10 creative presentation ideas to inspire your audience to

Formation of a "Business Idea" What is a "Business Idea"? A business idea is primarily an "idea" that can be used to build some kind of entrepreneurial - presentation

1 Formation of "Business Ideas"

2 What is a "Business Idea"? A business idea is primarily an "idea" that can be used to build any kind of entrepreneurial activity.

3 Three main areas of "business ideas" Business idea Tested old Brand new Recently born

4 A completely new business idea An original business idea that will take its place in the market is considered much more promising. It must be remembered that the original "business idea" can be born in everyday life; But first of all, when forming an original business idea, you need to think about the question: What business idea can solve the problems of others or can help improve the lives of potential consumers?

5 There are business ideas that already exist on the market. Most often, aspiring entrepreneurs prefer to focus on such examples because this type of business has been around for a long time. But it must be remembered that these businessmen, through trial and error, managed to occupy their niche in market relations. And you also need to know that there is a very high competition between them. And as such, competition contributes to lower prices, based on this, we can conclude that this type of business cannot be called highly profitable. A tried and tested old business idea

6 The recently emerged "Business Idea" You can choose a type of business that has appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already established itself as one of the most successful. In a growing market, it is not so difficult to find a place where the competition is not too high.


2 1. Purpose and description To give young people the opportunity to implement their business ideas Bring together the authors of innovative ideas and investors on the same platform Search for people with ideas and concepts, in particular in regions with a poorly developed communication system (participation in exhibitions, seminars) People with business ideas represent their projects for consideration Evaluation of the feasibility of ideas Protection of intellectual property of the authors of innovative ideas (protection of trademarks, technical solutions, etc.) Drawing up specific business plans Organization of access to basic knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, training Presentation of revised ideas on the Internet platform Active proposal website and individual business ideas for potential investors

3 2. TARGET GROUP 1. People with innovative ideas who do not have enough know - how to translate ideas into reality who have no contacts with potential investors women and men from 25 to 35 years old who have little income ( and there is no opportunity to implement projects that require significant financial costs) who live in small cities with insufficient information and Internet capabilities (competing firms operating exclusively using the Internet do not contact them) 2. Potential investors banks, investment firms, venture funds Firms private investors engaged in innovative technologies

4 3. Our advantages in comparison with competitors We provide protection of intellectual property (rights to protect trademarks, inventions). Together with the author of the innovative idea, we develop business plans at a professional level. We organize contacts with investors with whom we have good business connections. Our target group also includes people for whom the Internet is not available or who have no experience with the Internet: thus, we draw people's attention to our capabilities, even in regions with limited Internet access, firms offering such services operate exclusively using the Internet.

Have you seen awful PowerPoint presentations with colorful slides and gaudy pictures? In this article, I'll show you how to avoid it and share my 10 presentation techniques.

Important: These techniques are relevant to the trends of 2021, based on our international experience in creating business presentations for companies such as TEDx, Sberbank, Beeline, Rostelecom, VTB and other foreign companies from the USA, India, Australia , China, Germany.

Business Presentations with Slide Statistics

First, I'll talk about presentation templates. I want to disappoint you, but PowerPoint has no design templates. Often these templates are no longer in vogue and will immediately be perceived by your audience as a "low-quality product", but we can create our own templates in PowerPoint and upload them to Slider:

Create your own templates and upload them to Slider if you plan to send your presentation remotely and edit this presentation in the future.

Foreign companies use Slider, since it is more convenient to use PowerPoint templates in it, and at the end you get a presentation landing page, which is convenient to send to the client as a link.

To create your own template for the Slider, go to the View -> Slide Master tab in PowerPoint. This is a secret room, which not everyone knows about, as practice shows :)

I usually delete all the default master slides in the left tab and build my own from scratch. All you need here is to add placeholders for text and images and style them in color, style and font. You can also add animations.

Next, exit this mode (there is a red cross on the top right) and try to apply master slides - Right Mouse Button -> slide layouts. Do not forget to embed all the fonts through the Options - Saving - Embedding All Characters tab.

Now you have your own template!

You can now upload it to Slider in the Templates - Add Template tab.

When creating presentations in Slider using PowerPoint templates, you get inserts for text, pictures, graphs and other things, which you can name in your own way initially from PowerPoint (in the Selection Pane tab).

Russian (Pусский) translation by Lexie Bykova (you can also view the original English article)

The speaker went on stage, tapped on the microphone, winced under the terrible sound of the speakers from his manipulations, laughed tightly, swallowed loudly, muttered something and started stuttering.

And it all went wrong. The most interesting part of the presentation was over.

As he spoke word by word, I looked around the room. A sea of ​​heads with heavy lids nodded their noses. No one could stay awake, let alone follow the speaker's train of thought. It was sad to look at.

Really sad, because I personally knew the speaker and knew how smart he was at his job. But his presentation that day did not convince anyone of his keen intelligence. Even worse, no one in the audience wanted to cooperate with him as an expert in their field of expertise.

Success in business depends equally on your knowledge of the business and on the ability to speak about your work in a way that sounds smart, attractive and convincing. Because if no one sees how smart you are, how will they know they need your services?

In other words, a well-guarded secret won't be popular.

And a brilliant business under a thick veil will not make you money.

This means that as a small business owner you will have to make presentations about your work. Stunning, brilliant and intriguing presentations about their work.

If you need to present your proposal to prospective clients, or share your work at a professional conference, or appear in front of a group of potential investors, your goal will be only one thing: to inspire your audience. Inspiring them to believe in your work, which will motivate them to take action, which can turn into income for your company.

What separates an exciting presentation from one that puts everyone to sleep?

The following 10 creative presentation ideas will help you prepare a presentation that grabs the audience's attention to you and your speech.

creative ideas for presentation

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