Business ideas for small businesses in Russia

Small business in Russia: ideas for beginners

Despite the unstable financial situation in the country, many citizens still dream of starting their own small business. According to the sociological survey, every fourth respondent would like to be the owner of his own company. This year, the growth in the number of individual entrepreneurs, small business owners increased by 9.86%. This is a significant indicator. It clearly demonstrates that the number of people who want to develop a small business is only growing.

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Therefore, more and more people are wondering what kind of small business can be opened in Russia. It must necessarily bring income and pay off quickly, and the initial investment should not be prohibitively large. For these reasons, it's worth looking into small business ideas for beginners. They are characterized by simplicity and stable income.

What to focus on when choosing an idea for a small business?

When choosing an idea for a small business, you need to be smart. Otherwise, there is a high probability that it will not only not generate income, but also lead to the emergence of large debts from the owner. In order to avoid this and organize a profitable business, you need to focus on some criteria that are important for any business idea. These factors include:

  • Minimum cash investment. This is incredibly important for those who are just trying their hand at being an entrepreneur.
  • Fast payback. This criterion is no less important than the previous one. It is better if the business will pay off in the shortest possible time, approximately 0.5-2 years. low level of competition in the selected segment.
  • High demand.
  • The organization of this business does not require complex special skills and knowledge.

Based on these criteria, it is recommended to select an idea for organizing a small business in Russia. Considering all of them, then you can choose the best option, which is guaranteed to bring high income. Next, it is worth considering some options for business ideas that are profitable and relevant today.

Mini-bakery opening

Bakery products are always in great demand among Russian buyers. Therefore, for a newbie in business, opening a small bakery would be a good option. To begin with, you can organize a very small production, and as opportunities grow, expand it. Not much money is needed to open a mini-bakery, and such a business usually pays for itself in 7-8 months. Initially, you can deliver products to small grocery stores located near houses. After all, it is not so difficult to negotiate supplies with them.

If the quality and freshness of the products are at their best, the demand for them will always be great. This means that opening a mini-bakery is quite a lucrative business.

To be successful in business, it is important not only to do what you like, but also to keep up with current trends. Business sectors do not stand still - everything is developing, something is faster, something is more measured. But change is happening everywhere. If you are going to go about your business in 2021, then a mandatory step will be research and analysis of the current state of the business market. We have compiled for you a small list of those business ideas that represent the greatest prospect in the next two years.

Mobile Apps

You've probably heard more than once that mobile technologies are conquering the world more and more. Experts call the mobile application development industry one of the most promising for the coming years. And the sooner you plunge into this area, the more chances you have to start making good money on it.

The idea of ​​creating mobile applications is just a lot. These can be games, applications for organizing your workflow (various planners and electronic notebooks), applications for children (educational and entertainment). By the way, pay special attention to mobile apps for children. Now mobile phones appear in children from a very early age, and there are not so many specialized applications specifically for them as for adults

, you need to be able to work with special software, which will allow you to create mobile applications; and have a good understanding of human psychology.

Training Courses

People are willing to pay money to learn something they really need. If you are an expert in a certain field or are just perfectly versed in something, then consider opening your own authoring courses. The sphere of information technology and software is especially relevant now. Are you good at Photoshop? Or do you know all the intricacies of a certain programming language? Why not start teaching this to others and making money by selling your knowledge.

To be successful in this area of ​​business, it is important not only to have an excellent understanding of the subject of study, but also to have the skills of teaching and organizing an effective learning process.

Opening of EMS fitness studio

EMS fitness studios appeared relatively recently. Previously, most fitness clubs used the old bulky and uncomfortable wired EMS trainers, which hindered movement and caused inconvenience. In the summer of 2021, wireless EMS suits for training and fitness first appeared in Russia, such as the wireless EMS i-Motion suit. Over the past six months, more than 150 fitness studios have opened in Moscow alone. From this, you can see a growing trend in the popularity of this line of business.

People who are worried about the beauty and health of their bodies now pay attention primarily to EMS training. Trainings with EMS equipment are much more convenient and effective than regular exercises. The principle of EMS training is that you work out in a special suit for only 20 minutes, which is equivalent to 4 hours of hard workout in the gym.

Do you have a lot of EMS fitness studios in your city? Most likely not yet, so open yours and be one of the first. In this business, it is very important to find the right equipment. Pay attention to the Spanish EMS equipment, namely the wireless EMS i-Motion suit.

This is a sample of quality EMC equipment for such training. The i-Motion EMS simulator is certified in Russia, and you do not need a medical license to work with it. The official representative of the manufacturer in Russia offers full service, so there should be no difficulties in working with the equipment.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for small businesses in Russia". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas for small businesses in Russia

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Have you finally decided to break out of office slavery and are looking for suitable ideas? Then you just need to find out about the most promising areas of small business!

Why is it so important to choose the right direction?

Of course, with enough effort, you can achieve success in almost any area. However, it is necessary to keep up with the times, to find new business areas that are relevant and in demand in the modern market.

According to the results of sociological studies published by American scientists, only 26% of new business projects have a chance of success. In our country, the situation is no better, if not worse. After all, among other things, the fact that the development of small business as such in our country began much later than in Western countries - only 15 years ago - has weight here.

What to consider when choosing?

To make the right choice, you should analyze different directions of small business development and be sure to pay attention to factors such as:

  • niche of a new enterprise;
  • level of influence of large enterprises of competitors;
  • options for expanding the main activity;
  • demand and sales in the chosen direction;
  • growth opportunities.

Having thought through all these points, you can choose a truly promising direction in business that will appeal to you and bring tangible income.

And we, in turn, will help you analyze several options and submit a worthy idea.


Many people are thinking about starting their own business. But it is very difficult to come up with something new, something that no one is doing yet, or something that is known, but only a few. New business areas should be not just new, but one that will meet the demand of consumers, their new needs. You cannot borrow a new idea, since then it will no longer be new at all.

New but profitable businesses

Profitable areas are those areas that are in demand among consumers. This can be, for example, transportation services, various types of "home business", freelancing, and so on. The Internet, by the way, is exactly the area that can offer or help create something new. A unique business is dangerous because if it turns out to be unclaimed, it will be easy to burn out on it. When opening, the emphasis should be placed on perspective rather than on novelty and uniqueness.

In addition to the Internet, which opens up new opportunities not only for large companies, but also for start-up entrepreneurs, trade is another profitable direction. This applies not only to products, but also to ideas. For example, business plans are clearly in demand. Anyone can trade and in most cases it is profitable.

How to look for new directions?

When developing a new idea, it seems that everything that could be invented has long been invented and implemented. On the one hand, this is so. Creating a new direction in business is very problematic. But new species exist, and this is not something that is based on forgotten old ideas. They are based on innovative and unique designs that consumers have not seen before.

A new and promising business can be found abroad. For example, in Europe and the USA, business is developed, moreover, what is developed there is not yet known here. Therefore, you can easily borrow an idea from abroad. In principle, for the most part this is true (the bulk of ideas come from other countries).

There is another option. To find "your own", you must first think about a hobby, a favorite pastime. Your favorite business can be easily turned into a profitable business. And if there is none, then you can turn to the help of ready-made lists of new directions.

Examples of new business areas

New directions in business in 2021 and 2021 are as follows.

- "Waterwheel"

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