of return on investment for specific products and demonstrate that they are truly popular with the public. The most popular products that are involved in the sales information business are:

  • Copies of various global brands. Many people are not ready to constantly buy original products, as their prices are often very high. Educate your audience about worthy Chinese replicas to build a business on;
  • Electronic devices. Chinese manufacturers are quickly reacting to all kinds of innovations like smart watches, action cameras and more. Usually, buyers prefer these analogs in order to try them in action and find out how they work.
  • Unusual accessories and classic gifts. While the manufacturer has not yet started selling any product, Chinese innovators are already releasing additional covers, straps and films for it. Sell ​​information about which accessories will become popular in the near future and develop your business project in this way.

The profitability of such an idea lies in the minimum financial investment. The costs here can be made exclusively for advertising. However, gradually the need for it should disappear. If your information business turns out to be really working, then the reviews about it will quickly spread in the business environment. Among the shortcomings of organizing a business of such a plan, one can single out high competition in the field of information business. Many competent specialists are involved in this area, who react with lightning speed to market offers.

Business with Alibaba Group

Alibaba is a Chinese publicly traded company involved in e-commerce. This platform is engaged in establishing a connection between small and medium-sized businesses around the world. The operating income of this commodity marketplace is 50% higher than eBay and Amazon combined. om. Such statistics open up a huge scope for business ideas, which can be expressed in the following:

  • Trade in Alibaba shares. A couple of years ago, the company appeared on the auction of one of the New York stock exchanges. Since then, its equity securities have shown stable and high growth. This is an excellent investment that will bring tremendous income with a great guarantee. At the moment, the price of one share is $ 150.
  • Affiliate system. Alibaba, like other large platforms, has a form of business collaboration between the seller and partners. With its help, you can attract new customers to the service and provide yourself with passive income. Start looking for profitable supplies from China for everyone. Find great deals and organize your logistics company.

Establishing a business relationship with the Alibaba Group offers unrivaled benefits. This company pays out over $ 5 million annually to webmasters who drive traffic. Thus, this business idea is one of the well-funded ones. Getting into her sector will allow you to enrich yourself with useful entrepreneurial experience and find reliable colleagues.

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Business with China means high profits and profitable cooperation. We have collected tips on how to start a home business, start a business without investment, and what guidelines should be followed.

Literally ten years ago, goods from China were not of high quality. They were produced from second-rate raw materials and outdated technologies, so such products were not in great demand. Much has changed today, so you can easily purchase quality products at affordable prices on Chinese trading floors. In this article, we will tell you how to start a business in China and how to make good money from it.

A few years ago, goods from China were associated with cheap, low-quality products. Today, more and more entrepreneurs are thinking about cooperation with China, and the Internet is replete with questions like “how to start a business with China” and “what is needed for cooperation with China”. Business with China is promising, shows constant growth and strives for Russia itself. Why not take advantage of this?

Let's start our answer with the main question about how much money is needed to start. You can start a business with Chinese partners with. zero balance. Seriously! You can start a Chinese goods business with no investment. The main thing is to have with you step-by-step instructions for starting your own business selling physical goods. It is she who is the key to success.

Anyone who has a computer, Internet access, and a desire to study all the nuances of this business and start earning can be engaged in the business of selling Chinese goods. Newcomers, small entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen seeking to expand their business will find interesting ideas for cooperation with China.

Dropshipping How to start a dropshipping business with China

It is quite possible to open a business with China without investments. The name of such a business is "dropshipping". From English this word is translated as "direct delivery". The idea of ​​business is that the entrepreneur acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The scheme is simple: the entrepreneur orders the necessary goods on his own behalf, and sends the goods to the buyer's address. Thus, an entrepreneur can work without leaving home and without spending their money, working on a prepaid basis. All that an entrepreneur undertakes is organizational issues. He will need to register on the site, if necessary, communicate with the seller, track the delivery of goods, etc.

The advantages of dropshipping are many: an entrepreneur does not risk his own funds, does not need to hire employees and can cope with the volume of work alone. In addition, to work effectively, he only needs a computer and the Internet.

