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It is quite obvious that you can make money on YouTube. And the more original the idea for the channel, the more likely it is that the channel will be successful and profitable. Recently I already wrote about how to make money on other people's videos on YouTube, but today we will try to come up with some unusual ideas for OUR videos.

idea - hide the money and film

I don't know if this idea is new, but even if not, I still wanted to talk about it. The bottom line is this: you create your own YouTube channel, where you shoot a video about hiding money somewhere in the city, for example, 5000 rubles. At the same time, you give some guidelines by which people who watched the video will be able to recognize this place and take money.

If you live in a big city, then there are a lot of subscribers to such a channel. I would subscribe to such a channel myself, because in this way I can find out the place where the money was hidden and take it if I have time. At first, the cost of maintaining such a channel will definitely not pay off, however, as the number of subscribers grows, you can easily allocate 5 thousand rubles every day, which you will hide in the city.

This idea may not be new, but I have not yet seen such channels, despite the fact that I quite often watch people's blogs on YouTube. Even if someone has a blog like this, it is not very popular at the moment, so you have a chance if you do it right and tastefully.

idea - viral videos

By creating unusual viral videos on your blog, it is easy to "wind up" subscribers who will share your video with their friends. Here's an example of a great video for you: a guy walked backwards for 6 hours, recorded it on video, and then posted it backwards on YouTube in a loss. It turned out very effectively:

Pay attention to the number of views - 600,000 is quite a lot. You can also record such videos. Moreover, you can even make your own analogue of this idea, but only this channel will not be able to "live". From time to time, you need to think of other viral and creative video ideas. By the way, not so long ago a viral whiskey ad came out - Nick Offerman sits in front of the camera for 40 minutes and just drinks whiskey:

Despite the stupidity of what is happening, this video has collected 2,700,000 views.

idea - make old videos funny

Of course, the idea is not new, but quite interesting. If you are friends with video processing programs, you can remake someone else's videos and make them funny: overlay a different audio track, add your own subtitles and even voice over the video.

An organization's image video is usually part of a marketing campaign. It forms the desired brand image in the minds of potential customers, and strengthens the loyalty of existing ones. A company video is a great way to showcase the benefits of a brand to consumers and investors. The video demonstrates the professionalism of the company and a serious attitude to their work.

Many businesses order the creation of a video just before a presentation or exhibition to highlight their achievements. Compared to a regular presentation, the video presents the company more effectively. It dynamically shows the success story, innovative technologies in production or the values ​​of the company. That is why every successful brand needs its own promotional video.

Doubt your company needs a video? Here are some more statistical arguments for making videos. 90% of the information the brain receives is visual content. Video gets to the first page of a search engine 50 times faster than text. It is not strange that videos are very popular - they are much easier to "digest" by the mind: visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text!

Features of creating a company video

Every video starts with an idea. Here you need to decide what will be the focus of the audience and how best to present this information. Next comes the script writing. For the video, you need to come up with a whole storyline that will attract attention and interest the viewer at the beginning and make you watch the video to the end.

There are many different types of videos. The following are most suitable for the company:

  • video presentation of the company: for investors and partners, participation in an exhibition or conference;
  • video presentation of products or services: for clients and customers; <
  • informational videos of the company about the specifics of its activities;
  • videos with implemented projects;
  • training and motivational videos about the company;
  • video reports for managers and shareholders.

What to make a video of the company: recommendations for creating

The company's video should demonstrate the advantages of the brand to potential customers, show the implemented projects and a strong team of professionals. However, every video creator is faced with the question of how best to present this information. We have collected 8 ideas for a video of the organization.

Idea: Brand story

Is the most popular topic in company videos. At the same time, it is indeed a very interesting and inexhaustible topic. Most clients have no idea how the story of their favorite brand began, but they always wanted to hear about it. Even many children know the history of the creation of Apple and Microsoft.

Viewers can see how a 4-person company has grown into an international brand with multiple locations around the world. These videos always inspire and motivate people. The confidence of people in the brand increases, and they are more willing to order services. Viewers think that now they know the company better and can be confident in it.

Idea: Achievements of the company

Don't know where to start your channel? Looking for inspirational ideas for your channel? Are you developing a content plan for your business? Our list of 40 YouTube video ideas will help both those who can't get off the ground and people who are looking for ideas for the future.

But before you implement the ideas from our selection, we recommend that you prepare a channel - make the correct design (header, avatar) and cool description text.

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Original YouTube Video Ideas

Ideas for children's channels

1. Cartoons. This option is the most labor-intensive, but it will pay for itself over time. It's about creating simple cartoons with original characters. This format is in great demand, and children can watch their favorite cartoons hundreds of times. You can also upload content other than your own production, but this requires a good understanding of the copyright issue of the material.

2. Reviews on cartoons, films and TV shows that are interesting to the target audience. This format is in no less demand than the previous one, but it is much easier to implement it. Reviews can be done in a separate section.

3. Baby products from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is a very popular site. If you yourself often order goods from there, then you can do reviews on them. New products are constantly appearing in this area, so themes for new videos are provided for you.

4. Training videos. Make preparing your children for school easier and more convenient. Basic educational materials in a colorful and interesting presentation are sure to please both children and their parents.

5. Video about animals. These can be cuts from programs on Discovery or your own content. It is not necessary to devote the video to animals, children will also be interested in watching videos about birds, fish and other representatives of the fauna.

Bookmark this article for easy video recording ideas.

Since childhood, many of us love video content or, more simply, cartoons. Experts who study Internet trends argue that videos will gradually prevail over other formats for presenting information. If you're just thinking about starting a YouTube channel, now is the time to take action and carve out your niche.

In this article, I've collected ideas for YouTube videos. There are ready-made lists, as well as examples of how and where to find your inspiration.

Selecting a channel theme

Before looking for ideas, I advise you to decide on the main topic of the channel. If it is not there, then it is difficult to form your audience.

Imagine a situation: you find a video of caring for a red-eared turtle - just what you need. Go to the channel page in the hope that there is still usefulness for the owners of these pets, but you see videos about music, sports, video games, products from AliExpress. Disappointed, you close the page and, of course, there can be no question of any subscription. Go on looking for like-minded people and specialists in red-eared turtles.

Examples of topics for a video channel:

  • For women, for men, for girls, for boys - these are big niches in which you can shoot very diverse videos.
  • Healthy lifestyle, sports, bodywork are also quite broad topics.
  • Interior design, web design, text editing are professional and narrower areas.

The choice is huge, you can try yourself in different directions and genres, experiment on 3-5 videos, find what you like and attract the first subscribers, and then develop this direction.

Where to get ideas

If you are shooting videos for other people, then you need to think about what they give viewers. It is important to clearly understand the purpose of a particular release when you are thinking about what to shoot. Videos are:

  • Entertainment.
  • Cognitive.
  • Educational.

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