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I recently learned about an English family who set up a real amusement park on their farm (and called it Mountain View Ranch, his website is mountainviewranch. o. k):

This park occupies 100 acres of land (404 thousand square meters). More simply, this area can be represented as a huge square with sides of 636 meters.

There is so much on this area of ​​wild land.

There are sand and benches under sun umbrellas:

There are wild bushes that you can walk between.

Segways can be ridden along the forest trail (as well as on a special track):

Segway rides can be found everywhere in this park:

There is entertainment for all ages, especially for children (after all, families come here). You can ride simple horses:

You can also climb on rope structures:

There is also just a slide here:

Material on the topic: "Business vacation ideas" with full explanation and justification.

entertainment business ideas that will bring you profit in the year

Regardless of the economic situation in the country or the influence of some other factors, people will always spend a certain part of their budget on entertainment. And the greatest profit will be received by an entrepreneur who will figure out how to spend time interestingly with minimal financial costs. Consider promising entertainment projects that will be profitable in 2021.

The presented field of activity has practically no restrictions. The main thing is your imagination and desire to give people a holiday. An industry for which, first of all, a creative person is needed, and a businessman is in second place.

Fresh ideas for travel business

The tourism business has always made good profits. However, it is now quite difficult to organize it due to the high competition. However, the types of tourism are constantly evolving, the main thing is not to miss the idea or come up with your own, original and unique.

People often want to visit some unusual places, so one of the most perceptive areas of tourism is organizing day trips to cities, cultural, historical or industrial sites.

The easiest way to start a travel business is to conclude an agency agreement with a large travel company and sell their tours. To do this, it is enough to rent a small place, for example, in a shopping center, and put a table and chairs there for customers. This is especially true in a small town where there are no large agencies.

Green tourism has become very popular. If you live in a village, in a forest zone, not far from a lake, you need to create comfortable living conditions and give good advertising. Many people are ready to pay money for the opportunity to take a break from the city bustle. In general, given the ecological situation in the world, people increasingly prefer tourism related to ecology and a healthy lifestyle. That is why many people prefer cycling or sports tourism, which can be turned into a great and profitable business.

This type of activity cannot be called easy, therefore, probably, it is more suitable for men, however, there are many examples when women have done well in this field.

What other services in this area can be provided, read on this page.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for leisure". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas for outdoor activities

Active recreation is an excellent field of activity for businessmen, as it offers a huge number of opportunities. The main advantage of almost all such business related to outdoor activities is the absence of huge investments, which will certainly play into the hands of most people.

Business ideas for outdoor activities are widely and actively developing today, since they imply fairly low costs and high, and most importantly, quick profits. For example, if you're ready to do real manufacturing, you might consider creating portable water containers that will allow athletes to get the right amount of water instantly. Of course, such devices can be purchased from wholesale suppliers. In any case, such devices are very popular today, which means that you can very quickly make a profit.

If there is a body of water near you, consider opening a floating air slide. Of course, for such a slide, you will need to pay about several thousand dollars, however, it will pay off pretty quickly. Thanks to him, people will feel like they are in a water park. You can count on particular popularity in those places where there are many children, since they will want to ride and try your slide anyway.

You can also open a paintball club. In this case, you will need to rent land and buy all the necessary equipment. Despite the high costs, you will profit very quickly. In addition, you can count on profit all year round, since you can practice paintball even in the cold season.

Consider opening a tennis court or soccer field. If you do this in a rather crowded place, and create comfortable conditions for vacationers, then you will have no end of clients.

In the case of the presence of a reservoir, you can organize a rental point for various equipment, including jet skis, catamarans, and so on. As a separate service, you can take water skiing, banana and so on.

Do not forget about all the services associated with active rest. So, you can open a small bar where you will sell cold drinks and light food. Again, here you can be extremely original and offer various cocktails, healthy drinks, freshly squeezed juices, etc.

Don't forget about children's rooms where parents can leave their children for a while. In this case, you need to be very careful about the problem of the safety of your children.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

Tourism is developing at a fantastic rate in Russia. People began to live better, incomes increased, which means that the field of activity for companies working in this area has expanded.

How to start a travel business? Like any other, with planning costs and income. In the article we will talk about what a travel agency's business plan should contain, how to properly organize a business, form an assortment of tours, and choose partners.

Choosing a direction of work

This is the first thing you will have to face. All currently operating companies can be divided into two groups: those that organize and implement their own tours, in a word, tour operators, and those that specialize exclusively in the sale of offers from domestic and foreign companies, that is, travel agents.

