What can be cooked from squid: quick and tasty

How to find ideas for balancing these constituents? By Sergey Shiferson, Commercial Director of City & MallsPFM

Infrastructure: Necessary and Sufficient

Catering outlets, banks, retail have already become classics. However, some have gone much further, offering tenants extensive lounge areas, loft bars, streetfood festivals like in Red Rose, a grand piano in the atrium, and a winter garden like in Legion1 business center.

Actually, the emergence of redundant infrastructure in office centers has become a noticeable trend in the past, more stable years, since the competition in the Moscow market has always been quite fierce.

The boom years are over and the new economic conditions in which we all find ourselves have brought a rational approach to the fore. The tenant is no longer ready to overpay for the excessive and often unnecessary infrastructure.

Creative people and companies may be an exception. They themselves often turn their offices into a cross between an amusement park and a workspace.

The most famous example is the Google office, where there are even slides similar to those installed in water parks. The relaxed atmosphere created in the office encourages creativity, new ideas and inspiration.

Rational approach

But today it is possible to attract a tenant rather by rational advantages - a large number of parking spaces, including guest ones, the presence of conference rooms, offices of courier services, professional services of the management company. Of course, you need bank branches or, at least, ATMs and payment terminals, and other additional services. Which ones - depends on the pool of tenants and their needs and the location of the business center.

For centers located at a distance from transport hubs, it is logical to provide shuttle buses to the nearest metro station, as is done, for example, in Magistral Plaza.

Business ideas for a business center

Opening a trading island is an attractive idea for small businesses. This is an economical type of retail that does not require high initial investments. One of the less risky options is to work on a franchise.

In search of an economical yet convenient and functional place to sell, many entrepreneurs turn their attention to an island in a shopping center. This interest is quite understandable: if there are not enough funds to open a store in a separate room, then an excellent opportunity to start a business without significant start-up investments is the installation of a light modular structure in the central part of the hall, in a gallery or aisle of a shopping center, where there are most visitors. However, practice shows that this type of retail has its own characteristics that should be taken into account by those who are thinking about opening it.

Pros and cons of islets

Like any business, the trading islands have their own advantages and disadvantages, which future owners should be aware of in advance.



To minimize risks and unplanned investments when opening a trade on the island, you need to carefully study the rental conditions, analyze the traffic of the selected point and the presence of the target audience for your type of goods and services.

Seat selection

When designing large stores or mixed-use centers, as a rule, the layout of free space already takes into account the presence of commercial islands. During the commissioning of the facility, their number may change, but not significantly. On the one hand, this allows future tenants to look in advance on the best places to open their own "point", on the other hand, it becomes necessary to take into account the interests of the landlord, who often puts forward requirements for the owners of the islands to work in accordance with the general concept of the center.

An important criterion for choosing a location for a trading island is the traffic indicator (see Fig.)

But it would be a mistake to make a choice, guided only by the popularity of the shopping center. It has been noticed that in the most "walk-through" supermarkets, islands representing recognizable brands with big names: brand watches, ice cream, cosmetics, jewelry are more successful. If next to them there is even an original, but "not familiar" manufacturer, the visitors of the shopping center begin to "banner blindness". It is difficult to influence it without special marketing gimmicks that require additional costs.

Besides, the more “serious” the landlord, the more conditions he has. For example, TRK "Arena" (g. Voronezh) requires that the islands do not exceed a height of 160 cm, be transparent and equipped with internal lighting, so as not to disturb the perception of visitors to the main shopping galleries.

Representatives of centers with "famous names" often wish, upon agreement, to receive a colorful booklet from a retailer with a detailed description of the trading island and many of its images in the interior of the hall. This is an additional expense: design bureaus estimate such an order at 60-70 thousand rubles.

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