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In a huge number of American family comedies every now and then there are scenes where a teenager earns additional income by mowing and watering neighbors' lawns, selling soda or cookies on the street, sitting with other people's children, etc. These are not just moments from the film - these are pieces of the life of real people. Many millionaires started out in this way.

From an early age, residents of the New World learn to earn money. Some people stop earning pocket money when they get a higher-paying job. However, there is a small percentage of those children who, over time, implement their skills and abilities in a project that is profitable for them.

Often it is the ideas born in the mind of a teenager and implemented by him that bring huge profits. So how does a business in America function? What is its purpose and what should include successful ideas? Let's figure it out.

Doing business is the foundation of business

If we slightly exaggerate all the available information about the New World, we can confidently say that America is a country where almost everyone is concerned about the pursuit of money. And this is absolutely true. Back in 1925, the thirtieth president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, said that business in America is about doing business. This statement conveys the essence of the modern development of a prosperous democratic country.

Agriculture as a constant of state development

Quite many years have passed since the time of the first colonists who set foot on the lands of the New World. Not only the territorial structure of the country has changed, but also the economic model of its development. If just two hundred years ago, almost the entire population of America was involved in agriculture, now this figure barely exceeds a few percent.

Farmers own about 65% of all agricultural land in the country. The rest of the area dedicated to growing crops and livestock is run by corporations and numerous companies. Today, all of America's agriculture is a single entity called "agribusiness." Despite all the changes that have occurred over several centuries, farming is an invariable and permanent part of the country's economy.

Home Milk Idea

A huge amount of goods produced by farmers and agricultural organizations can boast not only an affordable price, but also excellent quality. Food products labeled "Made in America" ​​always find their customers. Demand creates supply. In tandem, they set an affordable price and, more interestingly for producers, help to generate huge profits. That is why agricultural business in America is always profitable.

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The United States of America is a country where small businesses thrive. Americans have such a mentality - they know how to make money by implementing elementary ideas that Russians could also use to improve their financial situation. Therefore, this article is devoted to options for a new business in America, which is not in Russia. We are confident that each of the ideas we have proposed could easily take root in Russian small business.

Principles for American Entrepreneurship

First, you should define the specifics of doing business in America. Americans 'views on entrepreneurship are completely different from Russians' views on the subject. This, in the first place, can explain why such a high standard of living among people in the United States and low - in the Russian Federation.

What are the differences:

That is, small business in America is constantly developing, expanding, opening up new horizons, since successful entrepreneurs understand that success can be achieved only on what is now fashionable in America.

So let's discuss what's hot in America right now. But, before moving on to a detailed description of what is gaining popularity in America and is already in great demand, we note that many of the items from the list below of America's business ideas may seem strange and outlandish to a Russian person:


As we all know, Americans are an obese nation. People who work, for example, in offices cannot afford to regularly visit gyms and gyms to work out. They simply don’t have time for this. In this, people who know how to come up with American business ideas saw the prospect and created a unique proposal for US companies and firms - on the basis of their institution to equip a small gym, in which employees could play sports during a break. There is no need to pay for rent, you just need to install exercise equipment and find individual trainers for people.

Pet Grooming

People who lead a public lifestyle simply do not have time to take care of their pets, but according to their status, they are supposed to make their pets look healthy, well-groomed and beautiful. A very popular business in America is built on this - a taxi that delivers animals to veterinary hospitals, for example, for vaccinations, or to a beauty salon for a haircut. Instead of a taxi, you can offer rich people a hotel for pets for a while while their owners are resting at the resort.

Business features in American style

In the US, taxes are much lower than in the rest of the world, and in the states of Nevada and Wyoming, they are completely absent!

Business immigration to the United States is one of the easiest ways to move there for permanent residence. Considering the current situation in the global economy, the prospects of their business in America are beyond doubt. To open your own business in such a developed country, you need to understand which areas are the most relevant and profitable.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the construction and gambling business is considered the best in the country in terms of profit. However, there are other areas that require minimal investment and are very promising.

