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The key to business success is an original idea for a small business.

Business idea of ​​growing wormwood for sale to pharmaceutical companies

If the land plot is not owned, it can be rented. In different regions of Russia, the rental price varies greatly, but on average, the rent of 1 hectare of land costs 200,000 rubles a year.

Wormwood should be collected and harvested during its flowering. Bitter wormwood is a perennial plant, so it can be sown once every three years. Grass seeds can be purchased online from the manufacturer. The price of wormwood seeds is 2300 rubles per 1 kg. Sowing 1 hectare of land requires 200 kg of seeds worth 460,000 rubles.

It should be noted that only certified raw materials are used in pharmaceuticals. To obtain a certificate for environmental standards, you need to pass laboratory tests. Therefore, the site for growing wormwood should be located far from a busy highway, landfills and other factors polluting the environment. It is advisable to pre-submit a soil sample to an agrochemical laboratory in order to make sure that it is possible to conduct this business on this plot of land.

The cost of renting agricultural equipment, fuel and staff salaries for the period of plowing the land, sowing, collecting wormwood, transportation to the drying shop, security - 30,000 rubles.

One hectare of land yields 35-40 tons of wormwood. The cost of processing in a drying plant is 6000 rubles per ton of finished product. From 35-40 tons of harvested wormwood, 8-9 tons of finished dried grass comes out. The cost of processing wormwood in the drying shop is approximately 48,000-54,000 rubles.

Packaging and other expenses are 50,000 rubles. The selling price of dried grass is 130 rubles per 1 kg. Income from the sale of finished products will amount to 1 million 170 thousand rubles. The net profit after taxation in the years of sowing the land with seeds will be 320,000 rubles, and in the next 2 years (recall, wormwood is a perennial plant, its sowing is necessary once every three years) - 730,000 rubles. As you can see, the profitability of the business is very high.

This original idea for a small business is characterized by its perspective, since the demand for wormwood will always be high. It serves as a raw material for the manufacture of many medicines. Every year, domestic pharmaceutical companies purchase hundreds of tons of wormwood, and European companies, due to the lack of their own farmland, buy raw materials on the Russian market. In addition, absinthe contained in wormwood is used to make the popular alcoholic drink absinthe.

Business idea under table foot hammock

New business ideas

Have you decided that you are tired of working for an uncle, and the only way to create a bright future is to start your own business? Congratulations! It seems like a toggle switch has clicked in your head, transforming you from an ordinary human worker into a future entrepreneur! The fate of this character is not easy, but interesting. In particular, you will have to deal with a whole lot of tasks: how to register your business, where to get funds for its opening, how to attract the first customers, and so on. And the very first in a series of these "monsters" is the question: "What kind of business to open?"

I must say that in search of an unusual idea that has not yet been implemented by anyone on the market, many go very far and invent startups, which, in general, cause nothing but surprise. You look at such a business, and there is only one question in your head: "Well, who will pay for this ?!" But this, as they say, is only flowers. But berries, that is, the most amazing thing, is that they really pay for it. And very many and very willingly.

Don't you believe this is even possible? Then we suggest you get acquainted with a couple of business ideas that at first glance seemed crazy, but, nevertheless, helped their creators make good money.

Chicken rental

Rent-a-Chicken plays on these emotions, giving everyone the opportunity to feel like a farmer, without investing fabulous money in it, without incurring risks and without even leaving their usual work. It is enough just to leave a request on the company's website, and its employees will bring the chickens themselves, as well as a small chicken coop for them and a supply of feed for three months, for only 250 US dollars. After this period, you will have to return your fun farm. Now the startup operates in 15 US states and enjoys a certain popularity.

Message on a potato

How would you like a prospect to pay from 8 to 12 US dollars to send your friend a note "Vasya, repay the debt!" on a potato tuber? But the Americans liked the idea of ​​the founder of the Potato Parcel service. Just two days after entering the market, the enterprising start-up earned $ 2,000 from "the dumbest idea in the world" (according to his girlfriend).

Cricket Protein Bars

It seems that the UN advice to the hungry - there are insects - that the organization issued a couple of years ago, some took it very literally. Speech, in particular, about the founder of the Chapul project. This brand produces cricket protein bars that have gained popularity in the United States and Canada.

Don't think that Americans are very fond of the crunching of insect legs on their teeth. The crickets are ground into flour and generously flavored with all sorts of yummy things like honey, nuts or chocolate. One way or another, the products are sold in more than 50 outlets dedicated to healthy eating.

Hangover Help

But students at the University of Colorado at Boulder seem to feel the severity of a hangover on a regular basis. No wonder: the town is included in the official list of the most partying cities for students.

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