The main disadvantage of this business model lies in external factors: first, parcels from China take a long time to arrive; secondly, there is a risk of loss or delay at customs. Not every customer agrees to wait that long. It should also be borne in mind that the scheme is old and proven, that is, there is a high risk of facing competition. Despite this, dropshipping remains a fairly lucrative business, and the product margin ranges from 10% to 100%.

What do you need to start a dropshipping business?

Find suppliers. There are thousands of them on the Internet, but choosing suppliers is not so easy. Among all the variety, you still need to find the most reliable and suitable goods in terms of quality and price, delivery conditions, assortment, etc. Most often, large online stores are chosen as suppliers, which have a huge assortment and sell it at wholesale prices. Now you can find online stores that are created specifically for dropshipping (,,,,, and others). Making money with such sites is even easier, because they often provide partners with various bonuses. The choice of a supplier should be approached responsibly, because you are responsible for the quality of the product and its delivery to the customers.

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Original ideas for business with China

Do you have an idea? Let's think about business with China: what can be exported to China or, on the contrary, imported from China in order to build a successful business. This article in a reflective format allows you to look at the current problems of business with China, and the very process of finding ideas is very much dependent on you as a person; and on the resources and capabilities that you have - and this is already a matter of a separate consultation on China.

I hope you know that business with China is very specific:

  • the specifics of the introduction of negotiations,
  • the conclusion of the transaction,
  • the construction of further relationships,
  • the registration of contractual relationships and this just the beginning.

Under the heading business with Asia, I have written quite a few articles, which you can read and study on your own, if of course you have the necessary time, and if you need additional information, analysis of your business or working out your problems or business ideas then it is better to order a corporate training or individual business consultation.

Import from China

In my opinion, in the near future, imports from China will change very much, this does not mean at all that we will not have products from China, just the way of purchasing them will be completely different.

Suffice it to recall the joint project of Alibaba and Sberbank, which I wrote about in my post: Sberbank and Alibaba: What Should Online Stores Do? and there will be quite a lot of similar projects.

It is logical that the conclusion suggests itself:

Equipment from China - available and inexpensive

Any production requires special equipment. European manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment, but the prices are quite high. The Chinese market will satisfy the needs of any businessman: high quality at an affordable price. Business ideas with China such as LED manufacturing can be a profitable option. The lamp making equipment has earned an excellent reputation and is of equal quality to well-known brands. In addition, Chinese manufacturers offer to purchase material and, if necessary, can provide services for setting up equipment and training personnel. Warranty and service are a must.

Realization of fashionable clothes

Successfully implemented business ideas for China, based on the principle of buying and selling, can bring good stable income. Many large companies that manufacture branded clothing are located in China and the cost of their products is much lower than in the European market. To open a store, you will need start-up capital for renting premises and purchasing goods. You can trade clothes, shoes, watches or fashion accessories.

High-tech innovations

Given the peculiarities of the modern world and the rhythm of everyday life, people increasingly prefer to communicate via phones or online. Thinking over business ideas from China, it is worth considering this fact and not disregarding the sphere of high-tech innovations. Mobile phones and other communication devices are in incredible demand. There will always be people who want to buy them, since the Internet, skype and other programs for communication on the network are in almost every home.

Prepackaged goods

It is much more profitable to buy goods in bulk, so entrepreneurs use it successfully. In China, you can buy large quantities of various products, for example, popcorn, nuts, chips or any other product, pack them up and sell them in small quantities. If possible, the product should be branded by registering your own trademark. Before choosing a specific product, it is worthwhile to study the domestic market in detail and analyze the demand. Beautiful packaging, competent marketing and advertising campaign will help to attract consumers and get a good profit.

Online commerce

In pursuing business ideas from China, entrepreneurs are increasingly using the Internet. Chinese shops practice delivery of the goods they like to their home address or to the nearest post office. If you become an intermediary between the seller and the end buyer, then a large start-up capital is not needed. You can work at home, just have a computer with access to the worldwide network. Payment for the goods occurs only after the buyer has settled with the intermediary. The intermediary's profit will depend on the difference between the retail and wholesale value of the product. Working with small batches, you can do without customs clearance.