Business in America, which is not in Russia

The USA is a country where small businesses thrive. The mentality of Americans is built in such a way that they know how to make money from everyday ideas. If we compare small businesses in the United States and Russia, we can see that American ideas appear on the domestic market with a delay of 3-5 years.

Portable Gym

Americans are an obese nation. People who spend most of their day in the office cannot afford to go to the gym regularly. They just don't have time for it.

Businessmen saw a promising niche in this and suggested that companies equip a small gym where employees can work out during their lunch break. The advantage of the business is that you do not need to pay rent: it is enough to install sports equipment and find professional trainers. A portable gym is a great example of running a small business with minimal investment.

Pet Grooming

People with an active life do not have time to take care of pets, but they want them to look happy and well-groomed. Enterprising Americans have created a lucrative American taxi business to transport animals to clinics, beauty salons, etc.

Material on the topic: "New business ideas in America" ​​with full explanation and justification.

Relevant business ideas from America

If you are looking for new, unusual and therefore winning ideas for starting a business, you should pay attention to business ideas from America. This country does not get tired of throwing up a lot of interesting ideas for small and medium-sized businesses, which will become a real exclusive in the domestic market.

Street Charging Gadgets

One of the variants of this idea looks like a tent with solar panels installed in it, which, using a USB adapter, allow you to charge any electronics: from phones to tablets.

This idea is very popular in campsites where campers need one or two recharges before getting home.

Another variation is to install chargers right on the street. When a person in a multi-million dollar city is late for a meeting, and he urgently needs to recharge his phone for just a few minutes, finding a cafe with an accessible outlet can turn into a disaster.

Places like this are incredibly popular. The owners of such a business make great money on advertising for various companies placed on recharging sites.

Interactive Dog Toys

The relationship with pets is a separate and very hot topic. Groomers, dog clothes, haircuts, rhinestones and bowls with embossed initials are far from the limit.

In America, a game console is gaining momentum, which entertains dogs while the owner is absent.

1. Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

I think many of you remember this taste of Dr. Pepper, jars with which disappeared from store shelves a certain number of years ago. Of course, now you can buy it in "Azbuka Vkusa", for example, but there is no such thing that you come to and to the question "What will you drink?" replied "Dr. Pepper." In the States, it is still one of the most popular carbonated drinks and has a younger brother - the diet version.

Many people have also heard about ginger ale only in films. Ginger Ale is a carbonated beverage with a ginger flavor. Almost no color. For my taste, not sugary at all and the most harmless of all soda, if the word "harmless" can be attributed to soda in principle).

Root beer (root beer) is alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I have not tried alcohol, I will not say anything. I tried this soda a couple of times and tried to get into it somehow. But the taste is very strange. I don't even know what to compare with, but not for everybody.

I think it's no secret that tobacco products in the States are expensive (on average $ 6-10 per pack). The government regularly raises prices and tightens laws. But not everyone knows that cigarettes in the United States come in three sizes: standard (60’s), 100’s (hundred’s) and 120’s (one twenty’s). The price for the standard, 100 and 120 is the same. The picture below shows how the packs differ in height and markings.

3. Bagels with cream cheese

Almost a traditional American breakfast. Bagel is something similar to our donut, but a little softer and more luxuriant. The bagel is cut in half and generously spread with curd cheese. You can put both halves in the toaster beforehand. Needless to say that in terms of calorie content, such a breakfast will be almost half the daily value?

There are bagels for almost every taste: from plain to orange with cranberries (most of these bagels are orange-red). There are also a lot of "substitutes" for curd cheese. For example, salmon or butter and jam. Everything here is limited only by your imagination.

In the States, not everyone has washing machines in their apartments. In order to wash things, people carry them to separate buildings - laundries.

As a rule, the laundry is one for several blocks. About once a week, Americans fill their baskets, special bags or carts with dirty clothes, take powders and bleaches and go to "make londries."

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