Where to find an idea for a new business

How to find a good business idea?

Every day, thousands of people come up with millions of ideas, thoughts, ways to realize themselves and their business. But only a few of all achieve success. Someone may say that personal qualities, the desire for success, the desire to be the first, to achieve the set goal and to develop play an important role here. Of course, there is no way without it, but do not forget that a good idea also plays a very important role. I would even say that 50% of success depends on the idea. And then the question immediately arises - “How to choose a profitable business idea? What needs to be done for this? " In this article I will talk about a scientific experiment by a group of scientists from Radboud University, which is located in Holland. Of course, we will not get answers to all the questions, but this study will help to bring some clarity.

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Before writing this article, I contacted 5 of my acquaintances entrepreneurs who have already launched more than one project. All of them have one thing in common - they are successful, make good money, they have launched frankly failed projects in the past. It is with such people that you need to ask how, after several failures, failures and disappointments, they were able to find the strength in themselves, and understand that it is the next idea, exactly the one that is thought about in the last month, will be successful. Well, let's talk about everything in order.

How to spot a good idea: a science experiment

Inconsistency is what makes you wonder how to pick a good idea. Seemingly successful people who know what they are doing, at one point act thoughtlessly, even a little stupidly, start doing things that do not bring any success at all. The Beatles are a wonderful example. As a group, they are incredibly successful, known all over the world, but the solo concerts of Lennon and McCartney, to put it mildly, were not very successful. As we can see, desire and fantasy alone is not enough, you need to be able to recognize a good idea, and only then implement it.

But there are people who over and over again implement all the best and best ideas, start and bring incredible projects to a decent level. They are often called geniuses, they are admired for their successes, they are set as examples for everyone else. But how do they manage to constantly get into the top ten, choose the most promising ideas? Someone may say that this is luck, fate, karma, or something else, but scientists from the Dutch University Radboud University assure that there is a simple explanation for everything, and for this they conducted a special experiment that could reveal the secret of a successful choice of an idea.

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As a result, both groups came up with the same number of ideas, although it was expected that the second would show the best result, because earlier studies showed some connection between the subconscious and the ability to make good decisions. As the scientists themselves note, a few minutes is not enough, you need to concentrate on the task at hand, and then distract yourself, let your subconscious mind work. Thus, you seem to be thinking about the problem, but at the same time you are busy with others. At this moment, completely different parts of the brain are working, allowing you to find optimal solutions in an incredible way.

But the most interesting thing in the experiment happened next. Students laid out their ideas on paper, whatever came to mind. Then it was suggested to choose the best of them. Again, one group got down to work immediately, the second sat down to computer games for a while.

How do I find a business idea? A step-by-step guide to aspiring entrepreneurs |

Are you planning to start a business but don't know where to start? The BusinessJournal administration offers you a proven way to find an idea for a business. Most aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business think that this is some kind of unrealistic process. Everyone wants to start, but no one really knows how to start correctly. You will be surprised, but finding a suitable idea for a business is not so difficult as they paint for us in fashionable glossy magazines.

Before we get started, let's clear up an interesting point. The overwhelming majority of aspiring businessmen doubt that now is not the right time to start a business. To some extent, this statement has a right to exist. No one will dispute that it is better to organize a business when the economy in the state is growing. But organizing your business during an economic stagnation or recession is just as real. To be convinced of this, it is enough to conduct research in various fields of activity and everyone will see the full picture. That is why newbies in business do not risk starting a business during economic downturns, and you have an increased chance of making your business popular and in demand.

According to statistics, about 500,000 - 1,000,000 companies are opened in the United States every year. For one American there are up to a million of those who claim that he will start his own business this or next year, but after these words do nothing. Everyone has their own problems that prevent him from doing anything. As a rule, most aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to start, as the possibility of making a mistake is very scary. For some it is very important to start from scratch. Give some people innovative ideas that no one else has done before.

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Where does the process of finding a business idea begin? To get started, take a pen and a blank sheet of paper in your hand, on which write in a column a few facts about yourself. It is not necessary to paint everything, 5-7 things are enough, in which you are especially good, and what you do best. Such facts may include: love for children, reading, communicating with people or computer technology, self-development and self-education. When you make your list, number it and write it down in a column.

On the other side of the sheet, write everything that you do not do very well, or that you do not like at all. There are situations when a person likes modern marketing trends, but you don’t like meeting people, or you don’t like children or public speaking. You should not think too much information for yourself; it is better to write down only what comes into your head.

When you're done with lists, ask yourself: If you could find 5 foods that could change your life for the better, what would they be? Ask yourself what services and products can improve or simplify your life. Be creative as you think about this task, just take your time to move on to the next step.

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As an example, consider a small town with almost no fast food restaurants. There are plenty of ordinary cafes and restaurants, but there is no way to grab a quick snack during your lunch break at work. A smart entrepreneur will instantly use this circumstance in his favor. In this case, the ideal business option would be to open a restaurant with express delivery of quality food to the doorstep of home or work. And such a business exists.