Of course, working according to the first option is more profitable, but the risks are also higher. In addition, the start-up capital is very large. Therefore, it is safer and easier to start activities with the implementation of ready-made tours of reputable tour operators. The organization of a tourist business in this case will require much less investment from you, you can start with a capital of 200 thousand rubles (of course, this is the minimum figure).

A travel agent is a kind of intermediary between a large company and a buyer. But this does not mean that you must sell tours strictly at the price determined by the tour operator. For example, the organizer of a tour to America offered you a route worth 80 thousand rubles for implementation on the condition that you take 10 percent of the tour price for yourself. You sell a ticket in your city, where there are no more similar offers, more expensive, say, for 100 thousand rubles. The benefit is obvious - your income increases.

Tourism business Where to start?

After you have decided on the direction of work, you should register your company. You can create a legal entity, or you can function as an individual entrepreneur. As practice shows, for work in the field of tourism, it is still better to give preference to LLC. The key point in such activities is the trust of clients in the company they choose, and people trust legal entities more than individual entrepreneurs.

A fee of 4000 rubles is charged for the registration of an LLC, you will also have to make a seal (another 400-600 rubles) and certify the constituent documents with a notary (about 1000 rubles). The authorized capital must be at least 10,000 rubles, at least half of it must be transferred to an account opened with the bank (you will also have to pay about 500 rubles to open an account). Upon registration, the company will be assigned OKVED 53. 0 "Activities of travel agencies". Thus, the minimum amount that you will spend on the registration procedure is 6,000 rubles.

License and Tax

What else do you need to open a travel agency? Previously, a license was required, but since 2021, compulsory licensing has been canceled. Therefore, it remains only to choose the object of taxation. The work of travel agencies falls under the USN. There are two objects at your discretion: income (6 percent rate) or income minus expenses (15 percent rate). The second option should only be chosen if a large proportion of the cost is expected.

Room selection

Wisdom has been added to the basic personality traits of a successful businessman. Work experience allows us to understand the essence of the laws of development and prosperity of certain market segments. However, there comes a time when competition in the main areas of business is so high that you have to borrow ideas from other countries.

Striving for European standards and the American way of life, the blockage of the Russian market with Chinese products are pushing to search for ideas for the implementation of new areas of business in their country. Innovative goods and services allow us to occupy the still vacant niches in which only a few work today.

American Ideas

You can learn a few more interesting methods of earning from the following video:

Ideas from China

Ideas from Europe

Equipment required to start production: molds, volcanic press, dryer and colorants.

Japanese Ideas

The Land of the Rising Sun offers many original ways of investing, but not all of them are applicable and appropriate in Russian conditions:

  • Divorce ceremony for a nominal fee. There is nothing like this in Russia. Is it worth organizing such a business? You can try the idea as other services for banquet halls and restaurants. Perhaps decent people will want to disperse beautifully, to find out all the sore problems in the circle of loved ones. Perhaps such an event will serve both spouses a good lesson for the future. And friends and acquaintances will have no ground for gossip.
  • Production of coolers. Their application to the skin in the heat lowers the body temperature, and the stuffiness is more easily tolerated. Given the hot summer in Russia, this idea is worth trying to implement. The price of the spray will be approximately $ 60. Such a cost may not be affordable for the average mass of the population, but clients vacationing in hot countries and at their own dachas will certainly be found.
  • Making 3-D masks is expensive to manufacture, but very profitable and cost effective when finding a distribution channel. The mask, made of high quality material, is worn over the face and is completely invisible. The business is partially implemented in the Russian Federation, but the quality of the products leaves much to be desired.
  • In Japan, there are inns for single girls. In a confined and calm environment, they prepare themselves for marriage. Such an idea is inappropriate for Russia and somewhat wild. However, you can use the idea of ​​organizing a version for couples who want to get married soon. Most likely, such a service will be in great demand if the price of a room for lovers is lower than the daily rent of apartments in Russian cities.
  • One book store. There is still no such practice of selling one printed edition for a definite period in Russia. Often buyers visit bookstores out of nothing to do, not even hoping to see the long-awaited book there. The new Japanese trend is not to overload the reader with a large offer, but to introduce him to a specific publication or topic. Perhaps this method of selling will be able to interest certain circles of consumers of book products. The most important thing is timely, targeted advertising. You can work on requests.

What types of businesses are popular in Europe? The answer to this question depends on the purpose. From the tourist's point of view, it is profitable to engage in agriculture, restaurants and hotels, the manufacture of luxury goods; it is also known that Europe is a trendsetter in clothes, shoes, bags, cars. From an investor's point of view, finding a truly profitable niche in the European Union is not easy.

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