Which store to open? Business ideas and practical recommendations

Handicrafts are characterized by special charm and beauty. Today, they are increasingly bought as a gift for their loved ones, as well as to create original designs in the interior. Opening a handmade goods store is a very promising business idea.

Handicrafts: when is it profitable?

Are you thinking about your own business? A handicraft store is a great option in several cases:

  • You live in a city that is very popular among tourists and has its own distinctive features;
  • You can make beautiful and unusual things yourself;
  • You are a successful business man and you are thinking about investing in interesting projects.

Exclusive goods are very popular among tourists. It is being sold out at a breakneck speed, so if your city is visited by tourists, investing in this business is a must. The assortment of a store or small retail store may include handicrafts made from wood, fabric, glass, etc.

The opening of a large store with an original assortment - in itself, can become a landmark of the city. Also, a retail store can be placed next to cultural monuments.

You can be a supplier of products yourself, if you have talent and certain skills. In addition, you can purchase products from direct manufacturers. These can be craftsmen from your city, as well as craftsmen from all over the country and even other countries.

How to open a handmade gift shop?

Before proceeding with the registration of a company and the search for premises for trade, it is worth answering a number of important questions. The success of the future business depends on their understanding and literacy of answers:

  • Store concept and target audience. What will sell best in your store: high-end and expensive products or cool knick-knacks at low cost? What makes your assortment unique?
  • Market capacity. To understand this concept, you need to conduct market research. How many competitors offer similar products? What is their assortment? What methods of selling are competitors using?
  • Locations. Where is the best place to locate your store? As practice shows, shopping centers and busy streets should be chosen to trade in handmade products. The main guarantee of success lies precisely in the high cross-country ability. Any interested passer-by is a potential client. He doesn't have to make a purchase right away. A prospective customer can evaluate the assortment, look for something for himself or as a gift and return later for a purchase. The size of the room should start from 20 sq. m.
  • Distinctive features in the design of the store. A positive and memorable finish combined with a creative design will make your gift shop stand out from the crowd. How much are you willing to spend on registration? How do you see interior design?

How much does it cost to open a handmade gift shop?

Many of our compatriots are attracted by the business ideas of stores. After all, the most obvious way to make money has always been and will be trading. But not every novice businessman has information on how to competently implement a business idea for opening a store, how to start an entrepreneur, and what to pay attention to in the first place.

Implementing small business ideas of this kind is extremely easy. It is necessary to buy the most popular product, and then sell it more profitably. However, it should be noted that both in wholesale and retail trade there is a fairly high degree of competition. For this reason, the products and services in your store must differ for the better from those offered by competitors.

What is the secret of business success?

In order to achieve some success in his business niche, the owner of a future outlet must look at it through the eyes of a buyer. First of all, you need to decide for yourself which store to open and ask the question: why exactly here the buyer will buy goods or receive services? The client should be interested in spending his hard-earned funds in this particular outlet, and not anywhere else.

Therefore, before opening your own business, for example, a grocery store from scratch, it does not hurt to do a little marketing research, analyze the purchasing needs of the population, their ability to pay, find out the prices of a similar product from future competitors and find out the level of demand on him.

Entering a specific market segment in your region must be accompanied by a carefully crafted business plan. In addition, it is necessary to provide the buyer with more favorable purchase price conditions than those of competitors. But in this case, your costs must also be reduced to a minimum. For this purpose, you can use a business idea to open, for example, an online store. After all, then at the start such costs as renting a retail space, salaries of service personnel plus proper deductions to the state budget and various funds, as well as utility bills are excluded.

The selection of goods should be given the utmost attention, that is, approach with a certain amount of creativity. After opening a retail outlet, it is necessary to constantly fill the assortment and model range with interesting new products, as well as, if possible, not very expensive goods.

High-quality service is also important for success in any business. The modern buyer has increased requirements for the quality of service. If you start selling clothes, fill the shelves with stylish, but at the same time inexpensive things, and poorly trained or, worse, rude and inattentive employees will serve customers, then the buyer will bypass your outlet, as they say, the tenth way. Therefore, courtesy, competence and courtesy of employees, increased attention to visitors will sooner or later give the desired result.

Legal issues

It doesn't matter what exactly you trade. You can open a shoe store or a grocery store. But you, as the owner, have to deal with the main legal issues.

So immediately get ready for the fact that at first, and not only, representatives of regulatory bodies will often visit you. That is why it is so important not to violate the legislation in the chosen area of ​​trade!

A future businessman is obliged to study the laws governing trading activities even at the stage of conceiving and developing a business plan.

  • 1 How to start opening an online store
      • 1. ... Product for an open online store
      • 1. ... How to choose suppliers for your online store
      • 1. ... Online store design
  • 2 What taxation system to choose for opening an online store
  • 3 Technical aspects of an online store
  • 4 New to Internet Business

More recently, to create your own online store, an important requirement was the knowledge of computer programs (technologies), or you needed programmers in your staff.

At the moment, the business idea of ​​opening an online store does not require special technical knowledge, you only need a desire for success and business acumen.

Having all these qualities, you can create a successful business on the Internet, which brings considerable profit.

Business on the Internet is currently very promising, and no start-up capital is required to create it.

Internet sales are growing every year and increasing in turnover.

How to start opening an online store

To create an online store, you first need to decide what to sell and what is most in demand among consumers (buyers) at the present time.

In order to develop a website, you need to decide on the name of the goods and how the online store will trade.

Just like in regular business, online trading has the same requirements.

Very often, the first ideas associated with opening your own business are associated with opening a store. This is logical, because we see examples like this everywhere. It is impossible to walk the streets without noticing the prosperous retail outlets around. Let's talk about this.