Seven Paths for Ideas

Every businessman asks himself the question: where to find ideas for a new business? The Secret of the Firm offers seven simple steps you need to take to find them quickly.

Freddy Heineken, who turned Heineken into a legendary brand, wanted to make the world a better place with a beer bottle. The idea was to give it a square shape - then in developing countries, empty bottles would successfully replace building bricks.

The idea is radical, and you can't refuse it in novelty. We often hear: in business everything was invented a long time ago. Jeffrey Fox, in How to Make Big Money in Small Business, points out that this is just self-justification: interesting ideas lie underfoot.

But how do you reach them? Plato believed that ideas exist independently of people and are simply condescending at some point to mortals. Stephen King called the novel a fossil that a writer must “mine”. The problem is that no one knows how to catch the right idea at the very moment when the need arose for it.

Searching for business ideas according to the plan is difficult, almost impossible. With the goal of accomplishing the impossible and creating a methodological “cheat sheet” for searching for ideas, the Federation Council studied the experience of Western and Russian entrepreneurial innovations and found seven ways to create new businesses.

It turns out that in order to see the ideas floating around us, sometimes it's enough just to look out the window, as Lance Fride did. Or take a closer look at your company, where many innovations have already been rejected, - this is the way Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus went. It’s even easier to act like Sergei Filonov and Dmitry Kozlov: to look inside yourself and release an idea that has been living in you for a long time.

Play of Dreams

Make your dream come true

When Sergey Filonov was little, he dreamed of flying. In adulthood, most people prefer not to remember their childhood dreams, but Filonov found a use for the dream and created a new business out of it.

In reality, the successful implementation of your own business is simply not feasible without good business ideas. And the main task here can only be their effective search and correct formulation.

First of all, you need to decide what basic properties a business idea should have in order to maximize the chances of its implementation.

Probably, the main thing is uniqueness, that is, so that the idea is fresh and unlike the others.

This would be very useful, since a business that provides consumers with new types of goods or services in demand is, by definition, doomed to success.

Alas, many business ideas have already been implemented, and it becomes more and more difficult to come up with new ones every day.

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World famous inventor Thomas Edison once uttered the most ingenious phrase: "If you need to come up with something, then know: you can borrow the best solution." Therefore, you should look at the issue of uniqueness a little more broadly.

After all, this may not be a completely new type of business, you just need that no one is engaged in this kind of activity on a certain territory. At the very least, it will save you from the competition for a while. It is much easier to do business when no one else in your city provides such services besides you.

This means that the uniqueness of your business idea does not have to be based on completely new inventions.

When choosing a suitable business idea, first of all, you need to focus on the degree of its uniqueness within a specific location, otherwise you initially create unfavorable conditions for yourself when the market is oversaturated with services of one type, which is very unpromising.

Today I decided to share with the readers of the Qobiz blog how to find a business idea for an internet business. Today I will talk about business ideas that I myself tested in practice, and also talk about the experience of other entrepreneurs who have been successfully working for more than one year. Business ideas that can be implemented via the Internet are attracted by the fact that large investments are not needed here and that you can literally work from home or anywhere in the world. There is no time or place of work, which is very convenient. So what are the real opportunities for running an online business from scratch?

How to find an idea for an online business?

Searching for an idea for a business online is no different from finding an idea for an offline business. First of all, you need to find some kind of need in yourself or in other people and consider this niche. Test it if possible. And if the case gives the first results, then you can already start in full force.

An online business idea should:

  • solve some problem of people (remove pain);
  • be interesting for the creator of the project;
  • have some kind of test case where you can test your idea.

Below I will tell you about the business ideas that I managed to work on.

Make your own portal or blog

Many years ago, when I was just studying at the institute, I got the idea to launch my own Internet portal about economics and entrepreneurship. I have had several unsuccessful attempts to get my blog or portal up and running. Until I finally did GarageBiz. GarageBiz was originally a collection of articles on topics of interest to me. The site was launched in June 2021 and is still operational and profitable. A lot of effort, time and money was invested in the project. But the site returned all these investments in more than double the amount.

Your website or blog as an idea for starting an online business is interesting because it does not require large investments. You can launch such a project with literally a hundred dollars for a domain and hosting.

In a record year, the site brought in more than 1 million rubles in revenue, and the total traffic for all the years of the site's operation exceeded the bar of 10 million people. This is an example of how you can launch a business idea online literally on your knees and grow a real project out of it.

There are people who are engaged in the creation and promotion of portals literally on an industrial scale. And these sites really bring their owners income from contextual advertising, placing press releases, selling links, affiliate programs, and so on.

Trends in site building are constantly changing. Today the situation is such that only high-quality sites with detailed information receive good traffic.

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