You can find equipment or goods in China in the following ways:

Chinese business ideas will take root in Russia

Many experts say that Chinese business ideas will take root in Russia, because many of them are really relevant for our citizens. The newest and most non-standard of them can be found at the Canton Exhibition, which regularly takes place in the PRC. Here you can meet businessmen from all over the world who are eager to choose something innovative, promising and original for themselves, because business ideas from China can become a source of earning a huge fortune. In this country, there are many industries, concerns and major enterprises that are constantly developing new, alternative solutions in almost all areas of activity, and they do not hesitate to share their discoveries with the world. In addition, China is also the largest sales market, because the demand for foreign goods is also very high here. We've already covered before:

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Garage Manufacturing Business Ideas: Ideas from China

Successful business with China is easy. Proven recipes without attachments

Promising business ideas for 2021

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Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment - 5 new business ideas

  • Dropshipping trade. It is not difficult to organize such a business, and even a beginner in the field of trade dropshopping is perfect as a start to business development. With such an organization of trade, the entrepreneur himself is only responsible for the delivery of the goods that the client orders. The buyer selects items that the dropshopper orders from a Chinese manufacturer, and then transports the goods to the customer. In other words, he acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the consumer, but in order to open such a business, you will not have to rent a warehouse, and, in principle, invest large sums in the development of trade. By working on a small batch basis, you can avoid paying customs fees. As for the product group, it can be almost any. Modern entrepreneurs are actively engaged in dropshipping sales of clothing, accessories and shoes on social networks and on various sites. You can develop in the direction of trade in cosmetics, dishes, bedding, appliances, and even food.
  • Using ZD printing. This is a promising business idea from China, which makes it possible to carry out printing work using a large format printer. Modern Russian firms have already begun to offer services for the manufacture of souvenirs, figurines of pets or people, characters from cartoons and films. But these are not all goods that can be produced using 3D printing. The production of designer items, building design models, teaching materials, and much more is possible. If an entrepreneur acquires high-quality equipment, he will even be able to manufacture jewelry products using the ZD method. According to experts, it is with the help of such technologies that after a couple of decades it will be possible to create organs for medical institutions of all levels. The implementation of this business idea from China requires the purchase of a high-quality printer, and you will have to pay at least thirty thousand rubles for it.
  • Portable charger. This is a technique that allows you to extend the life of other technical devices. Almost every citizen of the country has a smartphone, which has long since replaced the usual push-button devices. The capabilities of the smartphone allow not only making calls, taking pictures and typing messages, but also much more. Most of the functions are associated with the continuous use of the Internet, geolocation and other resources that require a lot of energy. That's why phones go down quickly, and this is where a portable charger comes in. This new business idea appeared in China a long time ago, but now in our country, little does without portable charging. A good option is to sell batches of devices to large restaurants or cafes, because very often modern citizens are forced to leave institutions because the devices are discharged. And so, in the presence of portable chargers, citizens will be able to sit in a restaurant much longer, without worrying that they will miss an important letter or call. Therefore, visitors will order much more, because there is no point in rushing.
  • Sale of monopods. Another commodity that is in demand and belongs to new service technologies. By the way, the popularity of this product literally skyrocketed after citizens began to actively buy smartphones equipped with good cameras and Internet access. With the help of monopods, you can take a clearer and higher-quality picture, so consumers immediately began to actively buy devices. The popularity of this idea for business from China is also due to the fact that many citizens are now doing business on the Internet, and in order to photograph this or that product in real life, for example, glasses, hats, cosmetics and much more, it is very convenient to use a monopod. Do not forget about joint photos with friends, which today's young people love to publish on social networks. Using monopods, you can shoot interior of a room, studio or cafe, take product shots, record testimonials and interviews, manage a video blog, and even create your own short videos.
Some very interesting ideas from China seem completely non-standard for us, as well as a number of professions. In fact, the Chinese have organized in their country many services and types of work that have not yet been implemented in Russia, but in China are considered natural and necessary.

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