Opening a store is one of the easiest businesses to start. You just need to find what to sell and where to buy. The availability of so much seemingly simple business often leads to disappointment precisely because the complexity is underestimated.

Business specifics

Let's imagine what questions the owner faces in the course of his business. Depending on the products sold, the specifics of the difficulties that arise will change. For example, when selling products, there are endless problems with expiration dates. When it comes to clothing, there will always be dresses or pants on sale that will sell forever. Besides cost effectiveness, you should always remember about stock. Since the markup level is unimportant if the product is not for sale.


Now we are gradually approaching an important issue when opening a store, namely, the ratio of profitability and the corresponding withdrawal of goods. If you sell a product at a purchase price, then in comparison with your competitors, you will have large sales volumes, but you will not earn anything. Conversely, by selling a product with a huge markup, you will have a good profit per unit. But the number of operations will tend to zero. The optimal solution will always lie somewhere between the extreme points. For most product groups, there is already a well-established markup. This is most often the case for the most popular product groups. Pricing policy can significantly change the success of a business in any direction. Do not forget about this and treat your pricing as responsibly as possible.

There are general principles for opening a store, but of course, each outlet has its own products, its own characteristics when choosing a location, opening, pricing and attracting visitors. It makes sense to consider opening each type of store separately. Here are examples of opening some types of stores, what you can sell there and what you should look for when starting a business:

Advertising and customer acquisition

Successfully attracting customers or buyers to a point of sale is the key to business success. Here you should correlate the pricing policy with the people you want to see at the point of sale. Business orientation towards wealthy buyers should be confirmed by the appropriate level of service and the attractiveness of the premises itself. A more modest finish and a lack of sophistication and interestingness in the room will ensure attendance without any difference in wealth. Although well-to-do clients, in this case, most likely will not come. Therefore, it is better to focus your efforts on attracting exactly the category of people who are target buyers.

There are many ways to attract customers. Naturally, this is an advertisement telling potential customers that you are here and expecting them to visit. It is worth calculating advertising investments in detail so that your money does not end up wasted. Instead of a one-time massive, widespread emission of money, it is better to stretch the pleasure and place ads in the locations of future visitors. Better to let the right people remember you more often than all at once and just a couple of days. You can talk about advertising for a very long time, and this will be discussed separately, so let's continue.

People who accidentally walk by will always enter the outlet. Therefore, not forgetting the importance of attracting customers, you need to figure out how to make them remember and return in the future. If they like the store, they will also recommend you to your friends. So, a good grade is your strategic goal. This is an opportunity to expand your client base by referrals. Recommendations can and should be sought. The customer should like the point of sale, and of course, he should take with him something that reminds of you. Create small business cards or brochures that showcase your new and exciting products. Perhaps this can be expressed in the form of loyalty cards or a system of discounts. Give your customers discount cards and they will visit you looking for interesting deals.

Regardless of the type of products sold, opening a store will inevitably affect the following key issues of building a successful business:

Opening an online store is a responsible and difficult business, because you need to do a lot of work to create and promote a website. With the right scenario, in 2-3 months you will be able to recoup your investment. The main thing is to create the right sales tactics and product sales plan, advertising messages should be informative and simple, and the site design is convenient and interesting.

  • Investments: 150-200 thousand rubles
  • Profitability: 50-60 thousand rubles
  • Payback calculation: 3-4 months
  • Staff: 2-3 employees

What are the advantages of online stores?

The main advantage of online stores is the quick acceptance of orders online. To buy a product, you do not have to leave your home, you can buy any item, and within a few hours it will be delivered to the specified address. In addition, visiting an online store does not oblige you to anything, you can go in, look at the products and close the page. You can visit such a store at any time of the day.

Online store ideas

Some of the most popular ideas are:

  • Open a service for buying tickets and tours online, this is a promising business idea. The main task is to help tourists in the preparation of tours, selection and booking of hotel rooms.
  • An electronic library is a good idea that allows you to help the reading part of the population find the necessary literature, discuss books.
  • Online coaching is a business idea based on the desire to teach readers about something, such as how to become famous or rich.
  • Making prints on T-shirts is an idea, for the implementation of which you will need to have a special device and master the technique of printing images on fabric.
  • Hand-made is an interesting idea for an online store that allows you to sell hand-made products. You can sell handmade soap or cosmetics, or start custom tailoring.
  • Homemade confectionery baking is a popular baking business that generates good returns.
  • The copy center provides printing services.
  • Online legal or medical assistance is a service that allows you to give advice at a distance.
  • Remote technical support is a business idea based on equipment repair.
  • Event scheduling is a holiday idea.
  • An online restaurant is an idea related to buying and ordering food and drinks on the Internet and delivering them to an address.
  • Opening of a children's toys store.
  • Sale of branded tableware.
  • Sale and production of unusual slippers.

Opening an online store

First you need to decide what you will sell in your online store. Above are the most popular business ideas. If you make your own products, it will be more difficult to make money. You can do dropshipping, that is, cooperate with other firms and manufacturers that have their own production. This sales idea is welcomed in small towns.

To open an online store, you need an experienced webmaster who will develop a user-friendly site with an interesting and colorful design, fill it with photos and product descriptions. It will take several months of work and about 30-60 thousand rubles. According to the plan, you should choose a hosting and select a domain together with an IT specialist.

Before starting a business, make a plan for selling products, think about what and how you will sell.


When selecting staff, be guided by the size of the online store. If you plan to open a small site, you will need an administrator, this work can be done by the entrepreneur himself, a hired driver who will deliver goods, and a programmer who will design the site. You will need an employee who understands the basics of marketing who will be involved in product promotion.

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